Things are progressing for me right on time and right on schedule. I just finished my last manuscript, and that will most likely get out in 2023 along with A Different Track. One book is coming out in the Spring of 2024, and then there is one book that is also supposed to come out in October, but I am particular; so that may be a wildcard in more ways than one. Either way, it will be published by 2024, at the latest.

I will have one more stream that I will do in a couple of months to wrap things up on a personal and professional level. There are things that I am wrapping up because a major shift is coming by design. I have been planning this for a very long time, but the time and timing had to be just right, and the time has arrived.

I will do things online until the last new book has been released, such as interviews and promotion.

But the Internet is not where the cool kids progress or play, pussycats. The digital is the present, not the future, and I am a futurist.

The blog was my incubator for my books, and then my books became an incubator for something else entirely.

I will be posting here when books are released, but not much else. As some of you have noticed, my social media has radically been reduced, and it will be reduced even more by the time the final book rolls out. This site will be my only presence online by the summer of 2024. I won’t be blogging or streaming here, either.