Alexandra Kitty

Another day, another book contract

Yes, I am clearly out of the forest, and back in my jungle paradise, pussycats. True crime research for a television show was a blast and ignited my primal self. Hunter-gatherer is a fun thing to be. Mind you, I turned down another four weeks on this job, but I had my reasons, and it was right. I left on a high note, and I can’t say the experience was bad. I would do it all over again.

And, yes, I will have yet another book in 2023. I am very excited. More about that when the timing is right. I am The Author, after all.

I am also a Swan.

I will have more to say, and I think I will do it in December. I have things I need to get through in the next couple of weeks. After that, I will gear up for 2023.

The new round of global games will be well under way. It is time to get the mechanism roaring to life.

You know me by now, pussycats: I am eccentric and enigmatic, and that will be the guiding force: independent, individualistic, and innovator will be the magic words for 2023. Do not passively pay attention to the primitive has-beens. Start building your empires now to reach your goal of living the happiest lives in the world.

The time is now.

And there is so much to celebrate.

Fear nothing. Cherish everything. Our ultimate party paradise has finally arrived — and don’t let a single propagandist tell you otherwise.

Alexandra Kitty

Organic Journalism is out today

You can order it here.

It is a more thorough discussion of the three core literacies, but with a focus on the primal. For those of you who follow my work, get your local library to get it.

Yes, it was pushed up to a 2022 release. It was supposed to be 2023, but as there is demand, there is incentive. I am very pleased.

I matched my 2020 record for publishing four books in one year, and yes, there are more coming in 2023 and 2024. Stay tuned…

Alexandra Kitty

Organic Journalism to be published in 2023

My latest book with Cambridge Scholars will arrive early 2023.

Each of these books deals with a different literacy at the forefront, and here is the third. A New Approach to Journalism showed empirical journalism, with analytical literacy, while Therapeutic Journalism showed emotional journalism.

When I have a link, I will update this site.