The Dramatic Moment of Fate: The Life of Sherlock Holmes in the Theatre

From MX Publishing:

Sherlock Holmes has been a beloved character from his first story, and his mystique endures to the modern age in print, on screen – but he has had a long life in the theatre as well. Where did it begin? What are the themes, stories, and characterizations that make his stage presence unique and just as enduring?

Follow his trail on the stage as author Alexandra Kitty curates his fascinating theatrical world throughout the decades: from unlikely Off-Broadway musicals to lauded slapstick comedies, to more traditional and gripping portrayals of his iconic stories and new incarnations. How does the world’s greatest detective fare in the theatre? The results are always shocking, but never disappointing.

“…informative, entertaining, and written with love.”   -The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

“The theatrical appeal and timeless quality of Sherlock Holmes shines through in this work, which is also a useful quick guide to 120-plus years of stage adaptions – good and bad.”  -The Bootmakers of Toronto (The Sherlock Holmes Society of Canada) 

 “Alexandra Kitty has written an excellent, one might almost say definitive, book on a subject that is rarely covered in any depth.”  —Margy’s Musings