Organic Journalism and Gathering Information in Catastrophic Environments with Primal Literacy

From Cambridge Scholars:

This unique and innovative book fuses journalism with both psychology and biology to create a new scaffolding where primal literacy is the guiding force to covering high-risk environments. When humans are in high-stress situations, their perceptions of reality can be easily deceived and manipulated. What is safe, moral, truthful, and brave can be distorted, unless the journalist has a strong core in primal literacy.

This text remedies this oversight by showing the mechanisms of primal literacy and survival instincts to create a powerful and reliable scaffolding with internal, external, and ecological validity. Readers are shown how to cover dangerous events using journalism and evolutionary psychology to avoid falling for propaganda or bringing further danger to the reporter and news consumer; however, these methods can easily be applied to any situation in times of both war and peace.