A Time to Kill (Television Show)

In 2022, I worked as a researcher for Cineflix’s true crime documentary series produced by Mark Marabella (also known as Homicide: Hours to Kill). I am usually writing books or teaching kintsugi, but I veered into different territory for seven months.

A Time to Kill (also known as Homicide: Hours to Kill) was a work-intensive, but gratifying stint for me.

Here is the list of episodes I worked on:

Season 7

Curtain Call

Hero Betrayed

Season 8

Devil at the Depot

A Deadly Liaison

Blood on the Books

Frozen Stiffs

Season 9

Diamonds Are Not Forever

Footprints to Murder

There were a couple of episodes where I helped shore up on-air contributors (Fast Food, Cold Justice and Heir to Murder), but the above list are the ones I was assigned.