Radial Journalism: Going Beyond Traditional Lines

From Cambridge Scholars:

This innovative book infuses journalism, psychology, sociology and political science to create a form of empirical and accessible research which allows journalists to move beyond their traditional roles as chronographers to active experimenters and creators of new systems of literacies. This will allow society to report on complex matters across different groups and go beyond traditional media to disseminate information depending on resources and confines.

Radial journalism is an empirical method of journalism which goes beyond our traditional concepts of the profession: from creating currency to public inquiries, libraries, and academic centres, radial journalism functions by using harmonized literacies to map an environment’s positive momentum to create novel and innovative solutions. By focussing on an environment’s positive momentum, radial journalism allows anything to become a medium for the message: from an academic study to a speech to graffiti. This exciting new book demonstrates the power and triumph of empirical thought to show readers how to inform objectively to find new paths and solutions to even the most troublesome of crisis.