Therapeutic Journalism: Presenting Information with Emotional Literacy

From Cambridge Scholars:

This innovative book shows how empirical methods and emotional literacy can create a therapeutic form of journalism. After the emotional global suffering in 2020, it presents a new form of journalism where raw information can be analyzed through an emotional and therapeutic lens to bring psychological wellness to the journalism product as it informs. This exciting new model gives rationality, sensitivity, and plurality that empower students to see the world with a fresh pair of eyes: for the first time, students can learn to incorporate analytical, emotional and primal literacy to inform with empathy and the methods of clinical psychology. How can a journalist use emotionality to inform a public? How does psychology transform journalism with a new lens? The focus of this book is to allow for objective sensitivity to align perceptions with reality. Students are introduced to new core literacies, as the reader will explore the meaning of reality and truth to pick up the pieces of a shattered world to make it stronger and more resilient than before.