Why journalism's patriarchal narrative structures keep distorting our perceptions of realty.

The Economist has a very distorted chart worth noting here:

White nationalism after Christchurch

The new face of terror, much like the old

Violent white nationalists increasingly resemble the jihadists they hate

This is a very stupid chart and a stupider hypothesis, but not for the reasons that you think.

In my 2005 book, Don’t Believe It!: How lies become news, I go over a very important method of dealing with hate crime stories, terror stories, and war stories: erase the ethnicity or race of the players. Just forget them entirely.

Look at the facts. Look at the logic. See if Group or Person A could possibly do this to Group or Person B.

Many times, just by removing ethnic or racial designations, the story completely falls apart.

Because the distorting lens is removed, and the emotional triggers are gone.

Why is this method effective?

Because our own personal biases and prejudices are gone, and we have no idea who is suppose to be the hero or villain. We are looking at actions because we don’t have the hacks of ethnicity to cloud our judgement.

But it goes one step deeper: it kicks away our props and supports and we are forced to judge people as people.

But journalism cannot do this because its entirely existence is based in a Patriarchal Narrative where there can be only one good guy, and anyone else is a bad guy.

It cannot deal with Matriarchal realities of intersecting lives. It does not compute. If journalism was a calculator, it would be one that could not do math. It would have just two numbers: 1 and 0.

It would know that 1≠0, and that’s about it.

And 0=bad and 1=good.

That’s a pretty shitty calculator.

So what the Economist is trying to do is present an inaccurate truth of 0 and 1, and that’s not true.

White supremacists were always terrorists. They lynched people who were not like them. There is no “increasing” here. We just cherry-pick certain events and then try to paint a narrative how we should now see these people are bigger bad guys than the ones who are bad guys of a different in-group.

No, they are the same. These are both racist cabals who are violent. The end.

The world is full of violent people. The press wants to somehow knock Trump by proclaiming one violent group is worse than another violent.

No, you have two violent groups. They aren’t just racist, but misogynistic.

So your chart is garbage and so is your hypothesis.

The world was always violent. It always had cabals who terrorize people and cause harm to innocents. There is no narrative. I don’t want to deal with any of them. The Ustashi slaughtered my grandmother’s family just because they were Serbs. The Nazis slaughtered Jews. They both were violent, and both got away with far too much.

And any other group that wants to kill people is a bad group. No worse, no better. If your mandate includes extermination, you suck. The end.

And if journalists were truly “progressive” as all the cool kids try to convince me, they wouldn’t be making racist charts or bringing up race: they would say that there are various clusters of violent people targeting innocent people for slaughter. They would not indulge the excuses. They would name names and put faces to the names. You wouldn’t be employing the faceless techniques of war propaganda.

Because in the end, race doesn’t make you a murderer. It’s your lack of character, ability to see truths, emotional illiteracy, and cowardice.

If we held individuals accountable and didn’t indulge their excuses, they would not be able to hide in numbers. They could not pretend they had a cause, because they don’t.

But that takes breaking away from patriarchal narratives and stop distorting reality just to make silly charts and nonexistent points…

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Memo to the Tucson Sentinel: Self-Aggrandizing doesn't trick people into buying your product. They will decide if you are "All Star" or "Not All That."

Journalists have a horrific narcissistic tendency to call themselves great. You have done this for the last couple of years, and no one is buying your propaganda. You are not great. There is huge room for improvements. The end.

And get over yourselves.

Journalists lavish their own profession with praise and awards, and what they give themselves awards for is mind-boggling.

So here is the Tucson Sentinel writing about the Arizona Daily Star:

All-star lineup of Tucson reporters faces buyouts, layoffs loom

All-star lineup?

That isn’t an actual thing.

Did it ever occur to you that if you stopped the self-adoration and took a good long look at yourselves you’d see why people stopped bothering with you?

It’s a thought…

It's not going away for the Federal Grits...

The SNC-Lavalin scandal is water torture, and there is more to come.

As I said before, I doubt this will be the only scandal to hit the federal Grits by October.

Or the only headache.

China used to buy billions in canola from Canada. Now it is zero.

This isn’t going to be one big war, but a thousand little ones.

And that sinks a government faster than anything else…

The Cannabis blackmarket is booming in Canada? You don't say!

And the whining from those who thought they found a ride on Easy Street is quite comical. People honestly thought making it legal was going to make the blackmarket go away.

Just how stupid are you?

The blackmarket is way more convenient: they sell to kids, like, no prob. They also sell other yummy hard candy.

And now we have big babies blubber to the prime minister, Make them stop! We can’t compete with the big bullies!

Yeah, no shit, Sherlock.

The only people attracted to this legal industry are those with no idea about reality: they are looking for easy markets where they can look competent and successful and not need a strategy or effort. That’s why we have so many politicians get into this business.

Except playing with cutthroats is a lot harder than that.


Finding phantoms: Why so much of news is mere theatre. Find the phantom, and you find the motive for the show.



Making the News is a book that instructs activists how to gain media attention, which I find interesting. How much “news” is actually coordinated and choreographed canned events specifically designed to be on the news. That means that so much of “news”, actually isn’t.

Public relations firms are worse: from celebrities to wars, so much of what is presented to the public as organic events are production numbers. The civil war in the former Yugoslavia had no end of these fake events, and badly acted ones at that.

Nayirah’s “testimony” during the first Gulf War is one of the most successful examples of journalistic theatre.

Journalists were irresponsible and like canned events; so they never let people know that what they are presenting is guerilla theatre. It is not as if they don’t know; it’s just that they want to file a smooth story with a catchy narrative hook.

Many times, there is a phantom behind the story, not unlike Oz’s wizard.


And the man behind the curtain is not just footing the bill for the show, but directs the script.

Sometimes the phantom is obvious. A nation’s leader wants to impress other nations and puts on the show. FARA.org gives lots of hints of those kind of people playing those kinds of games.

Sometimes it isn’t. In my book Don’t Believe It!: How lies become news, I recount one case where one “overnight sensation” violinist was the benefactor of a wealthy man who created a bogus narrative because he had a vested interest in the affair.

Getting attention for anything is difficult. Even “viral” attention is a flash in the pan that doesn’t sustain itself; so when anything “takes off”, you have to question that kind of coordinated planning is going on.

So, for example, we have Olivia Jade Giannulli who was a “social media influencer” since she was a teen. Great, how did she get there? On her looks? Charm? Brains?

Or because her wealthy parents could open doors for her, and pushed her. She has a Luxury Brand Name to her, even if her dad was Target-level. She can be angry at her parents all she wants, but if she was Olivia Jade No Name, no one would give a flying fuck about her lip gloss. They knew that in her narrative of being a glamour puss, she could not get away with not going to college because goodwill would have turned on her for being a lazy brat. The only way to skirt that razor-fine line was to get her worthless ass at university, even if it meant taking a gamble bribing the right people to get in there.

She is a manufactured entity. She was fake news before the scandal. She was just low-rent advertising, and nothing more. If she was any other teenaged girl, people would not have tuned in to see what graft she got to shill because daddy has connections to fashion and mommy has connections to entertainment.

In her case, the parents were the phantoms, and in many cases, nepotism is the key. Who else is going to push you? Who else would even care? Very few people luck out beyond family borders: it is either a parent, grandparent, or spouse who is the puppet master.

And when it is not family ties, there is someone who has political or financial motives to create puppets for show. Whenever someone starts getting serious play, it is a good time to question how did they get there. And in an age of social media where the marketplace has a glut of faces, you absolutely know that someone has gotten a serious push to be noticed for any length of time.

Find the phantom puppet master, and you find the real story — not the feel-good schlock spew to push a narrative for political gain or profit…

The federal Liberals turned the dead corpse of journalism into its slave? You don't say!

Andrew Coyne has a very interesting and must-read column, and may be the only other person in Canada who sees something rotten in giving the dead profession of journalism government money:

Andrew Coyne: It's when you read details of media bailout that the chill sets in

If this goes through, everything will be subsidized: print, broadcast, the works — a whole industry of CBCs. You couldn’t do a better job killing the news business

You don’t say!

Beggars can’t be choosers, and what the beggars got was a chain around their necks. They are now the minions of the government who now will not only call the shots, but can make threats to take away designations on a whim.

The industry should have taken matters into their own hands, creating their own body of governance, and then reinventing themselves with radical empirical changes instead of being passive, arrogant, and whiny paupers looking for a handout.

John Honderich was hellbent on getting free government money, and if anyone in the business had an ounce of sense or survial instinct, they would have shown him the door, forget those self-aggrandizing “J-talks” and gotten down to serious work.

Now, you are all little propagandists shilling lies for the government — and you motherfuckers better do a good job of it, too. Look what happened to Jody Wilson-Raybould when she tried to follow the “Rule of Law” and not His Majesty’s Sketchy Decrees.

I cannot stress how needless the collapse of journalism was. I wrote books outlining the problems — and then offering very workable solutions.

When Journalism was a Thing was a book that showed where the problems were, and even then, how to break the shackles, but because I am Writing While Female and am not a Luxury Brand Name, not only do I get ignored, but people try to rip me off.

There is already a publisher who I found out is trying to pull off such a gambit, and it is the reason I put my book proposal up on Amazon. You will notice Amazon was kind enough to remove the “Look Inside the Book” function — something they don’t usually do, but they understood my plight and cooperated with me.

That’s the blueprint of the solution. That would be how to reinvent and resurrect that kind of profession.

The actual workings and details are not in there for a reason as well. Just the blueprints. I am not some deluded loon or some victim you can feast on at my expense. Fuck you. My entire adult life was researching this to the very last detail.

The profession had a choice: they could have listened to me, and give me credit and the outlet for me to do what I do best, or fellate the Jive Turkey so he can turn them into his worthless minions.

And guess what they chose?


But I knew they would…

The federal Grits just can't shake the SNC-Lavalin blues...

They tried to razzle-dazzle with a budget, and then Jane Philpott reminds everyone that this little scandal has more to it than that. Prime Minister Jive Turkey denies the obvious, only looking more shady than before.

But the federal Liberal strategy is all about denying the obvious. Rich man Bill Morneau denies there is a recession, but never ask a rich man if there is a recession because for the rich, there never is one.

Canada doesn’t have a government. It has a royal inbred court.

And one that thinks it can do whatever it pleases and issue smug denials.

It is an abusive regime, at best, but you cannot expect anything else with a populace that takes it as they tremble themselves to death in a democracy…

Why so cowardly?




If you want to see the blueprint for F.R.E.E.D., I placed it right here.

So that we have no confusion about who created what.

But that’s just the beginning of that work.

That’s because Alexandra Kitty has courage, and that’s not a common trait in Western culture. One gripe on social media, and companies throw everyone under a bus.

Which makes me boycott them because I do not like people who don’t stand behind free speech.

I also do not like big pretenders who have delusions of courage and then try to dine on it.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 11.07.27 PM.png

The “fight for truth”? You?

Don’t make me laugh, motherfuckers.

Journalism isn’t about any fighting about truth. It is about cribbing from press releases, acting as stenographers, and then telling the little people what to think as they try to bully and intimidate them.

You don’t make people afraid. You make them brave. That’s what journalism never learned to do, and the reason it has made such a mess of its own profession.

It is a cowardly profession. It hides behind veils as it demands everyone else to take theirs off.

Yeah, lead by example by taking off your veils. Stop your chest-thumping. It’s just another lie you spew.

Because cowards use lies as shields and fortresses, thinking they rig the board to their advantage as they weaken opponents and strengthen their own position.

Except when you have an antagonistic relationship with the people you are supposed to be informing, your motives come into question.

People are attacked for speaking their minds and from the heart. Truth is all about facing the reality of that and not trying to kill free speech.

But that’s what journalism is trying to do: prevent other people from offering divergent points of view in alternative venues using alternative methods.

I am moving around some of the Chaser Arcs, and Arc II will be coming in a couple of weeks. It will be about war propaganda — and showing how outlets malign contrary voices even if the evidence from experts contradicts their labels. I will question and challenge assumptions using two different wars as a comparison.

Unlike the first one, I will have an interview or two. This Arc, however, will be a meta-article: I will show the construction of a news article with annotated notes. I may use a PDF file to do it because this web site doesn’t give me the freedom to do what I want.

So as I begin to merge Chaser and F.R.E.E.D., I will provide an alternative way of interpreting information — not using fear-mongering, but bravery-inspiring.

Because the industry has become pathetic with its self-aggrandizing psychopathy — worse, universities refuse to acknowledge the problem, enabling those delusions.

There can be no truth if you are afraid. Cowardice attracts lies.

That may be how the timid classes roll, but not all of us are of that ilk, and we won’t go away, no matter how afraid of the truth others become…

Rogers sheds its magazines to St. Joseph Communications.

This is a major blow. For Rogers not to hold on to a crown jewel such as Macleans is a serious statement of non-confidence. When I was in grad school, one of my essays was all about the history of Macleans — and it has a long and storied history with many critical writers and players both writing and editing it.

St. Joseph’s once acquired both Shift magazine (an excellent tech magazine) and Saturday Night (a crown jewel think magazine with a long history), and eventually scuttled them both. I was scheduled to have an article published in Shift, and it was abruptly cancelled one month before my story on cyber crimes was to be published with them. The piece found its way to Maisonneuve magazine instead, but there is an excellent chance that one or more of these publications doesn’t last a couple of years.

A lot of St. Joseph magazines, such as Toronto Life, are given away free in places such as hospital emergency rooms where they remain untouched. It is not a good turn, but when you are too afraid of change, you can expect no other fate…

Federal Liberal regime throws free money to dead profession...

Almost $600 million taxpayer dollars as citizens’ democratic right not to support an industry by not buying the product is ignored.

It will not save the industry. The top layer will take the money and run. It will not save a dead profession. The Intercept had lavish funding, and were far superior in their work, and it did not do a thing.

A corrupt regime funds a dead profession. That is not the breakfast of champions. When the profession had money, they squandered it and lost their clout. Expect nothing different with this game.

As we have homeless people on the street and human traffickers destroying lives, the Grits prefer their limousine liberal causes than to actually do their jobs…nice try, but it won’t work…

Are we brave enough now to admit that journalism is no longer a thing? Or am I still the only adult in The Room.




Aside from the intellectual theft I deal with on occasion, my other big problem is getting people to look at reality.

My latest book is ignored because in an industry filled with children, being the lone adult makes professional life difficult.

I am a reality. I don’t sugar-coat. I do not fellate. I tell things the way they are.

So, how is journalism these days?


The AP is whining about it here:

Decline in readers, ads leads hundreds of newspapers to fold

Hundreds of newspapers? You don’t say!

The Wall Street Journal is kvetching about it here:

Facebook Wants to Feed Users More Local News. There Just Isn’t Enough of It. 

One-third of Americans live in a place where the social network can’t find enough local news to feed its aggregator

Facebook is corporate spookery and tyrannical oppression. They can go to hell.

Even the Intercept is losing steam:

The Intercept, a billionaire-funded public charity, cuts back


Because none of it is empirical. I have written about F.R.E.E.D. here and in my last book, an alternative to journalism for a very long time, and there is a publisher who seems to think they can just crib from me. I will not let that happen. I have been knocked about too much already.

But when a profession is corrupt and still thinks it can play the same games, it cannot see the obvious, no matter how hard they try to pretend that nothing is wrong…

Memo to the U of T students: Homework is not a cause of suicidal depression. Shame on you, too.

If you read this website regularly, you know that in 2018, I had ovarian cancer at the same time my mother had colorectal cancer. You also know that prior to that, my grandmother Stanka was dropped by Hamilton paramedics and they caused her amputated leg to burst open, broke her teeth, broke her arm in two places that never healed, and gave her a brain bleed.

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Federal Liberals try to stop the bleed, but this is an opponent who does not play by their rules.

The federal Liberal regime will us the budget tomorrow to bribe Canadian media into silence, which is silly because journalism here collapsed.

Because had it been strong, the Grits would have been in much bigger trouble with more resignations. Don’t kid yourself.

They will be bribing Millennials who always want more; so that will misfire.

Besides, the bribing comes too far away to make any impact. Kathleen Wynne tried that gambit and lost power.

They are trying to prevent Google from exposing their corruption. They have lawyered up.

Michael Wernick fell on his sword.

And the Grits are shutting down any inquiry.

Normally, this heavy clean-up detail would be enough to satisfy the cowardly sheeple into forgetting all the bad things, but this isn’t a normal or domestic assault.

This game is something beyond the Liberals’ ability to contain.

Because things have been getting progressively worse. It began with minor insults and now it is about corruption.

This isn’t a domestic attack because neither the Tories nor the NDP would have chosen the man-child leaders that they did had they had the capability.

And neither do the Grits. That they lost Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott isn’t strategically devastating in that they are both rookie MPs. The loss of Gerald Butts is a little more distressing, but he isn’t a genuine brilliant strategist: he is a hanger-on who knows the trick of latching on to someone in power and then failing upward. This can be embarrassing and a blow to morale, but it isn’t fatal.

What is more troublesome is Wernick’s departure. He has been in the game for almost four decades, regardless of regime. That he couldn’t handle it tells you just how serious this game happens to be.

You lose too many promoted pawns and you are set further back. People get jittery and they aren’t going to stick their necks out for you. The Grits have suffered far bigger losses than what their trying to do will repair.

And this game is far from over. No one is going to keep going after you and then just let go after they seriously weakened you. There are too many skeletons in this regime’s closet because they saw how weak the domestic opposition was and how fawning the press were and thought they could do anything with impunity and considering how many rookies are in this regime, you can imagine all the frat house antics that have been going on.

Except someone else has been keeping score and is slowing dripping problems one by one until there is enough to cause a flood. People are being primed and conditioned to go against the previous narrative about the Prime Minister, and so far, it is working perfectly. His credibility has been seriously damaged, and one or two more strategic airings of reality can make him seem as honest as Olivia Jade…

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There is no more expendable person than one in power...

Ciao, babies!

Warner Bros.’ Kevin Tsujihara is kicked to the curb. Privy Council clerk Michael Wernick must ensure he doesn’t hit the door on his way out, too.

Don’t kid yourself. The wealthier and more famous and/or powerful the person, the more expendable they are. There are no shortage of replacements out there…

Scholarly journal publishers strong arm universities? You don't say, CBC!

I have written about the monopoly problem of academic journals before right here that has been reblogged on Tumblr many times.

But the CBC, always late to get the memo, are just shocked that academic publishers charge exorbitant fees for universities to access their articles — all while people who submit them do it for free.

As if regular media outlets and publishers don’t play the same games.

For example, there are databases with my old articles. I never see a penny if someone bought them.

As a general rule, content providers are not respected, even though without them, there would be nothing to sell.

The problem is structural. For example, in order for me to provide good, quality content, I have to research, interview, and write, meaning that my focus, time, and resources cannot be spent on doing other things, from promotion to lobbying and negotiating.

In academia, it is no different.

We haven’t figured out how to create a system that is not rigged against content providers, but it is time we do…

In an Age of Propaganda, everyone is in a "resistance": even those in the Establishment.

I love this propaganda piece:

New Zealand’s Loss of Innocence

You mean New Zealand’s self-aggrandizing delusions proven to be a sham.

Because people are people.

Here is another piece from the Atlantic:

France’s Yellow Vests Are Rebels Without a Cause

French President Emmanuel Macron is trying to figure out what they want. It’s not an easy task.

No, they have cause. They were promised a bill of goods and the promiser failed to deliver. They are angry for a reason.

Just as Ontario teachers are angry because the new regime isn’t doing things they way they want, but in this case, here is one Establishment group fuming that one higher up the food chain is telling them to tighten their belts:

In protest, classroom teachers began an online campaign over the weekend encouraging each other to wear black on Monday as a symbolic form of resistence.


What are you resisting? Reality? You work in the public sector, you are the ones people resist against.

And really, slacktivism in the form of “wearing black”? I wear black all the time. It doesn’t take effort, except that I have pet hair I perpetually have to clean with a lint roller.

But in an Age of Propaganda, everyone tries to look like the underdog. Even the rich. Even those work work for the government. Anyone who is an underdog who resists is painted as the aggressor and the tyrant.

It doesn’t actually work, however.

It’s a shell game where narrative never quite aligns with reality, but people confuse having a beef with being oppressed.

Here is the memo: Life is hard.

Sometimes you just don’t get your own way.

Next up: dictators whining they are being oppressed by those citizens they are barrelling over with tanks. Get out the hankies…

In an Age of Propaganda, nothing gets solved.

Paris is still pissed.

The news media still keep secrets, they still wonder if they should give facts in their stories, and are still losing jobs like crazy.

And shootings in Hamilton have tripled.

Anything look remotely solvable these days?

They are, but there is a catch.

Drop the propaganda, face reality, and these messes get cleaned up…