Canadian Liberal Regime's Propaganda continues. Exploiting women is an age-old ruse.

The latest photo-op hoping people are morons with short memories.

Journalists are playing the propaganda right to the script, but Canada’s record on women’s rights are appalling.

Let’s ask all those First Nations women how well Canadian women’s rights are working for them.

Or all women who try to report sexual assaults.

Or get murdered by their partners or former partners.

Or the shortage of shelter spaces for battered women.

Or pay inequity.

Or job discrimination.

Oh, and human trafficking.

And forced branding.

We sometimes notice alarming things, do nothing about it, and then ignore it.

I could go on, but I have a life.

This is a smash and grab publicity stunt, hoping it serves as a misdirection, and Rahaf Alqunun has become a propaganda ploy. I wish her luck, and that she can not fall for the exploitation of her.

I know I am not buying what a corrupt regime is selling, but then again, having morals and a working brain has a lot to do with it…

Propaganda and the Jealous Generation: the Right had their Tea Party. Now the Left have their Pity Party.



I am a Kintsugi artist who has taught it to others, and I have people who send me articles about it. I have done it for years as well as Picassiette. I have a fascination with refurbishing the broken to re-invent to be better and more valuable than it was before.

It is not the way of Western thinking. I am someone who can either land on my feet, swim across the shore dig through, or soar. I owe no one a thing, and I expect nothing from others. They cannot take credit for my successes, nor can they dictate the terms of what I can have and how. I am a rare and true independent free spirit. I create opportunities where there are none, and I can read the signs much quicker than most others I have met.

I am not a jealous person, and I am certain part of that reason is that I was an only child. No competition. No sibling rivalry. No unresolved issues.

Being an only child had another influence on me: it made me hyper-aware of the jealousy of people who felt they should have gotten all of their parents’ attention all of the time. Jealousy is an extreme form of selfishness, and it is something I always found very off-putting. I had all of my mom’s and grandmom’s attention, and yet I can easily share attention, a spotlight, and accept that others can do things better than I can. I have my own specialties and talents, but I am not athletic, for instance, and yet I have never begrudged people who were. I have no interest in cooking, and yet I can marvel at those who are extremely good at it. I don’t go around making up lies that people who cook are losers and athletes are just a bunch of stuck-up jerks.

Why would I?

And yet, there are no shortage of people who hate people who are thinner than they are, richer, or more talented in some significant way.

Get over yourself.

You cannot always win. People who do win should be congratulated, not destroyed. People who win and have different ideological ideas than you are also to be congratulated and not called stupid. Don’t be a petty shit.

But the US is in a very jealous vortex and has been for a very long time where we have two jealous and petty squabbling siblings called Left and Right. They are horrid siblings, a gruesome twosome who hate each other because they are terrified one just might Win Forever and Forever Win.

We see traditional media jealously spinning new media negatively because Baby Brother is now the people’s favourite, but it is not just journalists who are petty and vindictive, it’s politicians, too.


When Barack Obama won two elections for president, he should have been congratulated, and people should have gotten on with their lives because a president’s power over the personal is in fact, very limited. You can’t blame the president for the majority of your personal failings. That’s on you. You cannot memorize a little rule and hope the world is static and never evolves. You do have to think and be resourceful.

But the Right during the Obama regime became very jealous of the Left. The Tea Party was the movement where the ignorant and the jealous were sold a bill of goods that everything would be perfect and paradise if that no-goodnik Barack Obama just went away.

Eventually, that movement fizzled because life still sucked even though Obama was no longer the president.

The Left thought they were so cunning and naturally superior that they honestly thought they would be in power forever, except Hillary Clinton was Jeanie to Donald Trump’s Ferris Bueller, they reacted in the same way: they threw epic temper tantrums because they were not really superior or special at all.

And that tantrum behaved no differently than the Tea Party: except you can call it the Pity Party.


The Pity Party are, in essence, Left-wing hicks and hillbillies of the North. They are not cultured in reality, but in jealousy. That’s their space on the ideological plane. The spin is about morals, but it doesn’t wash. It is all about hissies because Billy is mommy’s favourite, and he gets away with making farting noises.

The problem is the Internet makes the Cycles of Discontent that much faster and that much more fierce. When the empty promises collapse faster than you can swipe a smartphone, people will turn on the Pity Party.

We have one knucklehead of the Pity Party promising to impeach the president as if it was a simple affair. How old is she? Five? And how old are the people buying her bullshit story? Two?

And we have the other knucklehead promising to tax the rick 70%. Yeah, good luck with that, motherfucker. If you are historically illiterate here’s the memo: the rich are rich because they can think. They are not going to fund your goobery. They scram for a new place that will be more than happy to have them. You lose all the money that you will burn in five seconds, and you don’t have a host country who will fund you.

And when the two-year-olds throws fits demanding champagne socialism, and you’ve got negative shit to give them, they’ll gladly take it out on you.

Because this is the Jealous Generation: the ones who thought the Internet would make them Forever Rich, Famous, and Right to rub the noses of everyone else of their self-imagined superiority.

It didn’t happen, and now, let’s all feel sorry for ourselves for having to have a fucking job and earn our keep.

People who are members of the Pity Party elevated the hucksters who fed them a bullshit story how everything would be paradise if they made them billionaires.

And they got burned because they are impossible people with no sensibility.

Jealousy does that to your brain.

But they are falling for the same bullshit again, and like before, they will get burned even worse.

Any asshole who buys what the Pity Party is selling so gloriously earns their comeuppance.

For those of us who are not jealous by nature, we make our way through life on our own as we push through those barriers, and make our own path to paradise without falling for the propagandists and war-mongers who make empty promises to the empty heads who are always looking for shortcuts and the promise they are better than those who create their own worlds in their own ways…

What makes a successful protest?






Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 7.05.12 PM.png


Everyone wants to play dress-up these days, as if the cosplay at a comic book convention or Halloween party is the logical place to look for it.

France had the gilets jaunes — the yellow vests. These were readily available and cheap, but it wasn’t the vests that made their country’s leader lose face.

The protestors never relented and they showed they meant business.

They are getting results.

The women on the Left in the US are not successful.

They march with their little hats and costumes, and keep losing ground.


For all the talk, there aren’t actual role models. Wonder Woman was created by a man who had his own little harem.

Peaceful people do not lie. They do not hide their feelings.

But you have to fight and put things on the line.

You must have beliefs and goals.

You invest and do not expect other people to “come around”.

Peace comes when the liars and tyrants understand that there are things not up for negotiation.

The biggest error came when Hillary Clinton ran for president. If there ever was a boneheaded choice, she was it.

If the Left truly meant business, find the angriest and cockiest woman and unleash her. Let her launch her campaign from a battered woman’s shelter.

You don’t take a self-entitled conniver to do a job of a warrior.

Robert F. Kennedy had the right idea. He didn’t pretend.


Do not pretend your life is everyone’s life. Clinton was the clueless limousine liberal who fucked up an easy job.

Because she lived in a fantasy bubble.

She protested nothing.

And that is what she got.

If women in the US want to progress, they have to stop acting like motherfucking fairy princesses playing dress up, and find a new method and madness that gets actual results…

2019 brings a shift in focus.

As I have mentioned before, what is popular on this site and what happens to be my focus are two different things. If I talk about journalism — which is critical — then I don’t get that much traffic.

If I talk about strategy — which is also critical, but not what I am known for — then I get more traffic and more people coming here and staying.

To those of you, thank you.

We can see the in-fighting in journalism. The Wall Street Journal bringing the Washington Post to task for their propaganda.

And it is propaganda. There was a war against journalism, but journalism is no better with their war against democracy. Media stocks are not seeing a lift from their little raging wars, but a tumble, yet it isn’t stopping them in the slightest.

So what does that mean for this website?

Chaser is going to re-invent information dissemination.


A Dangerous Woman is going to continue to do storytelling differently.


But those aren’t the kinds of content I can produce every single day.

I’m bootstrapping, remember?

I am an army of one woman. No staff. No fabulously wealthy benefactors I have to appease.

So as I shift away from the old journalism, I am going to focus on strategy.


And how propaganda and manipulation are misdirecting collective thought away from critical thinking and free will with hate, fear-mongering, and ruses.

I will mention how certain articles are trying to rig thinking.

But also how to expand your options and outcomes with considering options that are hidden and suppressed.

I will be running down various war strategies, and recommend books and articles.

You know mine, but as I have ten Ikea shelves worth of books — and counting — filled with all sorts of reading, this will be your go-to place for it. It will be your reality check when you are tempted to let others do your thinking for you.

With anarchy coming because the Establishment failed to manipulate enough people to vote the way they wanted in 2016, the big guns are all over the place, this is the place that gives you sensibility in an impossibly ill-behaved world.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 9.53.40 PM.png

I already know who is reading me. I might as well give them something to talk about…

When you have those cock-sucking motherfuckers thinking they can bomb people into submission, they should realize not everyone rolls that way.

So, for all the gaslighting, puritanical shaming, and the like, let’s not fall for that bullshit in 2019.

Let those lazy Establishment fuckers earn their keep for once.


The Chaser Solution: Epilogue: おもいやり, baby!


Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 8.18.33 PM.png













Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 9.19.50 PM.png


Omoiyari. What a quaint notion. The idea of altruism. It is a not a notion taught in j-schools, but it is one I abide by because if you are in the business to teach and/or inform, that has to be your guiding motive.

Because knowledge is one of those things you give without losing it yourself.

So long as you understand that it is something without strings attached.

Too bad journalists never learned that lesson.

The Toronto Star never did, judging by this article with the link stating this:

Donald Trump has made at least 3,924 false claims so far in his presidency. The Star's Daniel Dale counted

How many lies did the Canadian PM make? How many did the Star?

How many secrets did the federal regime keep from the public? How many did the Star?

They both had a mutual secret that got exposed recently.

And it is a very treacherous one that is, in fact, scandalous.

But both the Star and the federal Grits are in serious trouble. That magic weed isn’t doing its trick, and the gullible rubes at the Globe and Mail think they know something, but they are morons.

Journalists failure to understand おもいやり has cost them their clout.

A profession thrives and progresses so long as it has innocence and idealism, from education to medicine to journalism.

When you allow psychopaths to infiltrate a noble profession and use sophistry and logical fallacies to cover up their wickedness, the profession becomes corrupt, rotten, and eventually FUBAR.


Canadian journalism is the best example of that rot that turned them into propaganda tools. The CBC doesn’t get it. They are speculating about Trump’s government shut down and how it could backfire. They do not understand military strategy, and hence, don’t see the big picture.

When I wrote OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s war on journalism, I studied The O’Reilly Factor very carefully. I drew maps all over the place. I read every single transcript of the program from the first to the very last one before I could no longer update my book. I broke down his methods and strategies and treated them like military operation plans.


For good measure, I used my Britain’s toy soldiers to recreate five of his most effective gambits, with each soldier representing his arguments.

There was no wonder why he held full control for almost every debate save for one, which I wrote about at length that pretty much came off like this:

But Trump has a natural instinct that surpasses O’Reilly. You cannot interview a couple of “experts” and think you have figured him out.

Because journalists are so isolated from the world, that they have no idea who they are covering. They live in a psychic bubble and have less and less connect with the public.


No おもいやり.

おもいやり requires you to give, not to take.

It requires you to have respect for the past, nurture the present, and be a guardian for the future.

That’s not journalism.

Not anymore.

おもいやり guides me. I feel おもいやり and am grateful that I do.

I see things from the heart. I have emotions that give me as much information as my mind. It gives me the courage to face reality in order to find the truth.

Journalism could have been reinvented and stronger than ever. Instead of seeing problems as puzzles to solve, they decided they were going to brainwash 7.4 billion people and trick them into giving up their free will and liberties. Enough already.

Deal with your own rot first. Write exposés about the wickedness of your own profession. Once you see how far you have sunk, then you’ll understand how you got there and why people walked away from you.

Instead of scaring people, you should be making them brave.

That’s おもいやり.

That’s what is at heart of everything I do in my life, including a little resurrected site called…


The Chaser Solution: Chapter Twelve: Months in a year, hours on a clock, it all comes up to a dozen. We mark time, but never make the most of it.


51 copy.JPG




52 copy.JPG


Petty shits.

Who was worse this week?

The New York Times for publishing family gossip that was unsubstantiated, or NBC for not correcting the record when they knew they were wrong?

Even the Washington Post is cautioning them to be careful of not spreading fake news.

Should anyone care about the Times’ story? I don’t recall too many modern presidents being soldiers or enlisting. They still got voted in. Canadian universities still have those Left-wing American draft dodgers as professors, and no one is getting upset about that.

The same people who were marching in anti-war protests are bitching about someone who didn’t fight a war? You assholes didn’t, either; so just shut the fuck up.

The middle class don’t care about much.

Not even if the news has no connect to reality.

Take CBC here in Canada. They puke bullshit how the Canadian economy was “resilient” in 2018, but for whom? We had a lot of stores closing. We had factories closing.

We have a homeless crisis, and in traditionally middle class safe havens such as the Golden Horseshoe. Real estate is rapidly cooling off, and household debt is at very bad levels. We have an opioid crisis, and that’s not a sign of prosperity.

Yet like a dubbed foreign film, the voice over doesn’t ever match up with the moving lips.


So what’s going on?

On the one hand, it is a confirmation bias: choose a self-serving narrative, and look for evidence that supports your narrative as you ignore evidence that refutes it. In the US, the press is anti-Trump all the time. It is pure insanity because they had power to be kingmakers until the day they weren’t. They are mad at him for showing them the reality of their situation.

They should have been grateful.

They should have seen what happened and how to re-invent their profession. Instead, they veered into rank propaganda and haven’t stopped as their fortunes go further down.

They hate Trump. They also hate Facebook for the same reason. They hate “populism” — again, for the same reason. They got mad at poor people for expressing themselves, using social media to do it, and voting for the only candidate that spoke to them during the election.

Once upon a time, journalists wouldn’t be hating those people: they would be writing about them and speaking to them, but then they got full of themselves and got lost in narcissistic fantasy.

You used to inform these same people. You used to publish their letters to the editor. You used to get outraged when they got hurt in life, and the Establishment tried to screw them over.

What happened to those people? Where did you go wrong?

In Canada, the press betrayed the people, but in a different way: they lied to them, but are lulling them into thinking things are better than they actually are. They mimic Soviet-style propaganda where the news told citizens how great the economy was, and it was in the toilet. People laughed at the news because it was bullshit and they knew it.

They believed it for a while, until they imploded. Regions broke away, and the fragmentation spelled the end of that system of governance.

It happened to the Soviet Union. It happened to Yugoslavia.

Would it happen to Canada? It depends how badly things go. Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta would leave. Toronto would, too. The US would greatly benefit because they could gain access to natural resources easily and quietly. It is not as if Canada would be a match for the US, but why do it loudly, when you can do the same thing silently without fuss?

But Canada was always an impossible country: it is too big with too few people spread out too far apart.

What holds them together? Fairy tales.

The kicker is that if this country could face reality, it would leave other countries in the dust.


The US is in the same position. There is nothing wrong with their president. He is no worse than his predecessor. You cannot fault Donald Trump for seeing reality that you can win a presidency by stumping and going directly to the people in person — and by using Twitter. Kudos to him.

He exposed that the media has no teeth. They have been gumming at him for so long that you’d think they’d get tired of their own temper tantrum.

The press should have just stood back and saw their own arrogant and oblivious childishness.

I remember talking to one US reporter about Trump before November 2016. He thought Clinton would win it. I said no way. He was absolutely certain, citing polls. I said look at the polls for Brexit, and even for Toronto’s mayoralty race where Rob Ford handily won. He said it was an apples to oranges comparison. I said it was apples to apples.

Trump won.

I could see what Trump saw: a dead media. The model was no longer aligned with reality. If the strongest of the media — the US — couldn’t do it, then neither could anyone else. People can get offended all they want, but no other country had the journalistic muscle saved for the UK. They are having the same problems, and there is no relief in sight.

And what you have is a hamster wheel that marks nothing.

What you don’t have is news anymore. North, East, West, South.

No one minding the times. No one minding the place.

For example, child exploitation is a serious problem in Canada. So is human trafficking. We have a serious problem with First Nations women vanishing and being murdered. Lots of child pornography and prostitution going on here.

And the laws here are a joke.

With a press that aids and abets these people.

And in the US, the hate on Trump is so out of control that the US will pay for it for decades to come because no one is paying attention at the things that are actually important.

How many people can live well? How many people die needlessly?

What are the dangers?

That’s news.

It is not a fairytale. It is not campfire story.

It is a clock. It is a compass.

You know where you are right now and where things are going?

When you know, you are F.R.E.E.D.

What should you be going after?

That’s Chaser.

The strength isn’t in the One.

It is in the Infinite.


And, darlings, that is your message to ponder very carefully, courtesy of…


Canada doesn't have a functional press, but they don't have a functional federal regime, either. Welcome to Anarchy.

The federal Liberals must be in bigger disarray then they let on, meaning their internal polling must actually hint at defeat at this point. Denying the connection between the arrests of Canadians in China to our regime’s boneheaded arrest of one of their corporate darlings isn’t actually a smart strategy, but neither is trying to bullshit spin this as China arresting people at random, which makes zero sense and is a disrespectful tone to take with a now adversary. The Chinese regime are strategically targeting knowledgeable people that they can squeeze for intelligence in order to find more weaknesses in Canada’s armour to form a second, and more painful wave of political and economic attack. This dark turn does not bode well for the Grits.

Neither does floating around the electoral bribing with Basic Income, which doesn’t work. The bribe – and it is a brazen bribe – acknowledges that the employment scene in this country is weak and there is no solution forthcoming. It is an admission that there are no jobs for those who got hit by US tariffs and Saudi rage, and now Chinese rage.

It won’t work for two other reasons: one, people who have lost their jobs in this latest mess had high-paying ones with big benefits. The money they will receive from the feds will not even cover their mortgages. If the move is to assure those people, they are not going to be grateful: they will be enraged, and that works for the Conservatives as the Right are experts in harnessing electoral humiliation and rage to win seats.

The other reason is for those who are already poor and would get a lift from Basic Income, they are going to get greedy and entitled – and then start looking at the NDP – the same way Ontario did during the last election. Basic Income was a Liberal strategy, and Kathleen Wynne went too far Left, energizing, then radicalizing the awakened NDP base, who were more than happy to promise bigger money giveaways. Andrea Horwath came off as a game show hostess for the Price is Right more than an actual politician. No one cared what the Grits in Ontario promised: they just figured the NDP will price match and then give more free money in the bargain.

That means this current federal regime is clueless. They have no idea who is their base. The Liberals are usually known for being The Government Party because they understand the bland and dickless mindset of the Middle Class who follow a Zero Risk playbook. The Grits, when they are done right, so to speak, look like the headless mannequins at the Men’s Department at the Bay: they are non-offensive as they project a semi-dignified, somewhat cheesy, but non-threatening buffet of goodies to their voters that is not too tacky, passé, low-class, or out of their budget. Trudeau Senior did a lot of chest-thumping, but his policies were merely a little more daring Anglo-Franco fusion of middle class-appealing offerings presented with a little more panache that was quite the global fad in the day. He brought in a little bit of a more international flair, but he never strayed too far from the Middle-Class base. He added some more colour and texture to the ambiance, but it was always about “rights” and what people were going to get; he never made them anxious by bringing up “responsibilities” of what they owe others and their regime.

Jean Chretien was the last federal Liberal leader who got the recipe book. Paul Martin was too fixated on “avenging” his dad to get the finer nuances – and while knowing how to calculate who is owed what as you settle debts makes for a great finance minister, it makes for a poor prime minister. That singular personal vendetta focus was too grim and off-putting to the Middle Class who honestly think it is all about them and maintaining an acceptably perky façade. Then back-to-back numbskulls Stéphane Dion and Michael Ignatieff were too in love with their own sophistry-laden thoughts to see reality, and their selfish and disconnected ways made serious damage to the Liberal brand, as the then-Jack Layton (he is #29 on the List of People Everyone Should Know) NDPs had their glorious Orange Crush and became the official opposition.

Layton was dying, but he was unleashed as he worked and fought with passion, even if it meant he was hastening his own demise, and understood what the Liberals had forgotten.

That he knew he’d never reap the rewards of his efforts made him a beloved altruist, and that subversive, yet true heroic act put the Grits to absolute shame. Their healthy leader didn’t get what the NDP’s dying one did. The charmingly roguish Layton transmuted into a political Terry Fox, and the Liberals couldn’t compete with that singular beautiful and moving legacy of benevolent gravitas who had every reason not to care anymore, but did with every grain of his being. That quality is beyond rare, and yet Layton personified it perfectly. Layton moved into the eye of emotionality and took those elements to create something bigger than himself for others, while the now misnamed Grits kept moving away from those raw emotions to keep them at arms’ length as they tried to create an impenetrable fortress where they could haughtily rule forever without having to bother with pesky things such as facts or debate.

The federal Liberals’ deserved defeat should have put the Grits on notice. Layton tapped into something unspoken, yet important, but instead of learning the importance of what they were now missing in a leader, the Grits got their little noses out of joint, and took a very different – and opposite track, all while trying to spin a narrative with a product that did not fit the goods, hoping no one would notice the ideological cribbing as the Grits co-opted Layton’s message, but have it spewed from someone who had none of the gravitas.

Hence, strutted in JT, the Jive Turkey, who has no idea what’s going on, but has the air of a sheltered rich and entitled kid who slums it by hanging around street corners of middle-class neighbourhoods because the overworked and underpaid nanny finally says fuck it. But being conniving isn’t the same as being cunning. Worse, the reasons he got elected were shallow: Canadians like nepotistic leaders, mistakenly seeing them as acceptable and respectable luxury brand items; he was youngish and average-looking, like your typical middle manager at some Toronto advertising company, not harsh or wrinkly; and he was vain, but not in a too off-putting way. At least he was willing to take selfies with Canadians with a smile, and not just mug all by himself with a fishy face; hence, seeming accessible and not too insane, nor intellectually intimidating to an average middle-class person.

He had enough novelty to gain attention and seem trendy, but was familiar enough not to threaten the middle-class narrative of themselves that new high-rise condo ads have perfected with overly-processed and sexually ambiguous twentysomethings with gummy grimaces holding a glass of champagne in tacky Winners’ dresses and Bay suits having a cocktail party in their chrome-themed kitchen, which apparently is the swankiest room for entertainment purposes in a middle-class family high-rise condo.

Stephen Harper was camera-shy, stiff, not a gummy smiler who holds cocktail parties in his kitchen, a little too smart for his own good, and a wonk – in the cosmetic comparison, Trudeau won the best cocktail party in your kitchen contest by default, and that’s all that mattered.

Those few camera angles clinched the victory as did having homely veterans behind the scenes do all of the work, but the promise to legalize weed – so that no softcore rebellious dumbass middle-class kid caught smoking in the boys’ room was going to have an arrest record to shame the parents and drain their bank accounts so they couldn’t go on another bragworthy winter vacation to Seaworld – was the failsafe. The free baby-money didn’t actually get those traditional non-voters to the polling stations, but it seemed as if it did. The latter promise would prove to be trouble later on.

That means Trudeau took a gamble, was completely dependent on the circumstances, and the roulette wheel landed on his number, and in cases of beginner’s luck, he misread the signs, thinking he was cunning enough to win something that mattered.

But everything hinged on having a Democrat in the White House in the US. Everything, and that’s why the Grits went into big-ass debt the second they took office, and they gambled big on the roulette wheel, betting money they didn’t have thinking they had a sure thing and were being bold on a safe bet. Every plan was based on the calculation that Hillary Clinton was going to win in 2016, and there was no way that she could. Only someone who isn’t a realist would have thought she had a chance, and like Clinton who had no concession speech planned, the Grits had no other plan should the inevitable happen.

And there was absolutely not only no Plan B, the Grits never revised the plan once Trump won, nor when he let the world know what he thought of us. They stuck to a script that didn’t apply to reality, either being too lazy, stupid, arrogant – or all three – to lose the cursed script and use their brain cells. They still don’t get that their TORTEE script is situational, and not universal.

But the disconnect was costly as it broke a global spell, and it no longer matters what happens in the US, even if Mike Pence were to assume the presidency. Canada was always seen as a satellite of the US who had the Americans’ ear. We were the indirect backdoor should the US have a particularly tough bouncer at the front door. We were once the “sure thing.”

Until that theory was flushed down the toilet. Then all bets were off. One slip up proves that there are exceptions to the TORTEE, and that’s a fatal error.

Now that there is a risk that the route isn’t secure, we saw our fortunes rapidly eroding. The powerful countries that once indulged us are now cutting their losses. They have no reason to bother with us anymore, and are looking for any pretence to do it, while the Grits keep helpfully obliging.

Until Trudeau won, we were US-lite, or Diet America. We were the diffusion label of the haute couture luxury brand known as the United States of America. Once the A-list line repudiated the B-list, we were seriously fucked. The sky isn’t going to fall, but the ground eroded, and the bottom line is the only thing that counts.

And yet, we have a regime behave as if none of this is happening, making the situation worse, and now alienating province after province in the bargain.

This reminds me a lot of Clinton’s sorry excuses for losing the election: blaming Russians (external) and Comey (internal) for her loss. Asshole, do you think the external and internal machinations magically stop once you are president? What kind of dumbass motherfuckery are you puking, you moron? Memo to Clinton: that was part of the final exam, and you failed. You have to show voters that you eat those vipers for breakfast in the real world, and then use their bones to make your crown, and mace that looks suspiciously like a sex toy. Grow up, you worthless idiot, and grow a pair of ovaries.

And now we have a prime minister who can handle neither externals nor internals. So, what are you good for?

Now, at this point of the game, you have to fully admit to fucking up. Everyone can compare Canada pre-Jive Turkey to now, and do the math. There are too many minus signs and the equals sign is right around the corner with no plus sign in sight.

Trump-bashing doesn’t do anything. Minions bad-mouth their overlords all the time. They still are minions and their overlord is still their overlord.

You still have bupkes.

Once you own your mistakes, ironically, you are no longer saddled with them. Your problems no longer own you. You own them, and you can do with them whatever you want. You can fix them, throw them away, whatever. You have control.

If I don’t own something, I cannot alter it or get rid of it.

I am stuck with baggage that I cannot touch. I call dibs on them, they are mine.

At this stage of the game, if the Grits were intellectually competent, they’d re-invent everything.

But as their narrative is that they do not possess any Responsibility nor Flaw, they have to stick with their course with their worthless script, no matter how far down into Hell they drag this country.

And this is basic math: if you have 0, you have nothing to plug into any equation.

And the Grits have nothing but ideas they are stealing from the NDP, thinking that free baby money worked the last time for them. However, Wynne did this brazenly to the perpetual chagrin of Horwath, but she did it so many times that all she managed to do was energize the Left’s base, and the Grits were always Centrists. It was a big tactical mistake to leave the centre core because they had no competition there, and now they had a bigger brand that could best them because the Centrists look too bland to the Leftists. Wynne gave Liberal votes to the NDP, sinking their chances at re-election. It is like a burger joint trying to compete with a pizza parlour by getting rid of the food they have perfected and then going for something they have little expertise in creating what their rivals have mastered and already have the base who are loyal to them. The outcome was a foregone conclusion.

The troubles for the Grits didn’t end there. The people on the Right got radicalized, and weren’t going to stand for their tax money to be wasted on their rivals, and you cannot actually blame them – so they got a more Rightist option – far harder right than the pantywaist they conveniently turfed out – and Doug Ford won a majority, something no one in the Grit’s war room foresaw. This was the expensive steak house, and it’s there for people who don’t want pizza or a lower grade of meat with filler bread crumbs.

And instead of learning from Wynne’s debacle – her federal cronies picked up her playbook and are now using it because they have no Plan B, no vision of the future, no momentum, no follow-up policies, and no possession of the troubles they created.

All the federal NDP have to do at this stage is vow to out-bid the Grits: whatever the Grits offer, the NDP can promise to triple it. The Grits will put all of it on the table, and once that happens, people will comparison shop. You don’t go to the Red store or the Blue store for the things the Orange store is famous for carrying. The End.

This is truly unprecedented in Canadian politics that a reigning federal Liberal regime is floundering that badly given the lack of competition, majority status, and that they are only one term into the game. The Liberals are the centrist option, not the leftist; they are not going to co-opt the NDP votes; they are merely giving free advertising to them, as the subtext is that they are conceding that the NDP were correct all along, and the Grits were wrong. Wynne proved it in the last provincial election.

Under any other circumstances, there should be a second arc to the federal Grits’ political narrative.

Except there isn’t, and there should have been hints of it by now.

There isn’t because this clownish regime – which pretended they learned from their defeat at the hands of Jack Layton was an out-and-out lie. It is the same sophistry and the same fortresses with less intellect guiding the party. It would be one thing if the Grits crashed and burned, but they are taking the Middle Class down right along with them, just as their American counterparts are doing on their own turf. Once the Middle Class get burned by their own TORTEE, the humiliation of the new rule burns deep, and they never forgive or give a second chance. Ask the Bob Rae NDPs.

This is a regime that has no control of anything and are flying by the seat of their pants. Their strategy has been an unstable mix of trying to out-NDP the NDP, or tweak Doug Ford who has a loyal base no matter what bullshit the Toronto Star rage pukes about him. That’s no fucking strategy: that’s shit a slacker student thinks up while stoned. The Grits are banking on the lack of competition and counting on the complacency of Canadians to be in equal denial of what’s going down all while thinking that Trump will go away and everything will be reset as the time machine brings us back to October 2016.

Normally, that would be sufficient, except the list of nations retaliating against us keeps growing. The Grits didn’t contain it at Trump; so now it no longer matters what the US does. That ship has sailed.

And we are running out of options and cards to play. The US can live without us. They will either recover in 2019 or crash – and the latter is going to be worse for us than the former because Trump is going to punish the Democrats like they have never felt before, setting off a major depression to seriously weaken them, and starving them of spoiled dilettante deep pockets who will be too busy warding off financial ruin to meddle in political affairs. He knows where their bodies are buried, and has said as much. This turn in the Go game was more than obvious. So, if Trump keeps playing Go with Canada, we drown slowly, but if you finally bring in an able Go player into the fold, you can start to pave a new path away from the game board on our own terms with some resources untouched and still viable. If the US hits a recession with Trump fighting off impeachment – and he has proven time and again to thrive in that sort of impossible chaos, then we go down fast with no time to form a counter-plan to ward off our own catastrophes as the board explodes, and make no mistake: the board was rigged to explode in order to alter the game.

Even if the Democrats were to take pity on us, they are too busy actively destroying their own democracy to settle a petty and treasonous vendetta, pissing away their own resources and goodwill to be of any use to their own citizens, let alone foreigners. They are not cunning because they were hijacked by spoiled and indulged limousine liberals and champagne socialists who have no comprehension of reality or benevolence; they are selfish, greedy, manipulative, egotistical, hypocritical, and disrespectful control freaks who just want a bottomless pit to exploit just for themselves, and those leeches have no intention of contributing one grain or pay their own way. They always frame people who do not give in to their tantrum demands as evil and immoral, but I have yet to see one who talks about what they should be giving others or what they owe. That is the classic misdirection of a gaslighting psychopath, and that is all you need to know.

It was an ill-omen when Trudeau Junior disrespectfully sashayed into India, making a mockery of their culture for his own prolonged demented vanity show, then made a diplomatic mess by inviting their enemy, falsely pinning it on the nation he offended – and then came home with nothing to show for the troubles. Honestly, you do not have to wear a dress to be sympathetic to feminists, or a priest’s frock to show religious tolerance; ergo, leave the national cultural garb to those who own them. Stay away from their closet and just broker a fucking deal. That spectacle was the harbinger for more serious missteps mere weeks and months later.

The Saudis will not forgive. Neither will the Chinese. You cannot look down on countries whose racial make-up is not the same as yours, patronize them as you issue them orders as if they were your indentured servants, and then expect a different outcome when their power is greater than yours, and that’s precisely what the Grits did, never learning from the India debacle. The allies, satellites, and dependents of those nations are not going to rock the boat on our behalf, either.

Folksy, middle-class logic dictates that some hero will come in, fix the problems to our own exacting demands, everything will then work out in the end, and we will win because we are “the good guys” and good guys always win. However, this isn’t a fairy tale. This is a crisis.

I don’t take much stock in polls, but there are too many fires burning, and a regime that insists those infernos are grand and glorious.

The election is too far away to call it, but at the rate this country is going, Canada is in for a very wild and rough ride ahead with a perfect person for them to blame for all of it: the jive turkey they voted in because he seemed safe and nonthreatening to their reality, narrative, and way of life…

The State of this Website, 2018.

The number of hits here is much higher than I was when I was using WordPress.

The readership is modest, but steady, and growing. It is a step in the right direction.

So in the beginning of the year, the domain name was DangerousWoman.Org.

Now it is, a domain name I had over a decade ago, but let it lapse, lost it, and recently got it back.

I had a very bad year.


I mean, just terrible, horrible, no good, very bad.

It is getting better, but yesterday was a real bitch, and today is not that much better.


Yes, I am a saint.

And it drives my enemies crazy.

But even though the last two days were nasty, I had great news, too.

And it is the first time in a long time where there was great news at all.

Even by random chance, there should have been some good with the bad, but it was bad, bad, bad, and then horrific.

And then even worse.

Saint Alexandra, indeed.

But enough about those cryptic comments, let's discuss this site, and what how it has evolved.

The most popular posts, strangely enough, have no or little mention of journalism, which may surprise you.

Or not, since journalism is off the rails.

It is all the ones about war strategy.

From Sun Tzu to Saul Alinsky, the bulk of hits comes from those entries, but by a ridiculously wide margin, and it surprises me because I am known for writing about journalism, and not war strategy.

Then the Who is She? section, The List of People Everyone Should Know, and then A Dangerous Woman’s Manifesto.

If I were to switch course, drop the journalism talk altogether, and stuck to war strategy, I would probably see the numbers I had in my Chaser heyday, if not better. It is that much of a difference. It certainly gives me something to think about.

I put all of my current short fiction here as well as Ello, but my Ello numbers are far more robust in that category.

I do have people who come here just for the fiction; so I will continue to post them here as well as well as offer them in ePub format through Amazon and Kindle, which has other offerings as well.

So as I am weaving in Chaser and A Dangerous Woman, I have to come to grips with the fact that talking about journalism isn’t working as well. I should just flat-out do F.R.E.E.D. and show, not tell.

That just leaves my artistic endeavours. I want to bring back Cavewoman Graffiti. I used to draw it with a Sharpie (no sketching), scan it on the computer, upload it to my tablet or phone, and then tweak it with software before posting it.


I used to post them to Ello, but I am thinking of bringing it here — hairy legs and all.

I want to get back to my other arts and my music — yes, I do music, but as you might guess, my music is eccentric as I love the theremin.

I used to play the lefthander’s tuba, but so far, I am having a hard-time finding a tuba for lefties.

I want a snazzy one, too.

I would like to resume podcasting and start videos here.

But that needs to be rolled out, and done so with a firm plan. I want this site to be an entire experience.

When I did Chaser a decade ago, I tried to team-up with European researchers who were experimenting with AI, and I wanted to have a blog run on AI and not be a linear scroll. It didn’t work out, but now I can see that I don’t actually need to do it because there is another way to achieve it without it.

So 2018 brought many elements. I gathered all of the elements I want and need. It is now just a matter of putting them together.

I have been distracted, and some of that is on me. If 2018 had standout lessons for me, it is that you can be too responsible and honourable. Sometimes, the answer isn’t “no”, but an eloquent, “Fuck you.”

So I doubt that the 2019 version will have any resemblance to what I have going right now.

This entry is one of my proudest moments, and the writing, subject, analysis and content have nothing to do with it, and then this one for the same reasons.

So there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

Chaser used to be a cocktail party for the intellectual badasses with great taste in music. is the culmination of a lot of deep and relentless soul-searching.

And I am lit about that, darlings…more tea to spill about it all later!

Why do mainstream media outlets keep insisting that women be victims?

The Atlantic is true propagandistic dreck, and this article is vile:

The New Authoritarians Are Waging War on Women

Donald Trump’s ideological cousins around the world want to reverse the feminist gains of recent decades.

First of all, stop pretending other countries needed Trump to be sexist. Are you really that stupid?

You woman-hating manipulators are so full of shit.

Women have to realize the fight never ends. You get complacent, and you pose as a weak spot to overtake.

It doesn’t matter what is your gender, race, or whatever, you get too comfy, and someone will see you ripe for picking.

You have to fight like a demon in hell for your paradise. You watched Kardashians instead of your local city hall meetings? Fuck you, you worthless dumbass.

You made fishy face selfies on Instagram? You moronic piece of shit. There were more important things to do than imply on Facebook that your cupcake recipe is better than anyone else’s.

Men are in power because they never rest.

As in, ever.

Because someone else can overtake them.

So keep that in mind and at heart.

Set your priorities and do the damn fighting yourself.

Do not expect some They to come rescuing you.

But should you be focussed on what’s on sale at Marshall’s or what quackery you wish you could order online on Goop, and people who do not give one flying fuck about money-sinking garbage start taking away your paltry rights, do not do this:


Because that just makes you a loser who indulges in cosplay and passivity because what does that bullshit accomplish?

Who is going to take a buffoon like that seriously? What kind of opposition is that?

Learn what works.


You pull shit like that, and you will make an energetic and eloquent fuck you to the Man.

You don’t have to say a word. You can be silent, but still mean business.

When women learn to make damage to show they mean business, their rights will firm up real fast.

You don’t dress up like a clown and expect someone in power to say, “Gracious, look at those women dressed like gaudy Amish. I have completely changed my ways and mind, and will now do all of the work and give them lots of rights because they are just standing around wearing a cheap costume.”

You didn’t vote for that motherfucker and he still won the election.

Do the math.

And stop being passive and allowing propaganda like The Atlantic to frighten and manipulate you.

They are no better than Trump. They are just trying to find some sort of coalition to gain power.

Because that’s what men in power do.

Your choice is to either be proactive or be a warrior who means business. If you can’t live in peace and have a place to call your own, then you have to put everything on the line and make sure your oppressor doesn’t have it, either.

That is the reason I believe in the nonviolent proactive option. You have to cut things off at the pass. Women should have founded their political parties by now.

And you can never be predictable.

The sooner women start using a new approach to their age-old problem, the faster their problem will be solved. If you want control, then you have to fight for control. You can’t shame people into giving it to you, and you can’t give a flying fuck what they think and waste time arguing with them. It is all about action.

If the legal system doesn’t give you justice, you create your own legal system. If the political party isn’t pushing your agenda, make your own. If businesses aren’t promoting enough women, boycott them and reward the ones that do.

The first question women need to ask is, What’s in it for me?

How will you benefit? If you don’t, then it is time to put out the ultimatum: if there is nothing in it for me, then there will be nothing in it for you, either.

No votes, nothing.

No symbolic bullshit. What is the tangibles in it for you?

Once the collective grasps that these sexist games would vanish, there would be no stopping women.

But so long as they wallow and allow their voices to be co-opted by partisan propaganda, things can never get better…

The "Harvey Weinstein" Strategy: Everyone is lying! Really? A vast politically-correct conspiracy?

The “All Victims Are Lying!” defence is a really bad one, but Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer is using that gambit.

It is a desperate one that hinges on a mindset that is no longer in mainstream play.

And this is not the first time in history that it was a defence that backfired.

I will be writing about such a case soon enough for Chaser. Suffice to say the case I will be writing about was well-known, and in the decades since, not a single witness recanted or was challenged in her testimony. The balance of power was grossly unequal then as it is now — even more so — but in the end, the jury sided with the dispossessed females who took the stand.

The smearing of victims before the trial is mostly likely meant to taint the jury pool and set a narrative rigged to favour Weinstein, but these days, it is more likely to condemn him than give him a “get out of jail free” card…

The Chaser Dilemma, Part Three: A little F.R.E.E.D. would have gone a long way. But there is always another path if you choose to take another step.

Chaser News had an ongoing story about this missing woman on the right who turned up at a rally, but no one at the rally seemed to know the truth about her.


I found out a lot about her that other people missed. Someone who was supposedly out of her life knew a critical, but hidden detail (hidden from even me) that could only be known if the person had contact with her after the night she vanished.

There were sightings of her, once at a bookstore. I interviewed that person, the photographer of that fateful picture, her mother and brother, former classmates, people who had been at the rally, and a former boyfriend.

It was a slow, long-form piece, but when your operating budget is next to zero, you can go so far.

Nevertheless I got much further ahead than one would expect of someone who was doing a full-time investigation on her own dime.

But even so, I should have realized that the traditional methods of journalism were too clunky. Of course it is very expensive to do it: I am going about it in an inefficient way.

I will pick up this story again once I get to the F.R.E.E.D. part of Chaser.

And let’s see if we can’t resolve this one this time…

Harvey Weinstein and a narrative that keeps tripping victims in court. When we the courts understand the psychology of abuse?

Harvey Weinstein is out to save his miserable ass from jail. He is whining about how hard he has had it, as he tries to besmirch the woman who accused him of sexual assault.

As a strategy, it could work, but it shouldn’t.

Jian Ghomeshi got off the hook because the women he beat responded to him, and he kept those emails as an insurance policy.

Weinstein seems to be using a similar strategy.

Just because someone you abused has any kind of contact with you after the fact, doesn’t mean the assault didn’t happen or wasn’t an assault.

Let us remember one crucial fact: there have been abusive men who killed their wives, and they do not get off the hook for the murder just because the woman stayed with him.

Women go back to abusers. They often keep dating them, marrying them, having children with them, and pleading to police not to take their abuser away.

The “Marry-your-rapist” laws have been around for a long time in various places. We glorified it for decades, especially Hollywood.


We are consistent with our messages. We really don’t take the psychology of abuse when it comes to these issues. Young women get abused, blame themselves, go back, and often end up in a pine box. When it gets to that extreme, then we get 48 Hours or Dateline NBC to chronicle what a horrible man the killer was for being so abusive as he gets a life sentence.

If he doesn’t go that far, then we blame the woman, as the judge lets him go free.

We have enough academic literature out there to have an educated guess how the dynamics of abuse work.

It would be a very good time to confront it and start making the most of it…

The Cut gets ageist, sexist and racist, then scrubs the evidence.

The Cut did something very, very bad: they made a decree, without a single fact to back it up that a successful actress who is not American married a successful US celebrity for her fame, and defamed her, calling her a “global scam artist.”

Not surprisingly, people got very angry, and the Cut deleted the article, but the updated one before the deletion can be found here.

But their excuse for maligning both Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas is very clinical and terse:

Upon further editorial review, we found this story did not meet our standards. We’ve removed it and apologize.

There were no facts. Just an assumption that American men are stupid and gullible, and Indian women are conniving and wicked.

Was the article racist? To an extreme. Was it sexist? To an extreme. If you are going to make those kinds of accusations, you do have to have lots of facts backing it up.

Les Moonves, for example, has been accused of extremist actions that would have been offensive to utter without proof — but with evidence, it is a completely different matter. That people who know Chopra well are infuriated speaks volumes to the chances that the piece had fuck all to it.

The article was vile. Had Jonas been the older one in the dynamic, no one would have said it; so it was also ageist. It picked on every one of Chopra’s personal attributes, and that is truly shocking.

And then they scrubbed the evidence, which, I don’t agree with at all: you are not undoing any of the damage, but hiding your own sins, hoping people will forget, and that is tantamount to a lie.

Chopra and Jonas can stand up for themselves, but that something like this hate piece can be published in a mainstream publication is mystifying…

The strange world of Reality Deniers.

I find Truthout to be very silly.

Here they are slagging a dead president in an article, and then beg for money because fewer people are reading their slagging.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 12.11.29 AM.png

You are not “independent news.” You are Left-wing propaganda, and it costs no money to say something easy like George 41 was an Establishment president. Duh.

But welcome to the world of the Reality Deniers who do not know what is real and what is fake.


They think they know, but they always run to the lie.


I had my fill as a teenager of the lies of the press, and I said enough.


People treat Reality Deniers with kid gloves, lest the snowflakes are inconvenienced.

Never mind the kind of hell the rest of the world endures in the name of protecting a few psychopathic and manipulative cowards.

The fortresses Reality Deniers have created are huge and thick, but they are built on lies.

They rigged the battleground, and then covered up the battleground with distorting mirrors.

Enough is enough.

It is time to uncover the battleground, and show the rigs, but not in the old ways that no longer work.

The Reality Deniers are getting brazen, thinking they can just do whatever they wish. See drunk drivers ride around, and one police department want to shame them because nothing else is working.

Because Reality Deniers are allowed to throw tantrums, feign victimhood, misdirect by villainizing people who they destroy, and rig laws to work in their favour.

But there is another method to dealing with Reality Deniers.

And it is more than just exposing them.

It is turning over their own rules, and being the Nightmare of Reality.

But not in the traditional way that journalism once did.

That doesn’t work because that profession got infected with Reality Deniers, and fucked up the profession.

So, there comes a time when you have to get the joke, and find the right mindset to deal with those cowards and liars.

And turn the world into a laboratory, and a stage.

That’s what I intend to do.

And that is your message from…


The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Forty-Five: I was a girl scientist doing strange things in the name of science. I still do the outrageous, but in the name of truth.

When I was a little girl, I was precocious.


I skipped grades. I was in my high school’s gifted program. I won awards.

I was also very much into science, even as a toddler.

I was a girl scientist and girl inventor, and I did very strange things in the name of science.

I poured orange juice into the television set to see what would happen (it makes a popping sound before it explodes and black smoke comes out of it). That experiment was a failure.

But I had many successes. I took apart the stereo, fixed it, and put it back together working better than before as a kid in grade school with no help.

I still got punished for it, but it went down as a victory in my science journal.

I made little contraptions. Some worked, some really didn’t work, and some really, really did not work as intended.

When I hit university, the nature of my experiments radically changed from basically engineering to psychology.

Experimental psychology opened up a whole new world for me, and suddenly, I found myself doing a very different kind of science.

I still conducted outrageous experiments. At first, to test whatever theories I was learning in my classes, but then when I got a hang of it, I invented my own.

No one ever knew it or figured it out. Not the quiet ones, and not the surreal eccentric ones.

Then came the civil war in the former Yugoslavia, and I decided to put my peculiar talent to good use by conducting experiments as a journalist.

Those were instructive beyond my most optimistic expectations, but sometimes I pushed the limits, like the time I struck up a conversation with a Secret Service Agent when then Vice President Dick Cheney was giving a speech in Toronto to journalists.

I thought someone was going to have to bail my ass out of some sort of secret jail, but the shocked and jittery agent indulged my questions without overt incident.

That is how far I was willing to go to find out the reality of a situation, and my books are empirically solid enough to be used in academia and have been repeatedly.

When I began Chaser News the first time, I upped the outrageous factor of my online experiments, and found out a lot more about people than I had ever expected.

Then when I stopped Chaser, life focussed my energies on far more serious matters, and I had no time or mindset for them.

Until 2018 and then my life was thrown into a place below hell, and then suddenly, those old ideas transmuted and came roaring back with a vengeance.

So I started conducting even more outrageous, but empirically sound experiments. From tweaking noses of social media moderators by creating such a tangle of fine lines to make a spider’s web and see their increasingly angry responses as they have no clue how much I am tweaking their noses just to see how much Big Brother information that have on me as their user (throwing bricks to get jades, kids — and you would be shocked how even dinky little sites have big data on you), to other more subversive experiments, I am gathering data, and the Internet allows it on a global scale, but I am not lying, hacking, cheating, or stealing.

I am just doing something small, subtle, and peculiar.

My latest invention is something I dub mind wild: mix in Mission: Impossible, experimental psychology, culture jamming, Candid camera, military strategy, Spy magazine, and Just for Laughs Gags.


Chaser is going to be hard news, but by the summer, it will be hard news with a twist. The F.R.E.E.D. will be added to this blend by the fall, and it will not be like anything you have seen before.

It will be scientific. It will find new information.

What it won’t be is the same old way of doing news. While the old ways of academia try to observe, but can never really get it, Chaser jumps into the eye of the storm to do something to turn over every rule to break them.

The girl scientist grew up to be an inventor of an alternative to the way we have been doing journalism, and she is excited…

Michelle Obama knocks Sheryl Sandberg. The typical female catfight snorefest rages on.

Michelle Obama got calculatedly petty and catty at Sheryl Sandberg because the Leftie Mean Girls on the playground are apparently jealous:

At Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, on Saturday, a very candid former first lady weighed in on whether she believes women can "have it all." Speaking off the cuff, Michelle Obama explained why "leaning in" doesn't actually work, and she caught a lot of attention for it across the internet.

“Marriage still ain’t equal, y'all,” Michelle told the crowd, which had gathered for a sold-out stop on her book tour, according to Vanity Fair. "It ain’t equal. I tell women that whole ‘you can have it all’ — mmm, nope, not at the same time, that’s a lie. It’s not always enough to lean in because that sh*t doesn’t work."

And men do seem to have it, and have had it all for centuries, but women cannot?


Women are intellectually inferior to men and are too stupid for the work-life balance?


Is Michelle Obama some sort of Stepford, neo-Victorian delicate flower?

Apparently so, but there is a more conniving reason for the swipe.

The Left are script-followers and lock-steppers, and the new helmet-haired biddies of this generation. Sandberg is merely a target because the Left want to blame everyone else but themselves for their incompetent failures.

Sandberg at least tried to have a war manual for women, and that was important.

Bravo about writing a helpful book, and not just another Look at Me! pabulum that passes for a book.

Oh, and that book was lauded when the Left thought Facebook was going to be their own little propaganda tool.

And now we have women who are knocking it because it was flawed?

While offering no constructive alternative?

Okay, let Michelle Obama bring us an alternative.

She has a university education, and I take it she has the ability to do some research, and come up with something that is both reliable and valid, empirically-designed, and has utility.

Sandberg at least made her own power and fortune on her own, and hence, has more credibility than the one woman who married into her position, and rode on her husband’s coattails.

Women have to do more than squawk, tattle, shame, and get into catfights: they have to lean in it, punch in, scratch in, kick in, crawl in, steamroll in, blast in, roar in, and fucking fight in.

You’re not fucking fairy princesses, bitches. Life is hell and does not give one flying fuck about your wedding pictures, cupcake recipes, and which toady loser you’re fellating.

You are on your own. You are free to succeed or fail based on your own strategies and active plans for the future.

You are also free to lean in to neo-Victorian Liberals, and go tell them to go fuck themselves and stop spewing bullshit in public.

Because I don’t recall Michelle Obama doing anything for women for her eight years in the limelight other than point out to women how deficient they were and needed First Lady meddling to tell them how to feed their children.

Women these days have decided to retreat and take steps backwards, not forwards. If they want to be oppressed, they are doing an impeccable job for the misogynists. #MeToo was the last real push, right before it got hijacked by the Democratic Party and was FUBAR…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Forty-One: I am not a follower. No, I am not a leader. Oh, and I am not your mother, either.





When I was in grad school, I took a creative writing class, and for my short story assignment, I wrote about something that happened in my childhood.

I had a classmate my own age who always called me Mommy.

I wasn’t his mommy, nor did I want to be the mommy-figure in his life.

It was a pain in the ass. I was a nice kid, but I didn’t want to be a superheroine or a social worker to some kid.

I was an explorer and an adventurer as much as I was a thinker, a philosopher queen, and an inventor.

Having a kid cling on to the back of my coat all recess long, calling me Mommy cramped my style.

It also cramped my style that my First Grade thought it was a bright idea to use me as a “buffer” in the class, meaning I was stuck in a separated row of students, right in the middle of the class’s naughtiest boys because she thought I would have a “calming” effect on them. The entire class faced the blackboard, but The Row was apart and faced the desks.

With me stuck in the middle. When my mother asked my teacher about it, she gave her reasons.

And right beside me was the boy who called me Mommy. He would hold on to my arm and declared that he loved his mommy, and then the teacher would yell at him and then try to pry him off my arm, and I fell down once because of it.

That is not the way you punish good students.

But the lesson stayed with me.

Young, well-behaved girls get no support and will be repeatedly thrust in baby-sitting roles for enabled boys.

And I wasn’t going to have any of it.

Nor was I ever going to be subservient to anyone.

Because either way, it is always rigged for women to be maids and nannies to a collective at the bottom — or at the top.

But the radical centre is a different story, and the place I decided to create mine.


I do not believe in being a follower. You need courage by entourage, you have problems.

I also do not believe in being a leader. You need courage by entourage, you have problems.

I don’t like to mom people. I deal in truth. I deal in reality. My dreams are my own. My theories are for me to test to see how closely aligned they are to reality.

People do not want to take risks. Part of the reason is mental laziness, part is cowardice, but there is that conniving little part that likes to get things on someone’s else’s work, and you get to ride on the coattails thinking you’re smarter than the genius whose sweat and grit paved a road for you to take.

I am on to you, you worthless little motherfucker.

And not happening.

I do not have a messiah complex.

I have an Alexandra Kitty Complex.


Because I am Alexandra Kitty.

It is reality.

And thats’s what my material.

I make better realities. I have dreams, and I have reality, and I use both.

But I am not a follower, and I am not going to lead people to the promised land.

You make your own map and go there on your on blood, sweat, and tears.

But I will deal with reality here.

Not as a leader or a follower.

But as someone who chases out in front.

And that’s where Chaser will be, from the radical centre…

Misogyny, Toronto Star-style.

I do not understand the sexism of the Toronto Star.. They have had a hate for Caroline Mulroney from the get-go, and are really working overtime to destroy her before she begins.

This column is quite amusing:

The dream dies for Caroline Mulroney

Really? The woman is a rookie MPP and has been there, for what? Ten minutes, and you have already decreed her rising the ranks as being dead?

Shut up with the melodrama, chauvinists.

She’s got years. The buck stops with her boss — the premier, if you have already forgotten. Not her.

The Star didn’t have any of the same objections with their pet boy Justin Trudeau when he selfied his novice self into the Prime Minister’s office. The Star drooled all over him, and didn’t give a flying fuck about his lack of credentials or declare his chances to be leader leader ten seconds after he entered politics.

Look, I know it’s hard to pretend you are progressives. This elaborate charade takes up a lot of brain cells, and having to fake it by saying the opposite of whatever conservative gave you a wedgie in school is a challenge. I get it.

But here is a hack for you goobers: if you keep knocking the woman, but give the man a free pass for the same things, you are being sexist swine. The end.

This isn’t even a case of micro-aggression. This is full-on macro-aggro.

I have no opinion of Ms Mulroney. I am neither fan nor foe. You need a body of work in order to make a proper assessment, and you need to look at colleagues from other provinces as well as her predecessors before making an informed assessment.

Otherwise, it’s just sexism disguised as informed opinion. You don’t have to like her, but when you are that obvious with your woman issues, especially the ones who do not cheerlead your own personal political ideology, the problem isn’t her — but you…

Memo to the University of Berkeley: Let's stop trying to rig things to socially engineering façades.

The Drudge Report suffers no Leftist fools, and has a link to a Campus Reform knee-slapper that advocates rigging the academic board by doing away with student evaluations because white male professors get higher ratings than female or minority counterparts.

Oh, please.

No, I do believe they do get higher evaluations, and for good reason: white men have a longer history of teaching; so it should be no surprise that this demographic have it mastered.

So the goal now is to set those ratings as the Gold Standard, and work toward other demographics reaching those levels.

Otherwise, you are going to screw over students with your social engineering with bad habits.

I have been teaching for almost twenty years, and my student evaluations were always way above the provincial average.


That is a tiny portion of the comments I have received over the years. I have always excelled even though I am a female of Eastern European heritage. Why should I be penalized by removing an important component of determining how good is a professor just because the under-performers don’t like their own results?

And before anyone prone to sophistry and temper tantrums goes on about students having prejudices, my students didn’t exactly take to me the first couple of weeks. I am not some appeasing servant. I am fiery, eccentric, hard to read, demanding, unpredictable, lippy, and also suffer no fools.

Yet my students learned, warmed up to me, and we both came out better people than we were at the start of the course.

I am learning a lot through Harvard’s course for teaching professionals, and every week excites me, and I cannot wait to learn (I am working on this week’s assignments as we speak) because I care about being the very best teacher Alexandra Kitty can possibly be.

That is the reason my evaluation scores were in the supper nineties every semester I taught.

I am the shepherd of a flock. My divine duty is to guide this flock from the side of ignorance to the side of mastery. I know every student by name, advocate for them, cheer them when they triumph, and work with them when they begin to flounder.

I am there for them when they are having an academic meltdown. When promotions meetings take place, I fight for every one.

That’s my job, and I am grateful to do so.

And my dedication is reflected in those evaluations.

So if your evaluations suck, maybe you should do what you expect of your students: hunker down, get feedback, modify your strategies, take courses to improve your technique, and go back in the battlefield again.

I am taking a very pricey course that is very involved, and my evaluations are untouchable.

Yet I still do it, and happily so. I keep myself up to code.

And by the international make-up of the other educators taking the course, these are also people who have taken time out of their schedule to do it.

So we shouldn’t get rid of a valuable tool just because we don’t like the reading.

We have identified a disparity, and the riddle to solve is how do we work toward making those kind of disparities vanish.

The hiding-under-the-bed technique isn’t going to help: it will merely alienate students, and that’s not the point of academia.

It is to engage and connect, and that means facing inconvenient truths to create a more thriving reality…

Parliament Hill's Bad Boys Club grows...

First Tony Clement, and now freshly former Liberal MP Raj Grewal is under fire for having gambled millions of dollars though his income doesn’t seem to align with it.

And like Clement, he had access to very sensitive information:

Until Sept. 19, Mr. Grewal was a member of the House of Commons finance committee, which conducted a review of Canada’s regime against money-laundering this year. Transcripts of the committee’s hearings show that he was particularly interested in the testimony of members of law-enforcement agencies such as the RCMP, the Canada Border Services Agency or the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), which collects data on financial transactions of more than $10,000 at financial institutions and casinos.

His antics in 2018 didn’t stop there, however.

But he did get the fuzzy bunny treatment from the Toronto Star in 2016.

And the Brampton Guardian, too.

It is a bad boys’ club in Ottawa, and one that gets all sorts of perks and goodies without much opposition until shit hits the fan, and then there is damage control, censorship, and manipulation of the optics; so even though it is bad, the really rancid stuff gets swept under the rug.

The political identity of the politician is irrelevant.

And the other bad boys aren’t too worried because they alway think the ones who got caught are just dumber than they are…