I will be doing a belated book launch for A Different Track this week. More on that later.

I have two podcast interviews coming: one for A Different Track and another for Murder in a Sundown Town. Links for those when they come out.

I have just agreed to write my final book, and that will come out at the end of the year. More when I can discuss it. I did write an article as well, I will put the link here when it’s published.

I am in a holding pattern for much bigger news. Nothing I can do on my end of things but wait, but it is very promising. I will say more when I can.

I have a couple of loose ends to tie up, and then there will be a radical shift. Things are happening in my world, but I am in the beginnings of a personal renovation and revolution, so to speak. I am knocking things off my to-do list, and it’s at a steady pace. My goal is Spring, and it is very doable at this point.

I may do one stream when the time and timing is right.