The Political Psychology of the Second World War

From Cambridge Scholars.

This book examines the global psychological impact of the Allied victory in the Second World War, and how the cognitive scaffolding shifted from primal literacy to analytical literacy. Why did technology replace physical strength? How did logic supplant evolutionary drives to alter the global landscape? How did politics transform into cognitive preference? This book shows the rich secret history of the Second World War to reveal that in any war, there are hidden wars, and the outcomes will impact generations for years.This timely book looks at history through psychological experiments to show how thinking is shaped and altered through communications, the environment, and propaganda to demonstrate to readers how the world and the human brain are shaped through salient collective events such as war. How does war impact the human brain? How do traumatic events impact our thinking and why do some groups develop different thinking patterns from others? The book takes both history and psychology to uncover how our minds and brains are altered emotionally, but also neurobiologically.