Michelle Obama knocks Sheryl Sandberg. The typical female catfight snorefest rages on.

Michelle Obama got calculatedly petty and catty at Sheryl Sandberg because the Leftie Mean Girls on the playground are apparently jealous:

At Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, on Saturday, a very candid former first lady weighed in on whether she believes women can "have it all." Speaking off the cuff, Michelle Obama explained why "leaning in" doesn't actually work, and she caught a lot of attention for it across the internet.

“Marriage still ain’t equal, y'all,” Michelle told the crowd, which had gathered for a sold-out stop on her book tour, according to Vanity Fair. "It ain’t equal. I tell women that whole ‘you can have it all’ — mmm, nope, not at the same time, that’s a lie. It’s not always enough to lean in because that sh*t doesn’t work."

And men do seem to have it, and have had it all for centuries, but women cannot?


Women are intellectually inferior to men and are too stupid for the work-life balance?


Is Michelle Obama some sort of Stepford, neo-Victorian delicate flower?

Apparently so, but there is a more conniving reason for the swipe.

The Left are script-followers and lock-steppers, and the new helmet-haired biddies of this generation. Sandberg is merely a target because the Left want to blame everyone else but themselves for their incompetent failures.

Sandberg at least tried to have a war manual for women, and that was important.

Bravo about writing a helpful book, and not just another Look at Me! pabulum that passes for a book.

Oh, and that book was lauded when the Left thought Facebook was going to be their own little propaganda tool.

And now we have women who are knocking it because it was flawed?

While offering no constructive alternative?

Okay, let Michelle Obama bring us an alternative.

She has a university education, and I take it she has the ability to do some research, and come up with something that is both reliable and valid, empirically-designed, and has utility.

Sandberg at least made her own power and fortune on her own, and hence, has more credibility than the one woman who married into her position, and rode on her husband’s coattails.

Women have to do more than squawk, tattle, shame, and get into catfights: they have to lean in it, punch in, scratch in, kick in, crawl in, steamroll in, blast in, roar in, and fucking fight in.

You’re not fucking fairy princesses, bitches. Life is hell and does not give one flying fuck about your wedding pictures, cupcake recipes, and which toady loser you’re fellating.

You are on your own. You are free to succeed or fail based on your own strategies and active plans for the future.

You are also free to lean in to neo-Victorian Liberals, and go tell them to go fuck themselves and stop spewing bullshit in public.

Because I don’t recall Michelle Obama doing anything for women for her eight years in the limelight other than point out to women how deficient they were and needed First Lady meddling to tell them how to feed their children.

Women these days have decided to retreat and take steps backwards, not forwards. If they want to be oppressed, they are doing an impeccable job for the misogynists. #MeToo was the last real push, right before it got hijacked by the Democratic Party and was FUBAR…

Meta-Propaganda and Reality Deniers: Everyone wants to be Big Brother these days.

When there is no empiricism, there is no credibility.

Imagine if the Internet allowed anyone to decree themselves a lawyer.

And then a judge.

Anyone can set up a web page and then make decrees.

Very few have the discipline to be credible.

I was just looking over the Free Thought Project.

And how other web sites are going after them, such as something called Media Bias/Fact Check.

Which is just as sloppy as the sites they are slagging.

With equal bullshit logos.


And the same pledges.

They use the same tricks. The same structure. The same techniques.

They are both forms of meta-propaganda.

They are the same sort of reality deniers.

Both are amateur outfits trying to sound official.

Neither has actual experience in doing the sorts of things they proclaim to do.

I have been busy lately conducting a couple of experiments online. I will give you the results soon enough for those.

But while the experiments are not of these two rival websites, I am testing structures to see what works and what doesn’t.

I am being empirical, if unorthodox, but I am experimenting to find facts.

These people make decrees, and have horrible messy and blue web sites.

And neither has any clue about journalism, let alone be able to make bold statements about it…

Why do world leaders bomb the shit out of other nations? It really is all about the Benjamins.

Western journalists always had some sort of demented view of Serbs. Just take this gossip item in Radar:

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 7.29.02 PM.png

What difference does it make that she’s Serbian?

But the Daily Mail also indulged in that same bigoted othering, and although the headline no longer has it, the link does still have that piece of micro-aggression:


Serbs have always had to endure that patronizing garbage from Western trash who think their Western European roots mean fuck all.

No, you just suck. The end.

Particularly the incompetent ones such as former UK Prime Minister and current turd Tony Blair.

During the civil war, he advocated bombing Serbs as he maligned them by dutifully following the scripts conjured up by PR firms hired to slag Serbs.

And now that he is a has-been, he is getting Serbian tax money as he tries to meddle in the nation he helped fuck up.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 7.06.38 PM.png

Fuck you.

Yet another former world leader who can’t do anything unless it involves maligning, bombing, or exploiting Serbs.

It is really just about them grabbing some more Benjamins any way they can since they aren’t actually capable of doing it with intelligence or work.

Like those losers the Clintons who can’t even sucker those perpetual gullible children the Canucks into buying their carny bullshit, anymore.

Don’t be surprised if those two goobers don’t try to grab some Serbian coin the same way…

Communist propaganda, Canadian journalism style: Note how the Reality Deniers never have the ovaries to just state bad news.

When I wrote the book OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s war on journalism, I had in my possession a significant cache of memos staff at the Fox News Channel were issued on how to cover events before they did any work on the stories.

It’s a propaganda rig: how a story played out all depended on the memo, not the actual facts of reality.

But if you think the propaganda is just a Fox-thing, or a Right-wing, thing, you truly are a moron.

We see the same games in Canadian journalism, played out on a mass scale.

Just look at this propaganda piece in the Huffington Post Canada:

The Good News About Canada’s Suddenly Shrinking Economy

If this keeps up, Stephen Poloz won’t be jacking up your mortgage rates much longer.

This article goes beyond being patronizing and stupid:

Some dark clouds have gathered around Canada's economy in the past few months, but that might actually be good news for the country's most indebted households, and for homebuyers, as the Bank of Canada is less likely to keep hiking interest rates.

Dummy, if the economy tanks, people will lose jobs, and the interest rates will be spiked higher. People will lose their homes because when the economy is bad, there are fewer jobs available, businesses shut down, and debts get called in.

There is no good news in Canada right now. None.

When I was a kid, I lived in a cul de sac with brand new townhouses. Both my mother and my grandmother had full-time jobs: my grandmother worked in a factory and my mother was a driving instructor. There were about thirty families living here, and the economy was doing very well, until it didn’t.

The mortgage rates spiked, and all but three families lost their homes in the bargain. My family was one of those three families to be able to weather it out. It was an ugly time, and I still remember it well after all these decades.

So this article is pure bullshit.

Because Canada has too many people on social assistance as well as too many government workers. Both these sectors rely on a tax base for their survival, and neither truly contributes to the economy by producing goods. The provinces and nation are both heavily in debt, and should we get downgraded, that means cuts to the dole, and cuts to the government payroll which been artificially propping up our economy because these are people who are the best paid in Canada — if they lose their jobs, we’re fucked.

When my mother used to teach metalworking at the college level, she had a variety of adult students taking her courses: factory workers (particularly GM), bank tellers, nurses, police officers, professors, office workers, teachers, executives, artists, casino workers, and retirees.

Then came a recession, and by the time the dust settled, the only kinds of students who could still afford to take lessons were teachers who are on the government dole. The other white collar types vanished.

As I was the one who did the managing for my mother’s teaching and jewelry design career, I used to send out emails, and one day a virus caused the email to blast to people, but the number of emails that were no longer active that got kicked back to me was chilling.

They came back because those were work emails and those places no longer existed.

And neither were those jobs.

With investment to Canada dropping, US tariffs crippling our economy, and the Saudis proving their anger has real consequences, things are not looking up — and the weed as economic saviour narrative is proving to be a serious lie.

Journalists are not covering this reality. They are trying to spin shit into a gourmet meal.

No, you are trying to tell your people what a glorious thing it is to eat shit. Shame on you.

Just like the prime minister who made a childish idiot of himself, tweaking the US President’s nose yet again.

The last time you did that like a powerless little boy, you got tariffs slapped on this country. Does this moron have any ability to learn and correct his infantile behaviour?

And you have losers in a dead profession cheer this garbage as if it matters what an incompetent and subjugated bungler calls evidence of his defeat.

Trudeau can call it the Great and Glorious Economic Orgasm of Canada, we are still reduced to a vassal state who is screwed over.

The Canadian mindset is a cowering infantilized one that cannot process the fact that there is such a thing as bad news that cannot be corrected by some They.

That’s what lulled the Communists into oblivion. They were constantly told that eating shit was actually dining like kings.

And then the Americans popped that balloon.

With glee.

We have Reality Deniers who keep trying to spin rot, and the bad news keeps rolling in. Sooner or later those wicked games come back to haunt you — and they are already starting.

Because you cannot have goods until you face the bad — and do something about it that actually takes a lot of effort, sacrifice, grit, discipline — and work

Yes, the West are emotionally illiterate and conniving. That is the reason they are perpetually unhappy and uninformed.

The Wall Street Journal has this opinion piece:

America Is Addicted to Outrage. Is There a Cure?

A healthy society reserves anger for special occasions. Today taking offense has become a reflex.

No, they are not outraged.

They are emotionally illiterate, competitive, self-entitled, and conniving, and they are bored and ungrateful, as they are terrified.

That’s it. There is no genuine core for the antics, if you had a genuine press, they would tell people to go fuck themselves, and grow up.

But they can’t because they are too deluded and cowardly to speak the truth.

France 24, the kings of delusional thought have this knee-slapper:

How Trump's bashing of The New York Times and CNN has benefited all

Journalism hasn’t benefitted, you dumb motherfuckers: jobs are being lost, and news consumption continues to go down; so these tools do not know what the fuck they are puking.

What is happening is nothing new. In the 1990s, journalism relied on “super-stories”, such as the personal life of Princess Diana, the trial of OJ Simpson, and the impeachment hearing of Bill Clinton to try to whip up emotional gossip-frenzy and ratings…and there would be a seeming spike in news consumption, but then, the crash, because the overall audiences were still abandoning them.

Because it doesn’t work.

But as outlets are as historically illiterate, they forget, or think people forget.

No, I remember.

Because I multi-literate.

But there is a dirty little secret Big Tech is trying to hide: that their numbers are far worse than people actually know.

Those so-called “Russian bots” were inflating the numbers of alleged users and followers, and they were getting rich from the exaggerated figures. Fake users, fake followers, it was all for show.

If the followers are bloated, then so is the outrage.

It is not real.

There is a study in psych where cockroaches racing ran faster if other cockroaches were watching.

And the cockroaches on the Internet are thumping their chests louder and harder for the same reason.

But don’t buy the hype. It’s all bullshit…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Forty-Four: It is all about being a magician, and knowing the greatest trick of them all.

I have always had a love affair with magic.


I knew it well, but my hands are not built to do magic tricks.

But I always was fascinated how someone could fool a room full of people and deceive a collective’s perceptions of reality.


I learned a lot from studying magic.


One was that people love novelty, but they hate change.

It is okay if it is the shallow and cosmetic kind, but visionary, deep changes are despised.

The Internet was a rare exception because it’s shallow novelty gave it an edge, and destroyed journalism because they hate change most of all.

A shrewd politician knows that to be popular, he should offer novelty, but no change. Don’t let the lies of the middle class fool you. Sure, you’ll have people babble and spew how they want socialism, and all that jazz, but if you should give it to them, they will hate you forever.

The good old days when people had to work hard to survive ensured that people didn’t have all this free time to think up bullshit.

They refuse to work on their own shortcomings, but get offended at statues.

Of dead people, of course. It is safe to slag a corpse. A living person is going to sue and hire a powerful PR firm to bury the haters.

The Internet brought that shallow passivity, but deep down, everyone knows the clock is ticking on this nose-tweaking bullshit game.

Notice how Canadians reacted at GM closing one plant in Oshawa.

No one said, “Hey, big fucking deal, we have legal weed now, and people can get jobs in that industry.”

Not the leader of the province, the country, or any expert or pundit.

Remember that.

And it has been around since October, a very recent employment option, that isn’t crossing anyone’s minds.

Because deep down, we know it is not going to save Canada.

Because for many people, the change they hate is already happening, and not the shallow novelty.

A shrewd politician knows it, and uses sleight of hand to make it seem as if something real is happening, but makes sure it is the safe and established status quo.

The egotist wants his “imprint”, and makes changes that frighten the middle class who shit their pants and howl.

The prime minister has an inferiority complex, and knows he is a lightweight ditz, and he is too stupid to know that is the reason the middle class voted for him: they don’t want change. They want the novelty of his socks and hair.

All he had to do was smile for photo ops, and he could have been prime minister for life.

But he has no idea that the middle class want a middle manager and a trade show model rolled into one. Look good at cocktail parties, fake laugh at people’s dumb jokes, feign interest in their bullshit stories, and then go the fuck home.

But when Trump blew into town, the Liberal regime made a huge tactical error, and they wanted to prove something, and so they got in Trump’s face, instead of flying under the radar, and lying low until he blustered out.

A shrewd politician does nothing. The less you do and say, the better it is. it is harder to do nothing, but easier in the long run.

People will always level complaints at politicians. It is a habit. They catch their spouse fucking the cheated on spouse’s “best friend”, and the idiot has to blame someone instead of getting a lawyer and taking the cheat to the cleaners.

And then they take it out on the leader of a nation. It is someone else’s fault.

When you have a society built on show, and everything is fake and false, go along for the ride.

If you are dependent on votes of the little people for your pay check, you do very little. Don’t rock the boat.

If you have a compulsion to point out lies, be a visionary, and don’t give a flying fuck what people think, politics is not going to be your bag.

And it is not mine.

I am going to tell you it’s your fault you’re a big chicken before telling you off. My political motto would be, “Alexandra Kitty is not running for Santa Claus — so keep your fucking wish lists to yourselves.”

But just because I won’t go on stage and do a dog and pony show for the little people, it doesn’t mean I don’t know the tricks and stunts of the magician.

I do.

I will expose them because that’s what I do best.


Seeing those feints, ruses, and sleight of hands, even from afar to know how the trick is playing — and on whom…


As I have two weeks left in my course before I start writing my latest book, I am working now three stories for CHASER:

  1. The first is about Canadian journalism, with a specific current angle. That’s the teaser so far.

  2. The second is about international politics, the ties in a modern historical era with a future implication. Not too hard to figure out if you read this site regularly, but it is with several twists.

  3. The third is purely historical — it is an event that happened in US history, but I am taking it to the modern age, and re-examining a forgotten and overlooked aspect. The two competing narratives of this event has two groups claiming victimhood — there has never been a resolution, but what I am looking at is the third and most important bombshell that got buried in all of the gossip and speculation. While much is in dispute in the historical record, one thing is clearly not, and yet we never talk about it, even today.

The first two will be on-going for the site, but the third is going to be a One Shot.

These will be slowly unrolled in mid-February. In a couple of weeks, I will have my year-end analysis, more detailed updates…and then at New Year, my vision of what will be the underlying theme of 2019.

I have done this two years straight, and to jog your memories:





Two for two, so far, stay tuned…

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 2.53.44 AM.png

Bullies on the Virtual Playground: How search engines fancy themselves as thought police.

I never understood cowards. They are those who want to find out as much about you, but hide their lives — and then want to use your information against you, and then think they are so cunning and superior to you, that they are going to force you to think the way they want you to think…and muah ha ha, and all that jazz.

That’s Google in a nutshell. Evil.

In addition to quietly gathering intelligence to use against you, they wanted to rig search results to hide publications who are not in lockstep with that they fancy as being superior.

Worse, for a search engine that pretends to be “Left”, they certainly are acting like robber barons and capitalist swine.

So, they are bullshitters on top of everything else.


But burying people in their search engines is nothing new. Until I was verified, my own web site was ranked way down the line when you searched my name with quotation marks.

There was a lot of junk. My author profile was always embarrassingly wrong, and for a long time, I had zero traffic from Google search engines, which makes no sense. I am talking about current events, but only Yahoo, Duckduckgo, and Bing are directing traffic, but not #1 Google?

I have discussed these issues before on my site, but when you have overlords who can do whatever they please with no one to oppose them, you have a serious problem of how a collective’s flow of information is being actively impeded and manipulated — and with people looking at Facebook, they tend to overlook the bigger problem and Big Brother Bully on the virtual playground…

Vice Media strikes out at the Supreme Court of Canada

Not a surprising turn.

The old “chilling effect” gambit doesn’t work. You can’t go on fear-mongering and think the government gives a flying fuck.

And when journalists and their overlords constantly act like paupers begging for government dough, they set a precedent: they have no autonomy and no say over anything anymore.

I have always said that journalism is slavery.

And now the Supreme Court of Canada codified it…

Memo to Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism: I read your little "report", and you knuckle-draggers still don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

The more people in journalism education spew, the more ignorant they reveal themselves to be.

And why the old guard needs to clear out.

They are perpetual bunglers.

Even if they draw a pay check from Oxford University (I took a short course on Art Nouveau from the uni last year because I am a silversmith, and it was a fabulously informative course, but art history has nothing to do with journalism).

But boy, do they not know the first thing about journalism or journalism education.

The wankers put out this farce of a bullshit report that is atrocious and ignorant on every level:

Time to step away from the ‘bright, shiny things’? Towards a sustainable model of journalism innovation in an era of perpetual change

It is ignorant garbage cobbled together by motherfucking poseurs who really aren’t very bright.

So what does the propaganda say?

Nothing real.

You don’t have to go very far to see it is an attempt for a bunch of leeches to try to keep their racket going.

They puke about “storytelling” as if that should be a part of journalism.

Assholes, if you want to do the storytelling, go write fiction.

People need facts to know about reality, not about the bodice-ripper narratives that you fart out that stink.

The report is a feint, trying pretend they are on to something, when they are prolonging the agony of pulling a big, shiny salary as the profession imploded.

You assholes — every single one — should be fired for incompetence. The fact that journalism collapsed under your watch is all that anyone needs to know.

Memo to the University of Oxford: kick those wankers out. Do not promote bullshit and draw attention to the fact that you have an embarrassingly shitty faculty run by goobers who do not know what the fucking hell they are doing.

Because they spinning yet another bullshit story as they drag you down with them…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Forty-Three: My word is my bond, just like the obscure guy in the bug suit.




People who know me, know me. They can tell you that my favourite colour is red, I love black turtlenecks, Turkish coffee, Sherlock Holmes, boxing, the Theremin, Kintsugi, The Hives, Flesh For Lulu, the Eurhythmics, the Monkees, Spy magazine, the movie People Will Talk, the book A Confederacy of Dunces, the artists Han Hoogerbrugge and Salvador Dali, and the restaurant The Broken Gavel.

And Ted Kord the Blue Beetle.

I have the entire Charlton run (his publisher of origin and also the name of the street where the hospital of my birth is located) and many others published by DC Comics in the 1980s.

I have multiple action figures, books, and other oddities all regarding the character whose name is an acronym for Odd Trek.


People wonder why I have such a deep reverence for Ted Kord even after all these years.

The answer is simple: he is what every person should aspire to become.

He is both strong and gentle, serious and funny, extraordinary and mundane, wise and naive, but most of all, his word is priceless.

He promised the previous Blue Beetle that he would be take on the mantle as the original was dying in his arms.

No one heard this promise. No one could hold Ted Kord to it, but he did keep his word, even though it cost him his business, and essentially made him a broke transient living with the Justice League.

His life fell apart, yet a promise is a promise.

And that is the very definition of morality.

Doing what is right, good, just, kind, and moral under the worst of circumstances.

There are very few people in the real world who can say the same.

But I know I am one.

And like the Blue Beetle — who put himself in danger though he was but a mere mortal — I have kept my word under shockingly dim circumstances.

But I did it.

It can be done, and it is the reason I can sleep soundly every night.

And I will continue to do it with kindness and levity.

The difference is Ted Kord’s promise had a name and it was Blue Beetle.

And mine is called Chaser…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Forty-Two: People will talk. It's just that I don't give a flying fuck.




My favourite film of all time is an obscure little picture with Cary Grant that did not do well at the box office, and then faded away.

People Will Talk.

I stumbled on this movie accidentally years ago, and love it more with every viewing.

Dr. Noah Praetorius is a truly maverick and eccentric, and he does what he knows is right, not what the gossips around him think is proper.

I understand Dr. Praetorius very well. I do what I feel is right, and if you do not approve, fuck you. You aren’t calling me to see if I can pay my bills, and may very well be tattling on me because you are a weasel.

I am not looking for approval.

Just remember that come February.

You have been warned…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Forty-One: I am not a follower. No, I am not a leader. Oh, and I am not your mother, either.





When I was in grad school, I took a creative writing class, and for my short story assignment, I wrote about something that happened in my childhood.

I had a classmate my own age who always called me Mommy.

I wasn’t his mommy, nor did I want to be the mommy-figure in his life.

It was a pain in the ass. I was a nice kid, but I didn’t want to be a superheroine or a social worker to some kid.

I was an explorer and an adventurer as much as I was a thinker, a philosopher queen, and an inventor.

Having a kid cling on to the back of my coat all recess long, calling me Mommy cramped my style.

It also cramped my style that my First Grade thought it was a bright idea to use me as a “buffer” in the class, meaning I was stuck in a separated row of students, right in the middle of the class’s naughtiest boys because she thought I would have a “calming” effect on them. The entire class faced the blackboard, but The Row was apart and faced the desks.

With me stuck in the middle. When my mother asked my teacher about it, she gave her reasons.

And right beside me was the boy who called me Mommy. He would hold on to my arm and declared that he loved his mommy, and then the teacher would yell at him and then try to pry him off my arm, and I fell down once because of it.

That is not the way you punish good students.

But the lesson stayed with me.

Young, well-behaved girls get no support and will be repeatedly thrust in baby-sitting roles for enabled boys.

And I wasn’t going to have any of it.

Nor was I ever going to be subservient to anyone.

Because either way, it is always rigged for women to be maids and nannies to a collective at the bottom — or at the top.

But the radical centre is a different story, and the place I decided to create mine.


I do not believe in being a follower. You need courage by entourage, you have problems.

I also do not believe in being a leader. You need courage by entourage, you have problems.

I don’t like to mom people. I deal in truth. I deal in reality. My dreams are my own. My theories are for me to test to see how closely aligned they are to reality.

People do not want to take risks. Part of the reason is mental laziness, part is cowardice, but there is that conniving little part that likes to get things on someone’s else’s work, and you get to ride on the coattails thinking you’re smarter than the genius whose sweat and grit paved a road for you to take.

I am on to you, you worthless little motherfucker.

And not happening.

I do not have a messiah complex.

I have an Alexandra Kitty Complex.


Because I am Alexandra Kitty.

It is reality.

And thats’s what my material.

I make better realities. I have dreams, and I have reality, and I use both.

But I am not a follower, and I am not going to lead people to the promised land.

You make your own map and go there on your on blood, sweat, and tears.

But I will deal with reality here.

Not as a leader or a follower.

But as someone who chases out in front.

And that’s where Chaser will be, from the radical centre…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Forty: Bullshit Babblers and Reality Deniers litter a propagandistic landscape. Fuck that.


Neoliberalism's Dark Path to Fascism

Neoliberalism transforms freedom for the many into freedom for the few. Its logical result is neofascism.

That’s fear-mongering propaganda, kids.

This is how we try to rig and manipulate outcomes the way they used to do in previous eras of history, with all sorts of “scares.”

We no longer have journalism. We have propaganda so ridiculous and unfounded in reality that people are becoming numb to real dangers or warning signs because of it.

The Right did this so often that they lost clout, and the Left are doing it right into oblivion, too.

Now, we literally have people arguing that freedom is oppression.

These are the reality deniers. They are the meddlesome little control freaks who keep increasing the dire warnings because they have no control over people’s brains anymore.

So the babble bullshit.

The Internet has become a giant garbage dump of shrill propaganda — or a clogged toilet full of bullshit.

We have brutes in suits who want to control the collective narrative. They should go fuck themselves instead of being allowed to have their incompetence fuck up strangers.

Chaser may begin here, but the Internet is a madhouse for control freaks and propagandists, and quite frankly, bore the fuck out of me.


The moral masturbators are trying to position themselves as all-knowing messiahs who know who are “correct” in thinking — and the rest who follow their own instincts are fascists.

Fuck you.

I am not buying the bullshit that you are selling.

People are behaving impossibly, and that is the reason we need sensibility.

To make our own paradises.


Without getting distracted by reality deniers and bullshit babblers along the way…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty-Nine: We don't need another hero because we're overcrowded with villains as it is.



Now the ugly truth about disgraced Liberal MP Raj Grewal is coming out.

Too little, too late, assholes.

You always wait until it’s too late.

You hang out in those hallways and you hear everything; so this wasn’t news to anyone in the press.

The Toronto Star tried to spin his basketball obsession as a good thing, but sports and gambling go together, and shows you the incompetence of the reporters who did not grow immediately suspicious and start to dig deeper.

The Star was amused by it all, which was patently racist. People are people, and it is not cute that I am a fan of boxing just because I am female and used to engage in the sport.

But the press has a serious problem of wanting to manufacture heroes and using archaic templates to do it.

All it does is encourage villains to wear the mask, and when they get caught, they often have a victim mask ready for back-up.

I will not be indulging in that bullshit. You want applause, shotgun, go pay an entourage.

I am just interested in the facts, not stroking egos because the world is filled with vain and selfish villains, and we don’t need to make any more of them…

Public Policy Forum wants to destroy free speech and democracy through the Canadian government. Big Brother, go fuck yourself.

Public Policy Forum is playing Stasi these days, and they have a vested interest in public manipulations as I have chronicled here, and in my latest book.

They wrote a piece of blatant propaganda called The Shattered Mirror and it was an unscientific piece of partisan garbage that argued that the state should fund the media.

So when you are advocating saving the media through nannying, the press are not going to look very closely at you, but I find this article fascinating:

Fed Consultant To Monitor Media, “Expose” Coverage

Stasi alert:

The Department of Canadian Heritage is reviewing a proposal to monitor truth in election-year reporting and “expose” coverage considered inaccurate. The initiative follows a Liberal cabinet plan to subsidize newsrooms it deems trustworthy. Elections Canada already enforces a statutory ban on campaign falsehoods.

Department staff yesterday confirmed the Public Policy Forum, an Ottawa-based group, applied for cash grants for a so-called Digital Democracy Project. The value of the grant was not disclosed. “The application is under assessment and no decision has been made yet,” the department said in a statement.

The Policy Forum yesterday announced the campaign to “monitor digital and social media in real time” for “disinformation in the lead-up to the October 2019 federal election.” The group has received $593,000 in federal contracts and fees since 2015, according to accounts.

What gives them the right to meddle and dictate coverage?

Nothing, of course.

What empirical methods have they developed?


What makes them qualified?


Canadians should be very worried about the brutes in suits using a façade of learnedness and morality to hijack the democratic process. This is a country which actively trying to merge communications with authority. That is how dictators, fascists and communists roll.

This is the reason we need an alternative to journalism: so conniving control freaks don’t get to decide things for adults who keep mistakenly think that they live in a democracy.

We need to monitor the disinformation of the Public Policy Forum who have no qualifications, right, or business controlling the flow of information at all…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty-Eight: We think we like funny characters in the real-world until we re-create them in the real world.




Someone had posted a link to a very interesting article from The New Statesman:

Is Facebook’s leadership incompetent, or malicious?

It is increasingly difficult to say with a straight face that Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg are fit to run a company with as much global power as Facebook.

I would say neither. The leadership is spoiled, but you cannot blame either Zuckerberg nor Sandberg for it.

They were rewarded as young adults, as they got everything too easy, too young, too fast, too big, too much, too everything.

The world created a Ferris Bueller out of Zuckerberg, and he learned that was they way to behave.

And now when the baby fat is gone, there is a problem.

It is just a narrative shift where this time, Bueller is the villain rather than the hero of this story.

People loved Boston Legal’s Denny Crane, until he become the president of the United States in the real world, and then people just had meltdowns.


Don’t you like the monsters you created?

You named a hospital after Zuckerberg, and now you want to remove that name?

Does he get back the money he donated for it?

Children in adult bodies and their imaginary narratives and figments.

You enable people by slobbering all over them, and when they aren’t perfect, you want to tear them down by spitting on them.

Chaser is not playing that rigged game.

It is about the facts, not the narrative…

Misogyny, Toronto Star-style.

I do not understand the sexism of the Toronto Star.. They have had a hate for Caroline Mulroney from the get-go, and are really working overtime to destroy her before she begins.

This column is quite amusing:

The dream dies for Caroline Mulroney

Really? The woman is a rookie MPP and has been there, for what? Ten minutes, and you have already decreed her rising the ranks as being dead?

Shut up with the melodrama, chauvinists.

She’s got years. The buck stops with her boss — the premier, if you have already forgotten. Not her.

The Star didn’t have any of the same objections with their pet boy Justin Trudeau when he selfied his novice self into the Prime Minister’s office. The Star drooled all over him, and didn’t give a flying fuck about his lack of credentials or declare his chances to be leader leader ten seconds after he entered politics.

Look, I know it’s hard to pretend you are progressives. This elaborate charade takes up a lot of brain cells, and having to fake it by saying the opposite of whatever conservative gave you a wedgie in school is a challenge. I get it.

But here is a hack for you goobers: if you keep knocking the woman, but give the man a free pass for the same things, you are being sexist swine. The end.

This isn’t even a case of micro-aggression. This is full-on macro-aggro.

I have no opinion of Ms Mulroney. I am neither fan nor foe. You need a body of work in order to make a proper assessment, and you need to look at colleagues from other provinces as well as her predecessors before making an informed assessment.

Otherwise, it’s just sexism disguised as informed opinion. You don’t have to like her, but when you are that obvious with your woman issues, especially the ones who do not cheerlead your own personal political ideology, the problem isn’t her — but you…

Jealous hyena clowns with vested interests feast on "frat-boy billionaire": Is anyone actually buying their calculated and choreographed bullshit story?

Boo hoo, the overlords don’t like competition, and they are kicking Mark Zuckerberg when he’s down.

Virtue-signalling with very hammy acting, fellas.

You are overdoing it, though, poseurs, because it’s as cheesy as it is hammy.

And very, very fake.

Oh, your bitchiness is making you sound like jealous and petty hypocrites.

Because governments play dirty tricks, scheme, conniving, lord over people, destroy lives, use propaganda, fuck up

You get the idea.

This is just a charade where governments are salivating at the thought of co-opting Facebook for their own opportunistic propaganda, and since they are so incompetent that they are incapable of running a successful business, and must stoop to being wonks, these wankers are trying to hijack Facebook, except they are fuck-ups, and they will fuck up Facebook the way they fucked up their own nations.

They know nothing about democracy and are just seething, trying to wrest control of an alternative that has weakened them.

In fact, this dog and pony melodrama is an actual conflict of interest, and no one should take these hyena clowns seriously.

They obviously have too much free time on their hands and as they have no idea what to do with themselves in a democracy, I say we put them under trial as every one of their dark deeds are brought to light and exposed as they are forced to justify their bullshit.

Canada is no position to have any virtuous airs. The scandals the federal regime alone is racking up as well as their fucking up USMCA is enough for them all to resign and be fined for being tools.

Zuckerberg was enabled by a fawning press who got jealous because he became more powerful giving people a selfie platform than they did with their fawning over garbage celebrities.

The grown ups are behaving like jealous little children.

It is another act in the Sucker Circus, kids: jealous hyena clowns puking faux outrage as they are voguing.

It’s an act with no class, and should be treated as such…