In an Age of Propaganda, Political Atheism sees the games both sides play.

Justin Trudeau is not a feminist. He is an unreasonable facsimile of one. He is also an exploiter of the nebulous label, and he cannot be less of a feminist even if he tried. He can wear a habit, too, but it will not make him a nun.

So let’s get that out of the way. No “feminist” employer would talk the way he has over the two competent women he mistreated. He is patronizing and clueless, and really, he should not think he is a feminist just because he had a few more women cabinet ministers: that is what everyone should be doing considering that there are more women out there than men. That’s not “feminism.” That’s doing your job; so shut up.

But those on the Right are no better. They are also full of it. We have people trying to use poor misdirection because they do not like that the fact that Canada has genocidal tendencies when it comes to First Nations women — and so they try to put the attention on the Prime Minister — and that is disgusting. Don’t try to exploit Trudeau’s nincompoopity to downplay the horrid way this country treats its original citizens. No one with a brain is buying it.

But in an Age of Propaganda, there are exploiters on both sides of the dividing line. They are the same. The Guardian seems to grasp that both US Republican and Democrat contenders have the same archaic views on women.

And it is no different in Canada where no matter who is in charge, they do not even begin to comprehend what it means to be a woman. Trudeau is blinded by his own sexist hubris and thinks no one sees it. Women cannot be served by any of the traditional parties because they are patriarchal by design and rigged to always give the last word and final say to a man.

Women are constantly fighting the same battles — and that alone says everything you need to know.

To be a true feminist means to be a political atheist: screw party lines — what have you done for me lately?

If a doctor and lawyer get turfed out of a party in less than a single term, then the party is a misogynistic one. The end.

If a commentator ignores the carnage of a group of women in order to present a self-serving narrative where he is on top of a fake pecking order — then we have no use for him. The end.

This is unacceptable in 2019. It was unacceptable in 1919, too, but when we have quibblers who spew and puke sophistry so that people do not see they are trying to keep their own lofty position of authority, nothing real gets done.

The Left and the Right do nothing for women. Women are constantly under threat and their own needs and wants are always ignored.

Lip service isn’t action. Neither is a ruse.

It is the reason neither side of that line has a grain of my respect — and why I believe politics is nothing but a sham.

And one that I am not buying for a second…

Memo to the New York Times: Do not blame Google for the newspaper industry being run by bad businesspeople. That's on you.

If it is in a study, then it must be true!

The New York Times is in a tizzy because Google knows how to make money from a dead industry and they don’t.

I covered the newspaper industry at the same time I was teaching Language Studies. I turned my students on Google, and almost none of them ever heard of it before. Google had a superior search engine than the others and had features that were extremely handy. The New York Times had more resources at the time, and considering their mandate is to keep a pulse on the world, they certainly weren’t taking a few pages from Google’s playbook, and trying to get in on their bit.

They liked to put out books on “essential knowledge”, while Google found sites that did the same. They bought the Boston Globe instead of going global in scope the way Google did as they linked to countless news outlets. They reviewed books while Google became a warehouse of both books and academic journals.

The New York Times had a million chances, and they blew every single one.

So do not cite a myopic and skewed study on your own incompetence. That’s not on Google.

That’s on you…

Entertainment Weekly reduces frequency...for now.

Communications collapsed, and Entertainment Weekly becomes a monthly.

The days where print held the centre of gravity is done. It did not translate to the Internet because any amateur can weigh in, without knowledge, facts, or expertise, let alone mastery.

It is interesting to see how many former publications will follow suit this year, but more are coming…

MMIWG breaks a narrative. For Canada, the global village gossip gets out of control.

Canada has been in trouble for a very long time. We were once ruled by a series of silver foxes, and they all managed to keep Canada’s reputation unscathed.

Enter political pantywaist Justin Trudeau, a man too crude and unenlightened in the ways of political strategy. He is far more his mother, who was said to think in “terms of camera angles”, and nothing like Pierre who was a chess master supreme. Junior is conniving and smug — but also historically, geographically, and culturally illiterate. He never had a clue where all the landmines were here.

What propelled him to power was that the middle class in this country have always frowned on process, expertise, experience, and mastery. They think you just buy the box on the Amazon, and you are superior to experts. They are always competitive, and always short-sighted. They went shallow, and now their leader’s ineptitude is exposing just what this country was all along.

I am a big supporter of exposing truth and reality. The genocide of First Nations women should have been exposed long ago, but I am an outsider by design. I do not pander to the middle class who get all up in knots when I say that to their faces. I do not care to be treated as a servant who was made to be abused.

MMIWG has made serious damage to Canada. It can no longer play the Aw, Shucks Card. When Donald Trump called Canada “smooth”, he was proven to be correct. This report exposes it, but it is the tip of the iceberg.

But the world has noticed the tip and want to dig deeper. This letter to the Canadian regime that has gone to the next step of global scrutiny:

Given that your country has always sided with scrutiny and international investigation in situations where human rights are violated in different countries, I am expecting to receive a favourable response to this request.

For Canada, this is just the beginning. This is not a good turn. Worse, we do not have any current or potential prime minister who can carry this weight. In a real way, Jody Wilson-Raybould was cut from the Liberal regime at the perfect time. This stench is far away from her and her sister-in-arms Jane Philpott. They are independents and are in a perfect position to make the most of their situation. October is far away, but the cumulation of scandals and bombshells is getting worse for the Grits — if they are preoccupied with enough smaller battles, they will lose the war, and all signs point to a political slaughter.

MMIWG was a nuclear bomb made from the bodies of genocide victims. They were silenced individually, but bring them together, and the chorus of rage rings loud and clear.

The Canadian narrative is broken. This is ugly. And shameful.

But it is necessary. This humbling is absolutely necessary. We need a Hague to deal with this, but we also need for the families to be compensated for this trauma. The money won’t bring anyone back. It is not justice.

But with a government that spends without limits, having to part with their precious drachma will hurt. Take it out of the Bribing the Middle Class Fund. Let them do without and see just how “middle class” they are without the handouts propping them up.

As one wise movie title warned us, reality bites…

Journalism's willful ignorance strikes again.

I an no fan of political pantywaist Sam Oosterhoff. He shot off his big mouth and is now paying a price. That’s on him. You cannot pull a pay check on taxpayers’ dime and then slag and demean a big chunk of those people. That is unconscionable and disgusting.

But now that he is an easy target, there will be all sorts of political operatives on the Left and Right who will take advantage of the optics. We see many protests for and against him (here, here, and here), but in each case, journalists parroting what they are being told are not doing any actual research.

Protests cost money and are hard to gain enough people. Placards, brochures, and even costumes need some real cash money to obtain, as does transportation, and someone organizing it.

In Ontario, the Ford regime has made it harder for his rivals to use their old feints and strategies; so it is not impossible to see how protests, always an old staple of political parties trying to present a pseudo-grassroots façade, could be used in such a way now.

If you are a journalist covering a protest, you have to establish provenance of the protest. Left, Right, Other, it doesn’t matter. Who is funding this thing? What groups are affiliated? What about a public relations firm? Or a politician? Maybe a rich meddler.

It is crucial to follow the money because if the protest is a fake, then things are not what they appear to be. You have people who are confederates, not genuine detractors or supporters.

If we do not have an established chain of funding and organizing, we know absolutely nothing. Maybe this is a genuine protest. Maybe it isn’t. We don’t know.

For all the talk about how “journalism matters”, it never seems to do what actually matters. Do not report on a protest as it is presented: find out about the protestors and how they made it over there. Are there any regulars? Who are they? What is their motive? The more we know, the more informed assessments we can make.

And we can cut off any optical manipulation by choreographed groups in the bargain. We can expose those who are trying to game the system. If a politician plays that game, they are campaigning covertly.

It is very hard these days to take protests seriously: we know nothing more than what is present amid the placards and cosplay. It is, even if organic, a canned event. It is not actual news.

A politician who openly speaks of imposing his opinion on the entire planet is quite another thing. This is someone who doesn’t actually understand his job — nor cares to understand it. This is an agenda-driven unit, nothing more, and these are the people who are unresponsive and oblivious to anything that does not fit into their preset script. With his every response, he has repeatedly proven that he sees constituents as lessers, and not having anyone to explain that when you say something that angers too many whose money pays your bills, then the problem is you and your lack of civility.

But it is not different when others make a claim: they, too, need to be scrutinized. If they pass muster, then report the facts. If they don’t…report the facts. Do not make assumptions because if a rival or ally is rigging the optics, those who associated with the ideology become tainted because of it — and getting exploited in the bargain…

You cannot save a dead profession. You can create its replacement.








The Hill has a stupid article about some jobless journalists who somehow think they can save that dead profession.

They are calling this waste of time a “project”, but you can call it all you want with paper crowns made with your stationary: trying to save journalism is like trying to save your dead grandmother who passed away in 1998.

As in, not happening.

You cannot save February 12, 2017, either. That ship has sailed, Pollyannas.

You could not save your media outlet. You could not save your own job. You cannot save something bigger than the sum total of the things you couldn’t save. Get over yourselves.

We see properties being sold all the time. Outlets are shut down. Job losses are constant in a booming economy.

Do the math. This model is antiquated, and you can love your old house all you want, but once it has collapsed, you do not have a house. You cannot save it.

You can only start something new from scratch. Nothing else….

Memo to the journalism industry: Even if Big Tech were to disappear tomorrow, your fortunes will not change.

Big Tech is being attacked, but journalists should not be celebrating.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 11.57.28 PM.png

People used the horse and buggy until cars were invented — they never went back.

The Internet has opened new paths of thinking, and you will no longer have people accept the fact that someone else will have the sole control of a public forum.

The Internet and Big Tech could vanish right now — and something more advanced would take its place in a heartbeat because there is a need to fill.

And even if it didn’t, people are not going to defer to someone else out of jealousy and resentment.

The only thing this will do is further weaken communications: it will not force people to go back to a time with less freedom.

Journalism has always blamed others for their deficiencies, but their collapse is all on them. There will always be obstacles and competitors. That is a given. You either have what it takes to adjust and succeed — or you don’t and you perish.

Big Tech will get through this period, and there will be upstarts who take advantage and see the new game board, while journalism will try to take out their broken board and throw tantrums that no one is going to play on it…

Memo to Canada: Genocide isn't just something that happens in other countries. It happens here, too.

The implosion continues as well as the denials, but genocide is the appropriate word, and one I have said was the right one before, including this website.

And it has been going on for a very long time. What were called “Residential Schools” were concentration camps for children. The Ustashi had them for Serbian children in Sisak during the Second World War.

The difference is Canada had one during peacetime, not war — that is the reason it could keep going on for decades.

I remember when I was an undergrad and I took an elective in Genocide, there were many cases of it, this, too, fits the pattern. You have too high of a body count to be able to dismiss this as lunacy or “propaganda.”

First Nations people have always been treated with disrespect and disdain — just look at what happened to Jody Wilson-Raybould: the Prime Minister repeatedly talks down about her as if she were a child with severe learning disabilities. He is as repulsive as a person can possibly get for it.

But it doesn’t end there. It never does. My family perished in a genocide — and then they came here, having no clue that you cannot get away from it.

This country has a lot to answer for — not just about the horrific treatment of the First Nations community — but about a lot of other things, too. The Nice Guy façade has been ripped off, and we need to stop pretending, justifying, and minimizing what still goes on.

Genocide has many faces: most times, it happens out in the open in war, but sometimes it is quiet and subtle, and it happens in “peacetime.” The latter is more dangerous because there will be a denial and those who see the obvious are treated patronizingly as they are called hysterical loons.

This is a lawless country where anything goes. We will go down hard on people we see as weak as we make fun of them in order to discredit them. There is no reason for any of it.

It isn’t just happening in Canada. Serbs in Kosovo have been going through a similar hell for decades, and we have Western countries blaming Serbs because to acknowledge it would draw attention to the things they are doing to their own citizens, with Canada on the top of the list.

Enough is enough. Barbarians in three piece suits think they wear a clever disguise and also believe they mask their psychopathic tendencies by mislabeling it as being “rational” and “objective.” Nice try, but you are just not that cunning, just immoral.

I have no trouble unleashing my righteousness. I do have trouble with a dawdling nation quibbling over the obvious destruction of an entire group of people. If this doesn’t bother you, you have lost your soul.

As I have asked before: who gets sent to the Hague first for crimes against humanity?

Or do we create a new body elsewhere to bring those to justice?

There is a genocide against Aboriginal Women in Canada? You don't say!

Of course there is.

I have said it for a very long time.

In different ways.


It is absolutely horrific.

And unacceptable.

But unless we spend tax money and have Daddy Government write a report, we can pretend it doesn’t exist.

I didn’t need any of it to know. The First Nations people did not need that to know.. Anyone with a working brain cell did not need it to know.


Who should we send to the Hague to be tried first?

I am absolutely serious. Who gets sent to the Hague for this first?

And before I am off...

Here is another whiny headline about how GateHouse is consolidating 50 local Massachusetts newspapers into 18.

This would be sad and scary if local papers didn’t write soft news dreck about their local businesses and governments. They puke about children’s piano recitals and advertorials, but hard news they are not. No one has been minding the store — and that’s why so many corrupt people get away with shocking things.

Local papers never exposed bosses sexually terrorizing female employees. They never exposed priests who molested children. They never exposed corrupt officials or let you know who was bribing them.

It was always about cultivating an image of a nation that did not actually exist.


So this turn isn’t what it appears to be. What is more disturbing is that local media once had a chance to be invaluable to the communities they served — but never had the courage to do so because a few old biddies complained…

I am off for a bit...again...




I have a very busy week ahead. I am still on the photography part of my book, have a class I am focussed on, some things I need to finish, and need some fun, too. Writing may be sporadic, or none at all. I may also have some news to share, but that depends on some other factors outside my control.

I will be keeping tabs on all those soulless, clueless, and conniving nerds who think paper crowns mean something, and should their nincompoopity make me laugh really loud, I will do what I do best here…


So let’s not get greedy…

Journalism is still dead? You don't say, The Hill!

No duh.

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 3.29.44 PM.png

If you weasels weren’t so obsessed with thumping your chests and telling the little people who brave and great you were, maybe you would see the obvious.

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 3.32.24 PM.png

Don’t forget to show the press releases you get for your, uh, “coverage.”

You told the common class that they were special and experts without any knowledge or expertise, and then you wonder why they all put crowns on their heads and made decrees without your two cents?

Pandering doesn’t work, and neither does journalism.

Journalism is dead. It needs an alternative, and one that doesn’t actually lie to people or feed yet another nauseating narrative…

Hate groups still use Facebook? You don't say, Toronto Star!

I am not certain if the people at the Toronto Star have any connection to reality, but if this article is any indiction, the answer is a definite no.

Facebook cannot stop millions of people from spewing. The end. If not overtly, then covertly. The end. If no country has ever managed to stop rape and murder, then no one will stop another group from speaking what they believe is the truth. It doesn’t happen.

Facebook cannot “ban” these groups: they will find a way. People are resourceful. I remember talking to someone who had an ace home security system, and they were robbed. The policeman told them that if they could get into their house, then anybody could get into that house, too.

And that’s the reality you are facing. It’s a lunatic idea just is “gun control.” You are not going to stop guns because if a company can manufacture a gun, then anybody can make one. There is no easy solution as those Middle Class people keep believing.

If you want true progress and change, stop pandering to that demographic and enabling their delusions of grandeur. Life is not a 30 minute sitcom of the 1980s. It is not an episode of CSI.

Once that Truth gets through enough thick skulls, then perhaps we can have more realistic and productive action…

Scaring the little people by proxy: the federal Liberals try to resurrect their glory days. Nice try.

When I wrote my first book Don’t Believe It!: How lies become news, I did not use the Middle Class Method of researching it.

The Middle Class aren’t researchers: they look on some web page or ask a neighbor, and then think they know stuff and are experts on something.

You can assemble IKEA all you want, you are not a furniture builder.

I spent years in the profession. I read thousands of sources. Most middle class people never see the depth of research and detail in my work because they judge me by their standards. They will bitch about a comma splice, but fail to see what is being told to them.

Mind you, my readership was never this group for a reason.

It’s the reason why I never understood Julian Assange’s belief that all he had to do was tell this demographic how they are being screwed over, and they’d rise up. Not happening. You’d get more revolution if you told the wealthy how they are being played by the Middle Class, but that’s another story.

The federal Liberals pandered to this class, and that class has turned on them, and now they are trying to manipulate them by telling them scary stories how things are horrible, but the Girts will save them, employing Special Guest fear-mongerer Barak Obama to spew nonsense.

What “dark age”? That people spent money they don’t have to impress people they hate and are insanely jealous of and now they are broke? That’s not a “dark age”: that’s being a knuckle-dragger who has no concept of consequences. Give me a break.

With all due respect, Mr. Obama should not meddle in Canadian politics. If your leftie pals get all upset at the idea of Russians meddling in your politics, imagine how our little people on the Right will react to you sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.

If Mr. Obama wants to retain his dignity and being a class act, he should just not bother. Justin Trudeau was a bad boy: if he thinks he’s all that, then, he can dust off his little thinking cap and use it for the very first time of his life. If he can’t rig, vogue, or smooth talk, he cannot function. That is the sum total of what it means to be Justin Trudeau.

That’s not a prime minister: that’s the lout your parents worry you will invest the best years of your life with as you throw those years down the drain.

As I said, the prime ministerial options this country has is really sad. It’s like, isn’t there anyone else in this country who can do it?

At least we know that the nation’s best and brightest don’t run for that public office…

Memo to Jerry Dias: You are entitled to your so-called "free speech", but you are not entitled to ignore your responsibility to those who do not applaud your bullshit.

When I worked as a journalist, I was doing so in order to study the profession. I called what I did Method Research and I was an actrivist: I was an activist using empirical methods to studying journalism by taking the role of reporter.

During this time, I had to study facts and conduct experiments. I did not have the luxury of spewing opinion or shooting off my mouth. I was hired to produce news stories. I did not thump my chest. I covered the newspaper industry, including outlets where the was real reason for me to hold a grudge. You can go back and read every single story I produced: I was objective. I did not sway or slant coverage, Just the facts. No lies, exaggerations, or deceptions.

When I had enough information and experience to make an informed assessment, I walked away. I was beholden to no one. No one has ever owned Alexandra Kitty and no one ever will.

I wrote books exposing the journalism industry. When I spoke, I spoke with authority. I could unleash and I still do.

But I am a free agent. When you are a free agent, you can say or do whatever you need and want to say.

When you are in charge of something where other people are involved, the rules change. You have rights, but you also have responsibilities.

Pierre Trudeau fucked up this country no end with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms by omitting a single word: Responsibilities.

It should have been the Charter of Responsibilities, Rights, and Freedoms, because you have assholes such as Jerry Dias who babble and spew self-serving pabulum to keep his position of power, but marches lockstep to the orders of one side of an equation.

But now that the federal Liberal regime has decided to play fascist propagandist and have funding boards, partisan locksteppers such as Dias can get graft sitting on boards getting taxpayer money — but he doesn’t get just Liberal taxpayer monies — but also Conservative ones, too.

And now he is throwing a temper tantrum like a little boy saying he has a right to “free speech.”

You also have a responsibility not to be a tyrant who openly rigs things so that your buddies and benefactors are the only ones who get free stuff.

That means you cannot be on any little propaganda board run by a desperate government trying to save their worthless hides in the next election.

We no longer have moral or competent people at the wheel: we have people with no sense to even pretend to be objective and give flying fucks for the entire country: just people who applaud their worthless bullshit.

If I had a time machine, I would go back and promptly dope slap Pierre Trudeau and demand to know why the word responsibility wasn’t included in that Charter. If people do not have the sensibility to know that you have no rights without responsibilities, then at least be gracious enough to give them a crib sheet for them to memorize.

No wonder Canadian journalism is garbage: everyone thinks they have the right to puke propaganda that supports their deluded self-aggrandizing fairy princess narrative — and no responsibility to find the facts that show reality as it humbles every arrogant idea that blinds them…

In an Age of Propaganda, there is no such thing as "grassroots": Someone with billions is funding it.

NXIVM was a cult bankrolled by rich people.

It lured in ambitious women and derailed them as it distracted them. It compromised them, and turned them into willing pawns as it fabricated blackmail to corrupt them and keep them in line just enough to move in the direction far away from real power.

It exploited their conniving and sheltered natures, and their drives to strut to the top of a phantom pecking order.

And it succeeded for a very long time.

It is the reason you always have to question the so-called “fringe” and “grassroots”: because if you follow the money, you find a wealthy person footing the bill, and giving the orders by proxy.

The middle class are followers. They are too timid to be so bold — and it is not as if most understand the nuances of a predatory game. The conniving ones get suckered in the most because their greed and jealousy knows no bounds.

Smoke and mirrors are often used to hide the accuser’s bugger sin. I shudder to think what the UK government did to the former Yugoslavia that their anti-Serb hatred keeps their paranoid and deluded conspiracy theories from and centre, making lunatic accusations that a Serb murdered Jill Dando, as if there was something she uncovered outside whatever press release a PR firm puked in her direction, to some ideation that bad “secret” Serbs are undermining British democracy.

Who is funding this anti-Slavic hatred? What is being hidden? What did you people do in the Balkans that warrants a decades-long misdirection?

In fact, the reason is made obvious by the various propaganda campaigns used. Shame on you all for your cowardice and repulsive scams.

We know this game to be a sham when we have Albanians and Croats openly chanting more than just anti-Serb vitriol in front of a global audience — they are chanting hate crimes. A little fine is a slap in the face.

The Western media — including British ones knew that it was more than just chanting “Kill the Serbs”: they were chanting lynch the Serbs.

Now imagine in the United States you had white fans at a major sports arena chanting “lynch the blacks.”

What do you think would happen? A minor fine? A few scant articles sanitizing it?

You would have a full-blown meltdown on social media and the mainstream press.

And you would not be having media outlets — without a shred of tangible proof — going on how African Americans are trying to destroy institutions proclaiming to be the cradles of democracy.

We have skewed coverage that never questions the basics.

Antifa and “socialism” are manufactured movements. They are not real. Some rich asshole is trying to manipulate the public with a sham, hoping that empty-headed middle class people would dutifully follow along, thinking they have found a posh new movement that will give them things for free.

The West has serious problems. The federal Liberals are giving graft to questionable groups with dark ties, such as SNC-Lavalin. Having Unifor in on the graft also warrants closer inspection. There is a common thread that tells us who really owns the Liberals and is pulling the strings.

But Canada is a small potatoes country. The US is another bastion of peculiar trouble. Journalists used to be able to sweep these scandals under the rug and spin them. They have collapsed, and the choreographed PR campaigns on social media aren’t doing what they are supposed to do.

It is a hot mess, but I am not beguiled by anyone’s propaganda. I am not fooled by bullshit.

The rich are rich for a reason. They are predators who have no boundaries. They’d sell their firstborn for a Mercedes. That is the system the West has created, and one with hints and promises of being on top of a pecking order if you just get in on the scam.

Like the loser fools who fell for NXIVM. Life is short and fleeting — and to waste it on playing games is like throwing your life away for a phantom.

And that’s on you, no one else…

How the federal Liberal regime is speeding up journalism's rot.

Old school media owners in Canada should have been very careful what they wished for.

If they actually did research, they would have known the worst people to get involved in your business if the government.

But John Honderich was always a sheltered himbo, The white boy ditz made a deal with the devil and the devil gave what he wanted in the worst way.

And now that Trudeau’s regime has hijacked newspapers out in the open, they are really screwing things up.

The National Post’s Andrew Coyne isn’t very happy. Smart man. The bailout is more than just politicized: it has been overtly and openly propagandized. You do not beg the government to help you when you are a media product. They see everything as something that is owed to them, and they are brutes and thugs who meddle by default.

The Conservatives are worried, but they shouldn’t be. Unifor is a useless union. They couldn’t stop Doug Ford from gaining a majority, nor did they managed to do anything but babble and spew ineffectual dreck as they keep losing war after war.

They have no power or control. Neither does traditional journalism.

They all marched lockstep against Doug Ford, who has a majority government, and wisely made big cuts early so the vitriol comes out sooner, only to be forgotten by the time the next election rolls around.

Journalists thump their chests, and have no power or control to alter events — not global ones, national ones, or even local ones. Ford won by bypassing the press and using social media.

Even if social media were to shut down tomorrow, traditional media wouldn’t get its clout back because people have had their brains rewired and now demand their own say on things. Germany’s sore losers can decry free speech all they want, but they were always arrogant sots who never could actually assess reality. The days of making royal decrees are done. Social media is irrelevant now: the match has been lit, and it is the freedom to express that is now more important than deferring to an authority.

The governments of the world have realized this too little, too late — just as have journalists. At this point, you can shut down social media, but nothing would change.

Because you cannot put a genie back into a bottle. The Left still think they can manipulate, use proxies, shame, and use propagandistic narrative to stop their detractors. Your detractors know who you are and how weak your power is — and they are not going to cave in one inch.

The Grits in this country cannot stop their losses — and everything they do makes things worse. They will rid themselves of Trudeau no matter what happens: he is an easy figure to despise, and he is politically expendable. They are already floating various names to see who will gain traction.

You cannot go back to the horse and buggy in the world of cars. I have been pointing out the rot for years, and will continue to do so, but the Grits are arrogant and think they can fool all of the people all of the time — but they are only fooling themselves in the bargain as they speed up the decay of Canadian journalism. Well played, children!

A federal government with no clue about journalism allowing a union with no clue about journalism to sit on a panel.

The federal Liberal government in Canada have no clue about reality — they may think they are being cunning, but doofuses is more like it.

Getting Unifor — a union with no experience in either business or journalism, to sit on a “we pay you big money to puke pabulum” “panel” to determine who gets taxpayer money is atrocious.

This is a brazen slush fund in a desperate bid to secure votes. Nothing more. What would Unifor know about running a media outlet — or how to improve it so that it doesn’t go broke in the first place?

They have no expertise or experience. I seriously wonder whose lovers and children will leech on to this graft-fest next.

The Grits are garbage. They are the absolute worst regime this country has ever had on any level — and that is saying something. They are vile.

They have absolutely no use to society. They do nothing right. If you want things done completely wrong and wretched, give them a call. Their incompetence breaks all the world records, and they are cluless enough to think they are cunning, and not conniving.

We need an alternative to journalism — and to ensure that no government never gets its filthy hands on it…

On professional pawns and the attention enchantment.




Someone I like very much asked me the other day why I didn’t write a “mainstream” book. I said I had no interest in the middle class and their beliefs. Not my bag. I am not in it for the poverty, but I am not in it for the sleepwalking, either. The middle class memorize scripts and someone else’s narratives, and gooberism just doesn’t appeal to me.

You can come over to my views, or not. Whatever floats your boat. I am a radical centrist and that means I am not going to be your little pawn in some game.

Holding this position when you are an author is more difficult than you can imagine, especially when you are young, female, and a career orphan with no one guiding or instructing you. It is too easy to jump at the first group willing to give you the time of day.

But it is not just authors. Many young women who were catapulted into a national spotlight find themselves getting used, paraded, and then promptly discarded. Linda Lovelace was an iconic porn drudge, and then the feminist movement used her and then abandoned her, and she was bitter at their fairweather support. Paula Jones was harassed by a future president, paraded around by Republicans, and then, when that whole impeachment thing didn’t happen, they dropped her.

It is not a “left” thing or a “right” thing: it is an exploiter thing.

And unless you understand the nuances of strategy, you are going to get dragged into things you have no business being. Your movements and associations no longer become your own, and if you are one of those middle class people who think you are smart just because you have a university degree, you are in for the shock of your life.

Lindsay Shepherd got in trouble when she was a graduate student and T.A. who showed a video of Jordan Peterson, and then faculty bullied her and she recorded their immature pabulum. They sued her because they are thugs who are used to a sterilized environment where they rule the roost as they fake authority and expertise.

Had she left it at that, she would have shown to be the superior one in that dynamic.

The problem was she got A-list treatment in the National Post, and then got enchanted by that toxic spotlight.


Shepherd is the intellectual equivalent of a yokel: she has no sense for dangerous thinking. She is the person who watches a chef cook, and then thinks she can fake it by copying what she sees, with no understanding of the finer details and their reasons for use.

Megyn Kelly made the same tactical error interviewing Alex Jones when she landed at NBC News. Yes, women are expected to play it safe with soft news and a gummy smile — and daring to enter the lion’s den gets that woman a target sign on her back. Kelly made it through Fox News — and NBC bringing her into the fold was a way for the mainstream left-wing media to stick it to the right-wing mainstream media — we have her — she’s on our side now.

And then Kelly found the same tricks and scripts that worked in one place did not work at the other. She made one gaffe after another — and found herself without a job. She had no instinct to shift tactics or take her new circumstances into account and it cost her a coveted career.

She was acceptable only if she disavowed the old bible and submitted herself to her new overlords.

She botched the Jones interview, and it was downhill ever since.

And Kelly is a lawyer who was an adult with a serious body of work.

Shepherd is none of those things and it shows.


I do not believe in censorship. I want to know who the scumbuckets are. I do not “advocate” or give platforms to them, but in an Internet Age, if they have something to say, they can say it without a champion.

And I am not going to champion misogynistic, racist, classist, or homophobic trash. Grown-ups do not need it.

Because I am not a pawn who will be exploited.

But Shepherd has been playing games where she does not understand the rules, and has made one bad turn after another.

She “disavows” the left. Not a problem if you disavow the right. Rejection of artificial confines is always a good idea.

But she doesn’t. She is making arguments for the alt-right. That makes her a mouthpiece. Her antics to keep the attention going undo her arguments prior to her initial attention: inviting Faith Goldy to an event was not the brightest of moves. For someone obsessed with the “declining” population of white people, Goldy hasn’t exactly been busy popping out replacement Caucasians, meaning she doesn’t mean a word she says. Pandering for profits and Shepherd doesn’t question it.

And Shepherd has been on alt-right vehicles. She thinks there is a difference between white nationalism and white supremacy, as if you could have one without the other, or as if either were desirable. She no longer has any credibility as a “free speech” advocate. She is not getting the voices of people who are truly dispossessed to a credible platform to be heard. She stays in a single camp, never venturing out from that stifling and static environment.

Her nincompoopity doesn’t vindicate those in that stifling and static environment called Wilfred Laurier University. They just march lockstep to a different script. All Shepherd has managed to do is go from one brain-dead zone to another one. That is not an actual achievement. That is proof that she has absolutely no learning curve and can be tricked by shallow feints and ruses.

And that is not just her failure: the universities who were supposed to teach her how to assess people through empirical means utterly failed her. They are a sham. Her spiral is much of their responsibility: they have countless young men and women who have no other shrewd guidance, and they provide no roadmap or compass for them to see when they are about to be exploited.

The National Post also has much to answer for — you do not just pluck some no-name grad student, enable her illusions, and then leave it at that. There are consequences, and the press has always been highly irresponsible as they use and discard people whose lives are never the same.

Shepherd herself is an adult, however. She is not blameless. She is not an advocate for anyone. She had one very bad experience that got too much attention. Her university and professors were horrid to her, and while they have much blame to carry for making her revile their beliefs, rightfully seeing them as hypocrites, she still has a brain, and it would be nice if she used it before anyone else decides to hijack it and use her until she has no more worth to them.

Throughout my career, I have had countless users try to lure me into these games on both the left and the right. I never took the bait. Mainstream validation is meaningless to me, as is fringe validation. I am who I am, take it or leave — and do not expect me to be impressed or disappointed by either of your decisions.

Too many young women get suckered into this vortex, and none of them ever end up better than they were before. There is no “safe” side to take, and no trick that is going to make things right after you are no longer useful to a cabal.

Standing on your own is riskier, but when you have users on the left and the right salivating at your rise and ruin, learning to face mobs on your own is the greatest feat of them all…

*If you are wondering where the image came from — it is from an app that tries to guess the person (real or fiction) you have in mind — and when it couldn’t guess, it offered those options, which is what spawned this post…