Now, even media executives can't squeeze assets from journalism products.

GateHouse Media can’t give millions of dollars to the CEO. Shareholders looked at the bottom line and said, forget it.

Any delusional tool still left should not celebrate at this turn — it means a slaughter is in the cards. If the top can’t squeeze more, the desirability of it goes to nil.

The endless denials are prolonging this stupid game. I have been advocating an alternative for a very long time — but when you have hubris as your guiding force, you will reject the lifeline as you sink to the bottom…and you will have no one else to blame but yourself…

It is a bad idea for a government to give money to journalism, especially after it collapsed? You don't say, CBC!

No duh.


The kicker is not only will this make the collapse of journalism go much faster precisely because the government is giving money to losers who screwed up the first time, it will not save a single media outlet.

The old model of journalism is dead. I can give money to a corpse, it ain’t gonna rise from the dead.

The profession used to be extremely profitable once upon a time, and then those knuckleheads burned through that money, and the profession still imploded.

Nothing will change, except it will speed up the destruction, but when you have an incompetent and conniving government give away taxpayers’ scratch to incompetent and conniving media outlets, it is a foregone conclusion…

No wonder polls are useless.

To paraphrase Frank Zappa, polls are ignorant people asking ignorant people ignorant questions. No wonder they are absolute junk science.

Here is a stupid poll. Asking an uninformed Middle Class in Canada whether they should ban guns, and they said, “Oh, yes!”

That’s stupid.

Quiz them first.

Ask then how many people were shot in Canada so far this year. Ask them how many of those people died. Ask them what were the top three motives in those killings. Ask them where the guns came from. If they cannot answer any of those questions, flag them.

Then say the truth: that those suckers are clueless, have no idea that banning guns will not stop violence or even gun violence, but they want someone else — namely Daddy Government to do something about it.

Then we know something real, and are forced to recognize that ignorant people hold big opinions on things they know nothing about, let alone the crucial nuances that determine if a proposed solution will actually work.

Banning guns will do nothing. Not one death will be avoided. Polls should reflect the ignorance of the population sample. I don’t care what uninformed people believe. It’s rubbish. I want to know the facts — because that will give us solutions — not worthless opinions…

Big girls don't cry when they resign, Theresa May...

I know it was a great gig and all, but those tears are the self-centred kind.

I have said women need their own war manuals, and aside from Hillary Clinton’s tantrum of not giving a concession speech, May’s blubbering will have a very detrimental effect for women in general: another piece of evidence of why women are allegedly not fit to rule.

Men are groomed and primed to do it since birth. Fiction are their maps and they have countless manuals that show them how to win and how to get the most even if they lose. Women have not a single guide to show them.

I am not sorry to see this bumbler go, however, but do it with some class, Ms. May, because you’re making things worse for everyone with your melodrama…


The Snowden Fallacy: Comparing two unequal things when you lack the foresight to know better.




I always had serious issues with that cover.

But not for the standard reasons. No newsmaker should agree to vogue for a cover. Period. Staging and posing have no place in journalism. Forget symbolism. You are not a celebrity shilling a movie. You are not an artist expressing a thought. You are not the It Boy or It Girl frolicking on a Vanity Fair cover in the 1980s. You are a reflection of reality. Anything else is propaganda, and the cover hints that we have someone who has his own image too prominently embdded in his equations. We do not have to dismiss what he exposed many years ago, but we do need to remove his influence from it. I never cared for a newsmaker who thinks in terms of camera angles.

Wired should have never asked for that cover. That was irresponsible. Snowden should have never agreed to it. It shows a profound lack of understanding about what the press was supposed to be about. Both seriously confused the entertainment and journalism industries.

And now Snowden weighs in something that once again shows his lack of depth, maturity, and understanding of nuances as he courts the press once more.

He falsely equates Julian Assange and WikiLeaks with journalism, and that is a fatal flaw. No, Mr. Snowden, an attack on Assange is not an attack on journalism.

WikiLeaks doesn’t use press releases, PR firms, or publicists to get their information. It is not a corporate or government-owed mouthpiece that sways the way its overlords want it to sway. It does not use narrative, but an epistolary approach to releasing facts. It takes risks and doesn’t stand around at canned events and junkets such as press conferences. It embraced technology and used it to create an alternative to journalism. It plays no favorites and takes no sides. It works outside the system and is not part of an Establishment. You cannot compare journalism with WikiLeaks because journalism is the inferior product.

Journalists turned on Assange when he did not march lockstep with them, and only championed his cause when they thought they could exploit his troubles to make themselves seem valiant.

Mr. Snowden should stick to topics he knows something about in the meantime. He is not helpful. He does not take nuances into consideration, and it is doubtful he ever has.

Assange didn’t understand those nuances, either, and it is the reason he is in such big trouble. This is the reason why authorities keep winning: they rig the boards, knowing full-well their challengers have been too indoctrinated by patriarchal fairy tales to see those rigs and see reality without those toxic filters.

And modern journalism is wholly responsible for reinforcing those filters. It is the reason why we need an empirical alternative — so that we have reason and information, and not get talked into posing and playing make pretend when the stakes are too high in the first place…

Canada's naked propaganda begins...

You cannot save the dead profession, but turning journalism into the mouthpiece of the state will…merely speed the decay up.


This is merely a dog and pony show to pretend (a) there is journalism and (b) the government is doing something about it. The feds could not even bring back the garbage they sent to the Philippines until their leader decided to ship it back himself. And these losers can do something?

This program is secret welfare for a few incompetent idiots who screwed up their own profession. It will not save jobs. It will not save journalism. It is a fascist attempt to make citizens pay for products they do not use because they do not work.

It is enabling a lost cause. You do not enable people with substance abuse problems by giving them free money to continue their destruction. You make them understand the consequences of their behaviour as you make them clean up their own mess. Change comes when you realize your bullshit stories move no one and you have the unglamorous task of cleaning up your own mess and all the extra drudgery that comes with it.

It was beyond simple to prevent this collapse, but hubris and its arrogant delusions have a funny way of blinding people to obvious solutions…

Memo to the New York Times: Journalism is already dead, but do not blame the "economic model" when your problems go right into the heart of your newsrooms.


Memo to the New York Times, that ship has sailed. Your profession rots in the ground.

There hasn’t been any journalism for a very long time. Do not blame the “economic model.” You no longer have the monopoly on communications. People prefer their own posturing and opinions than the PR firms’ scripts you all parrot.

Journalism never got empirical, and those in the business are too dense to see where they have faltered. Once upon a time, it was just philosophy until you had thinkers conduct experiments to test that philosophy.

And then psychology was born.

You would think that journalism would naturally grow in the right direction. No dice. I had a lippy editor patronize and mansplain to me how this was not possible — without any expertise, knowledge on the matter, or shred of proof.

I have over a quarter century of proof that it can be done. I conducted experiments. I studied and researched the profession inside and out. I tested my model. It is much easier to do than the clunky old ways. I tweaked and made it possible to be a portable laboratory.

If you can have entire newsroom on the smartphone, you can be a walking laboratory. I had a very lively discussion with someone about this recently, and it is funny how people outside the profession not only see the possibilities, they have suggestions and offer other proof how information becomes corrupted and tainted.

When I suggest an alternative to journalism, people first become shocked, but then excited. It requires a very special kind of training, but the old guard do not want an alternative to make them look even worse.

The reason we have no journalism is simple: journalists and their overlords are actively preventing it from happening.

But I can take them…

Mathematics, art, and the drive to regression.






Hey kids, my book came first.

Nice nod to my cover, n’est pas? Looks like a riff on a Zero Books read.

Yay, originality!

Not first time there was a funny echo coming from the Right.


But the lack of originality of many things these days comes from Western society encourage rote memorization.

Stick to the rules and you will not be whatever-shamed on the Twitter.

The worst thing is there are way too many people who don’t even know why something is getting shamed, they just join along with the shaming, never thinking that perhaps a rival or PR firm has been hired to get that ball rolling.

It does remind me of the old pot roast myth — daughter cuts the ends because mom did because her mom did, only to find out grandma did that because the pot was too small. Just follow what you see and don’t ask any questions.

And in all that lockstepping, we forget about the origins of things.

E.O. Wilson talks about Consilience, the unification of knowledge.

Yet this idea is something right out of the Renaissance when mathematicians and scientists were also artists.

Art Nouveau also it its share of architects who were also artists.

The separation of science and humanities is a fairly recent thing.

And it has a lot to do with people on both sides using the hack of avoiding the other in order to hide the fact that they are merely sticking to what appears easier. It is an intellectual hack.

The problem is that when you do not go beyond the comfort zone, you miss a lot of things. You have serious deficits in your thinking. Math develops logic. Writing develops empathy. You need both those qualities; otherwise you are either emotionally illiterate or rely strictly on sophistry, respectively.

And you can see it very clearly in modern thinking. You need a balance in order to get the right answers, and come up with solutions that work and innovations that progress society evenly.

Otherwise, you regress, and you cannot use tricks to hide the fact that your thinking lacks empathy or logic…

Some serious Grit spinning these days...

Here is a knee-slapper article.


How does puny li’l Canada stop it?

It cannot. It can only capitulate to some odious demands.

Some silver fox with a brain has gotten involved in this pre-school and explained to the children that it is too close to the election to be boneheads. Give in and grovel in private, and then put a sunny spin to the little people the way the Grits have been doing for decades.

But the n00bs didn’t know that you only make pretend to be tough at home, and made a mess of things trying to thump their chests.

This is one big clean-up detail, as in, the sewer backed up in your basement and you are up to your knees in waste just as your air conditioning died and it is a scorcher outside. They are breaking out the Ozium and the ozone generator for this party, kids.

Will it work? No, more stuff is coming out from the sewer, and there comes a point when all the backdoor grovelling and concessions become obvious and people get a whiff of something foul.

The neglect of this feral regime went on for too long. Everything is disjointed and you cannot unring a bell. You need more than crisis PR at this point —and it is not coming any time soon…

A stupid stratagey, if true.

The Hill Times has an oblivious article about how the federal Liberals in Canada are dealing with the bricks in their plants.

They have a story to tell the people? Give me a break. Every blowhard bores the world with a “story.”

The Grits are patriarchal. They rode on the coattails of a dead Pierre Trudeau by proxy. His selfish and egotistical son is no Pierre and he hogged the limelight with his boring selfies. He has too many no-name rookies who never gained narrative traction, and the three who did: Freeland, Moreau, and McKenna, did not do a good job. Wilson-Raybould and Philpott did and they were kicked to the curb.

Oh gee, what kind of dumbass story do you have there?

The Grits do not get that it is too late. They have disposable rookies who are expendable and have no story to tell. They have the Jive Turkey, no one else, and turned out to be a mean and incompetent downer in this narrative. Freeland comes off as his long-suffering minion. No pop, no story worth telling. Heaven help us all.

The story is what people take drugs to escape from. A dysfunction house of cards. The more the Grits try to spin this as victories, the more people will see it is the kind of bullshit they puke on their Facebook pages so other middle class people do not feel superior and pity them.

Trudeau was perceived as being charmed and lucky. His nepotism brought in a truckload of assumptions and he turned out to be even more bumbling than the average Joe. If he is that bad, then people do not want to give him a free pass because they are not going to give another chance to someone who is just like them.

While it is too soon to call an election, I seriously doubt we will see the Grits win this one. They are just too gross. They need a serious overhaul and if they keep insist on having “stories”, they need someone who can follow a script in public and not go parading in culturally offensive garb out in the global stage as he abuses his cabinet ministers when they try to do the legal and right thing…

How Journalistic OCD helped the Anti-Abortionists: All Trump, all the time was the perfect misdirection.

When the 2016 US presidential race was in full-swing, a lot of people on the Left lost their goodwill with me with their arrogant and patronizing tone they took with me. I repeatedly said Trump would win because Hillary Clinton did not understand the nuances of political battle. She thought she was smarter than Bill Clinton who does have the gut instinct for it, and she was dead wrong. Her hubris cost her an easy victory.

Just to make clear how important instinct is, let’s review her advantages: all but two newspapers endorsed her. The press was overwhelmingly on her side. She had political experience, hijacked the DNC, had name recognition, had a husband win two presidential races, had scads of money, and had the endorsement of the previous president how made her Secretary of State.

And she blew it.

This is gross incompetency. Neither one of her pathetic excuses are legitimate. Do not blame the head of the FBI, James Comey. You are not going to inherit perfect employees if you are president.

Do not blame the Russians. Your job as president is to outwit almost 200 meddling nations as your day job.

There was no way in Hell Clinton was going to win, given all of her advantages. You cannot prop up a turkey.

Trump has gut instinct. She doesn’t. There is no contest. The end.

And it was obvious. The press, who are just as oblivious as Clinton, saw the advantages, but did not have the gut instinct themselves to see how worthless those “advantages” are. They were too stupid to see their own collapse. Trump saw their collapse, and took to Twitter to win, bypassing them completely — and make no mistake — he used the press for decades and if he wanted to do it again, he could have.

He chose not to expend unnecessary energy.

If journalists had a shred of competency, his win should have triggered a major internal overhaul and awakening of all of the things they were doing wrong.

Instead, they developed a collective case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, ignored 7.5 billion people on this planet and strictly focussed on dissing Trump. They are still losing money and audiences. They have not risen from the ashes; so obviously that is a loser strategy.

But for women on the Left, they became equally stupid — and there is no other word to describe it. Stupid. S-T-U-P-I-D.

They all, like mindless geese, obsessed over Trump, turning their Facebook feeds into one ling rambling anti-Trump grumpfest. Society isn’t your kids or spouse where nagging and shaming will work. Your oppressors have no respect for your opinions, you do not have a good aura or vibes, and no, things do not magically work out for the best at the end. You have to fight a real fight with a real strategy for that to happen.

The whining accomplishes nothing because women’s fortunes never resided in federal policies so much as they do on state policies and law.

When Trump won, I repeatedly point this out to people on the Left, particularly women: two thirds of state governors are on the RIght. This is where the real problem is going to be for you. Forget Trump, he is not your enemy. The press are mad at him for proving the truth about their reality, and you have no horse in that race.

I was insulted, and rudely so. Repeatedly. I didn’t know what I was talking about, with a few hints that my Slavic inferiority was no match for their Western European superiority, and maybe I was some sort of Russian agent trying to trick them. Stop smoking pot, you paranoid trolls. I replied that governors in those states were going to go after abortion laws, and those were the races that should have mattered most to women in 2016 because states have a greater impact on daily life than federal policies. Know your levels of government and stop being a follower.

Now we have Leftist conniptions because states are all going at once full-force on abortion rights. It is coordinated, and it got this far for the simple reason while dumb fucks were kvetching about Trump, political operatives on the Right — who are far more politically-savvy than the pseudo-sophisticated and university educated Middle Class lefties — remembered their high school Civics lessons and went after states, not the federal regime.

This fuckery would have never seen the light of day if women on the Left had a clue about their governments. I am a Canadian, and I know it well.

But Western thinking is very rigid and rote. Instinct is beaten out of women at an early age with Disney Princesses and fairy tales. It is about gawking at Kardashians and Real Housewives, and not knowing about women who fight a thousand wars everyday just so that every other woman can fulfill her dreams and live the happiest life in the world.

To all those women who fight those battles, thank you.

To all those women who drool and watch Real Housewives as you corrupt your daughters on Disney shit, fuck you, you destructive asshole.

And to all those women who were sleepwalking for the last two years: wake up, fairy princess, thanks to your hamster wheel running, you let the oppressors score some major victories. That’s on you.

Don’t follow the press. They fucked up their own profession. Be teachable. Be humble. Be proactive. Listen to advice.

And stop being like a parrot, mimicking what other people with vested interests tell you to say. No one can afford to be a follower anymore…

Political Fuckery in an Age of Propaganda.


Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 9.18.35 PM.png


This is a stupid thing to say:

Are we supposed to be gullible enough to assume that places that bought our steel just sat on their hands — or went to alternative sources, and won’t come back?

Life isn’t static or in a bubble. It moves. One setback brings with it a bunch of other troubles and the old scripts don’t work.

The federal liberals are in deep shit, and they cannot bank on the US’s abortion bullshit to frighten people into voting for them because there will be more dirt to contend with by the time the official election starts. Nor will CBC’s propaganda spin trick people into voting for them again. Nor can they bribe a dead profession.

The problem is more than just the Jive Turkey prime minister, but he is a prima donna who isn’t pleased when he cannot control his image. This means his motives will aways be to manipulate the optics and let everything else slide, and the Grits are stuck in a bygone era where they were the Government Party and could lead people by the nose because they had no other options.

Those days are gone. Abortion is not going to save the Grits. The lifting of tariffs is not going to save them, either.

They are charlatans at heart: they are not original or innovative. They coast on a status quo and have no idea about anything. Legalized weed did not catapult them. Neither will fear about abortion rights.

After all, the Grits had a whole term to codify those rights, and they never bothered; so it’s not as if women’s rights were ever a genuine priority for them.

Because it was never about feminism to Canada’s little Caesar: it was always about his image, and what pleases him. Politicians are never about the people. They are about themselves, but usually, they have the intelligence to know how to effectively pretend they do care. Jive Turkey isn’t that bright or capable.

You can see a major Liberal clean-up detail going on — and one so obvious that it is too dutifully following a script. This is a middle class middle manager job of it. That’s not a good sign. It means the real talent have walked away, and the C-listers are left. That bodes poorly for the country no matter what.

Canada had to give a lot of concessions in order to get the tariffs lifted for optics’ sake. You can use the agreement as toilet paper. This is a country in the hands of rank losers hoping a stoned populace will be too oblivious to know they are being played and will vote for them again.

The Left has been splintered, however, and there are more ghosts than SNC-Lavalin and the Mark Norman Debacle. Timing is everything and these exposed problems are a mere preface: not all of the dots have been placed to connect. An October surprise is in the cards.

The clean-up detail is too big and complex for the Grits to handle. They are used to coasting, not working. This election will be interesting in that the Grits will waste their resources running on a hamster wheel blindfolded. It will be a circus and a comedy filled with clowns, but when you get things because of your name, you miss the nuances of power, and using political fuckery as a strategy. In any case, little Caesar will not be pleased…

Canada is second in the world for cocaine use? You don't say!

Oh, it explains a lot.

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 9.47.20 PM.png

Doing drugs is a form of escape when you don’t have the mettle to admit there is a problem and then confront it with a workable plan.

Canada also has a serious problem with alcohol.

This is the way you run away from problems.

For all the talk about the Canadian economy, people are maxed out and very close to economic ruin.

This is why we have shitty governments. When you are bladdered or stoned, you retreat into your delusions and think this is a way to deal with things. It is also the reason the federal regime banked on legalizing weed, and that has been a secret disaster: people are sticking to the drug dealer they highly trust and don’t just smoke joints — they do other drugs, and why go pay more for the legalized stuff when you have cheaper drugs and more of them from your regular pusher…

Polls got an election wrong again? You don't say!

This time, in Australia.

People will not cop to their politically incorrect beliefs. They will tell you how much they love paying taxes and worry about the environment, but then they vote for the guys who promise jobs and do not seem like they will be doling out the dough for various groups. You can take that to the bank, but the press seems perpetually surprised by it every time…

Western Europe's child molestation problem: People are giving money to restore a burned church in France. Are you kidding me?

We know that the Vatican has allowed priests to molest children with no consequences for a long, long time.

When Notre Dame burned, instead of walking away, countries are giving taxpayers’ money to rebuilding it, and that is taking away money from victims who were molested by the clergy.

But Western Europe never likes to look inward to their own rot.

Children are getting abused at very alarming rates.

And nothing is being done about it. As usual.

It is not as if other countries can have any virtuous airs. We have American judges who think child molesters make good Christians.

I have zero tolerance for people who prey upon children. If you do not have the drive to protect the vulnerable, there is something seriously wrong with you…

US Media concentration is as bad as Canada's, and is getting worse.

Gannett and Tribune are thinking about merging.

We long ago have had a media dictatorship. In Canada, that dictatorship in print is in the hands for the federal government who now gets to control them with their strings-attached money.

There is no free speech when it comes to journalism, and Big Tech is getting in on the act. For those who worry about their rights and freedoms, your fears are grounded.

We are not living in a democracy. We are living in an illusion of it, and even that delusion is fast fading…

Hamilton City Hall's whining about "efficiencies." Please someone introduce them to reality.

This pissing contest between the brats at Hamilton City Hall and the Ford regime is one for the books. The only representative the city has in the government is Donna Skelly, someone the mayor has publicly dissed and treated patronizingly before she became an MPP.

Skelly is telling the city that they can trim their fat. She is absolutely correct. You see the nepotistic hires twirling their eyes in the bullshit jobs. Skelly had a short stint as a councillor in City Hall — and she would know.

Hamilton always shoots itself in the foot: they stick by the NDP no matter how they aren’t getting anywhere by it. When the city was a Liberal stronghold, its fortunes were far better. This last election showed that doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome truly was bonkers.

And now the expectant temper tantrums. The city lost Basic Income by voting NDP, and then having to bend to Conservative overlords. The city owes Kathleen Wynne an apology.

They also owe one to Skelly. She is the lone voice — and they keep spitting in her face. The mayor should do whatever it takes to make nice with her because things are about to get a lot worse for the city. The US tariffs may be lifted, but companies have had a chance to go elsewhere for their steel, and the delay was long enough to show that there are plenty of alternatives. There is nothing to cheer about here.

But while Hamilton whines how they have no fat to cut, they find all sorts of money to waste.

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 2.25.16 PM.png

Those utility boxes do not need to be beautified. There is a perfect example of waste, just as the city spend money in a stupid no-starter bod to woo Amazon to the city, as if.

A forensic accountant looking over the city’s books would be a great way to test the city’s theory. It is long overdue, but with its uppity attitude when it has no cards to play, shows just how clueless the overlords in town really are…

New York Times spews garbage and is not the feminist paper of record: How journalism failed women and still do in 2019.

The New York Times is pure garbage, and this bullshit article can be classified under Too Little, Too Late, Assholes.

Why do we have psychopaths get elected? We absolutely know these hypocrites lie to the public, have affairs, take bribes, and do all of the things that they proclaim they find morally reprehensible.

I know this because I worked as a journalist and hung around the halls of various public offices and saw the floozies get passed around various politicians who then gave them patronage appointments — and journalists saw this up close every day and said nothing.

Journalists also play those games as the Times’s own Ali Watkins did…and faced no consequences for it.

So to all of you women who are upset about the oppressive and illegal anti-abortion laws, here is the memo:

Journalists could have exposed these con artists before they ever got elected. They could have told you about their mistresses, lies, hypocrisy, and every other immoral, illegal, and shady thing they do out in the open. They could snap pictures of their drug use, casting couch antics, and everything else, but they keep quiet.

In other words, it is the sin of omission.

So let us not pretend the press is a friend to women. It never was, and it never will be.

They could also expose the lies and cons of far Right activists by exposing their affairs and how they snag their man by getting knocked up before marriage. They could expose these charlatans with ease.

So if you want to know how to break the iron grip of a lunatic fringe, start by demanding that newspapers such as the Times reveal all the dirty little secrets they are keeping from the public.

It will sicken you. It will shock and appal you — but by now, it should never surprise you…

Why feminism keeps getting it wrong: Stop putting all your eggs in one political basket.







Republican State Sen. Kim LaSata is channelling Dr. Josef Mengele. The worthless motherfucker had this to say about abortion:

“Of course it should be hard!” the senator from St. Joseph exclaimed. “And the procedure should be painful! And you should allow God to take over!! And you should deliver that baby!”

That’s not godly, you worthless cocksucker. That is devil-worshipping. That is how psychopaths think. They always find a way to blame victims for torturing them. Why is this bimbo bitch allowed to be in power in the first place? If this shit is such a good Christian, then please, LaSata, tell me where in the bible does it say to do this to women? You’re the kind Jesus stood up to, not for. Fuck you. You are weak and trying to prey upon the strong.

I am certain Hell is making a special padded room just for her when it is her time for eternal damnation, but for the rest of us moral and sane women who cherish our freedoms from torture-lovers and other scum, why aren’t women free in 2019?

Where did feminism go wrong?

For starters, it’s allowing this kind of propaganda to corrupt our thinking.


What the fuck are you trying to prove? That you are helpless and weak? Don’t listen to Margaret Atwood. She’s an oblivious tool.

So, uh, no.

Wrong mindset.

Try this instead.


And then this.


Feminism has two major problems now.

The first, it doesn’t go for the jugular. It is always reactive and always defensive.

Try the Chicago Way.

But instead of sending people to morgues, you should be sending bad policies and ideas to the morgue.

Such as anti-abortion.

If you do not believe in abortion, then don’t have one. Your right ends where my body begins.

Feminists have to learn to send misogynistic concepts to the morgue.

One way is to start pushing to have men’s reproductive rights on the table — and as anti-abortion laws are illegal because they target sex, which is against the law, start making legal arguments that if women are confined, then men must be confined as well.

If anti-abortionists realize the grave they are burying feminists in will be their final resting place for their own freedom, power, and control, they will not know where to turn.

If they insist on being devil-worshippers, they made a deal with the devil and it is high-time they start paying up. They alllow incest, rape, and child molestation to go unpunished; ergo they have no moral compass and cannot be trusted.

That breaks down one fortress. That’s the eye of the storm — and it allows feminism to start fighting — and then learning the methods of their oppressors. Stop fighting to prevent losses and start fighting to win.

Take spoils and then learn.

But that’s just half a battle.

The second one is more important.

Feminists stick with Left-wing parties which is an incredibly stupid method.

Realistically, there is no fucking in way in Hell that you are going to have one party rule forever. Sooner or later, they fuck up and the other side will take over.

Are you going to have to lose sleep after every election? What’s wrong with you?

Rich white men never have to worry: they always give the same amount of money to both parties, and no matter what, the regime will jive with their intentions.

Feminists have to start going after Right-wing parties — and breaking into those parties and keep doing it until their rights and freedoms are always off the table.

When you storm and flood, dumb fucks like LaSata cannot function: she just memorizes a little rule and thinks she is a cunning strategist who has a fortress where she cannot be challenged. Wipe the floor with her — not just through a Democratic ticket — but also a Republican one.

And should the sexists form a new party — do the same thing.

Instead of moping and being useless in red cosplay, start becoming a living nightmare to oppressors.

Break their rigs. Do not validate their structures of thought.

Suffragists broke into politics by fighting for the right to vote.

You prevent regression if you fight to break into sexist parties and make them bend to your demands.

May every single party be civilized and not try to gain and elevate themselves by oppressing and stomping on others. Fuck that shit. Enough is enough.

If you do not believe in abortion, don’t have an abortion. The end. That’s your sanctioned insanity.

But you do not have the right to tell other adults what to do with their bodies. That’s plain evil.

So don’t morally masturbate and pretend you believe in a god if your ideas involve inflicting pain and torture like a Nazi because no one is buying your toxic garbage…