The Curse of Marat, and the death of journalism.




That painting up there, for the historically illiterate, is a piece of political propaganda that came from the French Revolution. The painting The Death of Marat, depicted with hilarity the murder of French journalist/Revolution leader/physician/propagandist Jean-Paul Marat.

As a journalist, Marat had blood on his hands. He was a minion of Maximilien Robespierre, writing hatchet pieces about Robespierre’s targets for liquidation, justifying their politically-sanctioned murders. The purging was the end goal, and Marat knew it and killed people with his fake news.

He was a propagandist and mouthpiece, and he was murdered by Charlotte Corday, who was depicted as a heroine by another painter.


Needless to say, she was executed for it, but Marat was presented as a hero in the first painting by another propagandist, Jacques-Louis David.

That painting had dainty blood, a journalist with a quill and paper at his dying breath, and a halo of white light coming from above. It is over-wrought and pure propagandistic melodrama.

And shows that the profession has not changed in centuries.

The power to destroy others through words was too alluring, and journalism never bothered to address it because it made them useful to the power elite. It was always easy to hide this reality because there is always a power struggle, and the confirmation bias ensures that going after one overlord makes it seem as if the profession holds power accountable, even if they are doing it on the behest of another.

The Internet made them obsolete. One overlord used Twitter, and the rest is histrionics. The profession keeps having meltdowns because no matter how they go after Trump, they can’t touch him. They couldn’t pull a Watergate. They couldn’t stop his victory, and then they couldn’t vindicate themselves and prove they are a power because they are not.

So in Canada, reporters all marched lockstep to become Marat, whoring themselves for taxpayer money the way Marat whored himself to Robespierre.

In the meantime, there is a void in real information-gathering. The staged and choreographed self-aggrandizing propaganda is fading away with no benefits to speak of and now that Robert Mueller blew the Beltway popsicle stand, the ratings and circulation are plummeting even more. They became their own David, trying to put a halo on Marat.


Marat was no guardian. Neither are journalists. They are mercenaries for hire, nothing more.

They are not detectives or scientists. They never were empirical or ever bothered to question what they were doing, how they were doing it, or why….

If you cannot stand the humiliation of defeat, then don't play sports. Competition has its price.

I am an author for a living. That is not an easy job because it is a public one. I get insulted a lot. People with no clue or expertise loftily decide what my book is or isn’t doing right, completely ignoring the amount of research I do.

That is their right. I don’t care about them. It is a price I am willing to pay for doing what I love to do.

And then there are people who praise me, but have an agenda to do so. The praise is false.

If you are the kind of person who is in it for the praise and adoration, do not be an author. Period.

This is not the career for those who need constant applause and validation. Praise is always nice, but it’s not why you should be writing in the first place.

But that is not the only career where people make demands and decrees without a shred of understanding of the essence of the job.

The Women’s World Cup is a place where all sorts of yokels have decreed that the US Women’s Soccer Team were Very Bad for wildly cheering every time they made a goal against their competitors — who cried because they lost.

Twitter is a troll scroll filled with people with no sense or expertise. They try to fire people, yet are upset because people cheer their own accomplishments.


And for Thailand players to cry? Come on: you know the risks of every match where you can get whipped by even a weak rival. Grow a pair of ovaries and deal with defeat with grace.

Men who play sports are not called on the carpet for cheering their victories; so the women should be able to do it without the misogynistic lecture. I do not know why happy and successful women are so reviled, but there you go. Sports is competitive and your adrenaline gets pumped to extremes as you have to remain focussed: of course you are going to go out of your gourd in celebration after every goal you make. Relish the moment because, you know, YOLO.

Oh, that’s right. Remember the generation who coined YOLO? Yeah, things didn’t turn out too great for them, so they are completely against it for other people. Too bad for them.

So I am completely supportive of victors celebrating victory. That is the reason you are in the game. That’s the entire point of the exercise. If you do not like people being happy for their hard-achieved accomplishments, go away. Sports is not for you — it’s for other people who have every right to it.

And since when do we side with sore losers who cry when they lose? What’s up with that? The time for tears is over the moment you enter an arena. Cry on your own time, and be stoic.

If you cannot handle losing as your rival celebrates winning, don’t do sports. Your mood is irrelevant to their mood. You would be doing a jig, too, if you won and they lost.

This neo-Victorian mindset is pathological, of course. People are always scheming and thinking up ways to keep successful people from enjoying their successes. If it bothers you that people are accomplishing things and you are not, then the problem is you, and not them.

I have no problem with people relishing their victories. I am not into sports because the dynamics of competition never appealed to me, but I am not going to meddle and lecture those whose essence gravitates toward it.

For all the talk of diversity, people do not actually like diversity. They want everyone to think like they do, and behave like they do without question. Enough is enough.

So, congratulations to those who win their matches at the Women’s World Cup. That takes time, effort, energy, strategy, stamina, practice, criticism, and courage. You have paid a price that you are willing to pay, and good on you for it. Keep it up.

I do the same thing with no apologies in a different way. I do not back down because someone doesn’t approve of the way I do things or the way I think. Too bad for them, but they have never spoiled my mood or impacted my self-esteem or life choices, and that’s just the way I roll in this spinning world…

What's the difference between Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer? Nothing.

Apparently, Andrew Scheer is an expert on genocide because with no proof, he opined that there is no genocide in Canada.

The same way Justin Trudeau has no expertise on what is feminism, and decides to exploit the label because some white male Hollywood actor decreed himself to be one, too.

This is what this country has: politicians shooting off their mouth without any mastery or expertise.

When we have people in power who never needed to worry about facts or empiricism, they can spew sophistry and opinion with no consequences.

And because both love to play this game, it is the reason they are parity products: you might as well debate whether Coca-Cola or Pepsi are superior or Crest or Colgate…

In an Age of Propaganda, Political Atheism sees the games both sides play.

Justin Trudeau is not a feminist. He is an unreasonable facsimile of one. He is also an exploiter of the nebulous label, and he cannot be less of a feminist even if he tried. He can wear a habit, too, but it will not make him a nun.

So let’s get that out of the way. No “feminist” employer would talk the way he has over the two competent women he mistreated. He is patronizing and clueless, and really, he should not think he is a feminist just because he had a few more women cabinet ministers: that is what everyone should be doing considering that there are more women out there than men. That’s not “feminism.” That’s doing your job; so shut up.

But those on the Right are no better. They are also full of it. We have people trying to use poor misdirection because they do not like that the fact that Canada has genocidal tendencies when it comes to First Nations women — and so they try to put the attention on the Prime Minister — and that is disgusting. Don’t try to exploit Trudeau’s nincompoopity to downplay the horrid way this country treats its original citizens. No one with a brain is buying it.

But in an Age of Propaganda, there are exploiters on both sides of the dividing line. They are the same. The Guardian seems to grasp that both US Republican and Democrat contenders have the same archaic views on women.

And it is no different in Canada where no matter who is in charge, they do not even begin to comprehend what it means to be a woman. Trudeau is blinded by his own sexist hubris and thinks no one sees it. Women cannot be served by any of the traditional parties because they are patriarchal by design and rigged to always give the last word and final say to a man.

Women are constantly fighting the same battles — and that alone says everything you need to know.

To be a true feminist means to be a political atheist: screw party lines — what have you done for me lately?

If a doctor and lawyer get turfed out of a party in less than a single term, then the party is a misogynistic one. The end.

If a commentator ignores the carnage of a group of women in order to present a self-serving narrative where he is on top of a fake pecking order — then we have no use for him. The end.

This is unacceptable in 2019. It was unacceptable in 1919, too, but when we have quibblers who spew and puke sophistry so that people do not see they are trying to keep their own lofty position of authority, nothing real gets done.

The Left and the Right do nothing for women. Women are constantly under threat and their own needs and wants are always ignored.

Lip service isn’t action. Neither is a ruse.

It is the reason neither side of that line has a grain of my respect — and why I believe politics is nothing but a sham.

And one that I am not buying for a second…

MMIWG breaks a narrative. For Canada, the global village gossip gets out of control.

Canada has been in trouble for a very long time. We were once ruled by a series of silver foxes, and they all managed to keep Canada’s reputation unscathed.

Enter political pantywaist Justin Trudeau, a man too crude and unenlightened in the ways of political strategy. He is far more his mother, who was said to think in “terms of camera angles”, and nothing like Pierre who was a chess master supreme. Junior is conniving and smug — but also historically, geographically, and culturally illiterate. He never had a clue where all the landmines were here.

What propelled him to power was that the middle class in this country have always frowned on process, expertise, experience, and mastery. They think you just buy the box on the Amazon, and you are superior to experts. They are always competitive, and always short-sighted. They went shallow, and now their leader’s ineptitude is exposing just what this country was all along.

I am a big supporter of exposing truth and reality. The genocide of First Nations women should have been exposed long ago, but I am an outsider by design. I do not pander to the middle class who get all up in knots when I say that to their faces. I do not care to be treated as a servant who was made to be abused.

MMIWG has made serious damage to Canada. It can no longer play the Aw, Shucks Card. When Donald Trump called Canada “smooth”, he was proven to be correct. This report exposes it, but it is the tip of the iceberg.

But the world has noticed the tip and want to dig deeper. This letter to the Canadian regime that has gone to the next step of global scrutiny:

Given that your country has always sided with scrutiny and international investigation in situations where human rights are violated in different countries, I am expecting to receive a favourable response to this request.

For Canada, this is just the beginning. This is not a good turn. Worse, we do not have any current or potential prime minister who can carry this weight. In a real way, Jody Wilson-Raybould was cut from the Liberal regime at the perfect time. This stench is far away from her and her sister-in-arms Jane Philpott. They are independents and are in a perfect position to make the most of their situation. October is far away, but the cumulation of scandals and bombshells is getting worse for the Grits — if they are preoccupied with enough smaller battles, they will lose the war, and all signs point to a political slaughter.

MMIWG was a nuclear bomb made from the bodies of genocide victims. They were silenced individually, but bring them together, and the chorus of rage rings loud and clear.

The Canadian narrative is broken. This is ugly. And shameful.

But it is necessary. This humbling is absolutely necessary. We need a Hague to deal with this, but we also need for the families to be compensated for this trauma. The money won’t bring anyone back. It is not justice.

But with a government that spends without limits, having to part with their precious drachma will hurt. Take it out of the Bribing the Middle Class Fund. Let them do without and see just how “middle class” they are without the handouts propping them up.

As one wise movie title warned us, reality bites…

Journalism's willful ignorance strikes again.

I an no fan of political pantywaist Sam Oosterhoff. He shot off his big mouth and is now paying a price. That’s on him. You cannot pull a pay check on taxpayers’ dime and then slag and demean a big chunk of those people. That is unconscionable and disgusting.

But now that he is an easy target, there will be all sorts of political operatives on the Left and Right who will take advantage of the optics. We see many protests for and against him (here, here, and here), but in each case, journalists parroting what they are being told are not doing any actual research.

Protests cost money and are hard to gain enough people. Placards, brochures, and even costumes need some real cash money to obtain, as does transportation, and someone organizing it.

In Ontario, the Ford regime has made it harder for his rivals to use their old feints and strategies; so it is not impossible to see how protests, always an old staple of political parties trying to present a pseudo-grassroots façade, could be used in such a way now.

If you are a journalist covering a protest, you have to establish provenance of the protest. Left, Right, Other, it doesn’t matter. Who is funding this thing? What groups are affiliated? What about a public relations firm? Or a politician? Maybe a rich meddler.

It is crucial to follow the money because if the protest is a fake, then things are not what they appear to be. You have people who are confederates, not genuine detractors or supporters.

If we do not have an established chain of funding and organizing, we know absolutely nothing. Maybe this is a genuine protest. Maybe it isn’t. We don’t know.

For all the talk about how “journalism matters”, it never seems to do what actually matters. Do not report on a protest as it is presented: find out about the protestors and how they made it over there. Are there any regulars? Who are they? What is their motive? The more we know, the more informed assessments we can make.

And we can cut off any optical manipulation by choreographed groups in the bargain. We can expose those who are trying to game the system. If a politician plays that game, they are campaigning covertly.

It is very hard these days to take protests seriously: we know nothing more than what is present amid the placards and cosplay. It is, even if organic, a canned event. It is not actual news.

A politician who openly speaks of imposing his opinion on the entire planet is quite another thing. This is someone who doesn’t actually understand his job — nor cares to understand it. This is an agenda-driven unit, nothing more, and these are the people who are unresponsive and oblivious to anything that does not fit into their preset script. With his every response, he has repeatedly proven that he sees constituents as lessers, and not having anyone to explain that when you say something that angers too many whose money pays your bills, then the problem is you and your lack of civility.

But it is not different when others make a claim: they, too, need to be scrutinized. If they pass muster, then report the facts. If they don’t…report the facts. Do not make assumptions because if a rival or ally is rigging the optics, those who associated with the ideology become tainted because of it — and getting exploited in the bargain…

Memo to the journalism industry: Even if Big Tech were to disappear tomorrow, your fortunes will not change.

Big Tech is being attacked, but journalists should not be celebrating.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 11.57.28 PM.png

People used the horse and buggy until cars were invented — they never went back.

The Internet has opened new paths of thinking, and you will no longer have people accept the fact that someone else will have the sole control of a public forum.

The Internet and Big Tech could vanish right now — and something more advanced would take its place in a heartbeat because there is a need to fill.

And even if it didn’t, people are not going to defer to someone else out of jealousy and resentment.

The only thing this will do is further weaken communications: it will not force people to go back to a time with less freedom.

Journalism has always blamed others for their deficiencies, but their collapse is all on them. There will always be obstacles and competitors. That is a given. You either have what it takes to adjust and succeed — or you don’t and you perish.

Big Tech will get through this period, and there will be upstarts who take advantage and see the new game board, while journalism will try to take out their broken board and throw tantrums that no one is going to play on it…

There is a genocide against Aboriginal Women in Canada? You don't say!

Of course there is.

I have said it for a very long time.

In different ways.


It is absolutely horrific.

And unacceptable.

But unless we spend tax money and have Daddy Government write a report, we can pretend it doesn’t exist.

I didn’t need any of it to know. The First Nations people did not need that to know.. Anyone with a working brain cell did not need it to know.


Who should we send to the Hague to be tried first?

I am absolutely serious. Who gets sent to the Hague for this first?

In an Age of Propaganda, there is no such thing as "grassroots": Someone with billions is funding it.

NXIVM was a cult bankrolled by rich people.

It lured in ambitious women and derailed them as it distracted them. It compromised them, and turned them into willing pawns as it fabricated blackmail to corrupt them and keep them in line just enough to move in the direction far away from real power.

It exploited their conniving and sheltered natures, and their drives to strut to the top of a phantom pecking order.

And it succeeded for a very long time.

It is the reason you always have to question the so-called “fringe” and “grassroots”: because if you follow the money, you find a wealthy person footing the bill, and giving the orders by proxy.

The middle class are followers. They are too timid to be so bold — and it is not as if most understand the nuances of a predatory game. The conniving ones get suckered in the most because their greed and jealousy knows no bounds.

Smoke and mirrors are often used to hide the accuser’s bugger sin. I shudder to think what the UK government did to the former Yugoslavia that their anti-Serb hatred keeps their paranoid and deluded conspiracy theories from and centre, making lunatic accusations that a Serb murdered Jill Dando, as if there was something she uncovered outside whatever press release a PR firm puked in her direction, to some ideation that bad “secret” Serbs are undermining British democracy.

Who is funding this anti-Slavic hatred? What is being hidden? What did you people do in the Balkans that warrants a decades-long misdirection?

In fact, the reason is made obvious by the various propaganda campaigns used. Shame on you all for your cowardice and repulsive scams.

We know this game to be a sham when we have Albanians and Croats openly chanting more than just anti-Serb vitriol in front of a global audience — they are chanting hate crimes. A little fine is a slap in the face.

The Western media — including British ones knew that it was more than just chanting “Kill the Serbs”: they were chanting lynch the Serbs.

Now imagine in the United States you had white fans at a major sports arena chanting “lynch the blacks.”

What do you think would happen? A minor fine? A few scant articles sanitizing it?

You would have a full-blown meltdown on social media and the mainstream press.

And you would not be having media outlets — without a shred of tangible proof — going on how African Americans are trying to destroy institutions proclaiming to be the cradles of democracy.

We have skewed coverage that never questions the basics.

Antifa and “socialism” are manufactured movements. They are not real. Some rich asshole is trying to manipulate the public with a sham, hoping that empty-headed middle class people would dutifully follow along, thinking they have found a posh new movement that will give them things for free.

The West has serious problems. The federal Liberals are giving graft to questionable groups with dark ties, such as SNC-Lavalin. Having Unifor in on the graft also warrants closer inspection. There is a common thread that tells us who really owns the Liberals and is pulling the strings.

But Canada is a small potatoes country. The US is another bastion of peculiar trouble. Journalists used to be able to sweep these scandals under the rug and spin them. They have collapsed, and the choreographed PR campaigns on social media aren’t doing what they are supposed to do.

It is a hot mess, but I am not beguiled by anyone’s propaganda. I am not fooled by bullshit.

The rich are rich for a reason. They are predators who have no boundaries. They’d sell their firstborn for a Mercedes. That is the system the West has created, and one with hints and promises of being on top of a pecking order if you just get in on the scam.

Like the loser fools who fell for NXIVM. Life is short and fleeting — and to waste it on playing games is like throwing your life away for a phantom.

And that’s on you, no one else…

On professional pawns and the attention enchantment.




Someone I like very much asked me the other day why I didn’t write a “mainstream” book. I said I had no interest in the middle class and their beliefs. Not my bag. I am not in it for the poverty, but I am not in it for the sleepwalking, either. The middle class memorize scripts and someone else’s narratives, and gooberism just doesn’t appeal to me.

You can come over to my views, or not. Whatever floats your boat. I am a radical centrist and that means I am not going to be your little pawn in some game.

Holding this position when you are an author is more difficult than you can imagine, especially when you are young, female, and a career orphan with no one guiding or instructing you. It is too easy to jump at the first group willing to give you the time of day.

But it is not just authors. Many young women who were catapulted into a national spotlight find themselves getting used, paraded, and then promptly discarded. Linda Lovelace was an iconic porn drudge, and then the feminist movement used her and then abandoned her, and she was bitter at their fairweather support. Paula Jones was harassed by a future president, paraded around by Republicans, and then, when that whole impeachment thing didn’t happen, they dropped her.

It is not a “left” thing or a “right” thing: it is an exploiter thing.

And unless you understand the nuances of strategy, you are going to get dragged into things you have no business being. Your movements and associations no longer become your own, and if you are one of those middle class people who think you are smart just because you have a university degree, you are in for the shock of your life.

Lindsay Shepherd got in trouble when she was a graduate student and T.A. who showed a video of Jordan Peterson, and then faculty bullied her and she recorded their immature pabulum. They sued her because they are thugs who are used to a sterilized environment where they rule the roost as they fake authority and expertise.

Had she left it at that, she would have shown to be the superior one in that dynamic.

The problem was she got A-list treatment in the National Post, and then got enchanted by that toxic spotlight.


Shepherd is the intellectual equivalent of a yokel: she has no sense for dangerous thinking. She is the person who watches a chef cook, and then thinks she can fake it by copying what she sees, with no understanding of the finer details and their reasons for use.

Megyn Kelly made the same tactical error interviewing Alex Jones when she landed at NBC News. Yes, women are expected to play it safe with soft news and a gummy smile — and daring to enter the lion’s den gets that woman a target sign on her back. Kelly made it through Fox News — and NBC bringing her into the fold was a way for the mainstream left-wing media to stick it to the right-wing mainstream media — we have her — she’s on our side now.

And then Kelly found the same tricks and scripts that worked in one place did not work at the other. She made one gaffe after another — and found herself without a job. She had no instinct to shift tactics or take her new circumstances into account and it cost her a coveted career.

She was acceptable only if she disavowed the old bible and submitted herself to her new overlords.

She botched the Jones interview, and it was downhill ever since.

And Kelly is a lawyer who was an adult with a serious body of work.

Shepherd is none of those things and it shows.


I do not believe in censorship. I want to know who the scumbuckets are. I do not “advocate” or give platforms to them, but in an Internet Age, if they have something to say, they can say it without a champion.

And I am not going to champion misogynistic, racist, classist, or homophobic trash. Grown-ups do not need it.

Because I am not a pawn who will be exploited.

But Shepherd has been playing games where she does not understand the rules, and has made one bad turn after another.

She “disavows” the left. Not a problem if you disavow the right. Rejection of artificial confines is always a good idea.

But she doesn’t. She is making arguments for the alt-right. That makes her a mouthpiece. Her antics to keep the attention going undo her arguments prior to her initial attention: inviting Faith Goldy to an event was not the brightest of moves. For someone obsessed with the “declining” population of white people, Goldy hasn’t exactly been busy popping out replacement Caucasians, meaning she doesn’t mean a word she says. Pandering for profits and Shepherd doesn’t question it.

And Shepherd has been on alt-right vehicles. She thinks there is a difference between white nationalism and white supremacy, as if you could have one without the other, or as if either were desirable. She no longer has any credibility as a “free speech” advocate. She is not getting the voices of people who are truly dispossessed to a credible platform to be heard. She stays in a single camp, never venturing out from that stifling and static environment.

Her nincompoopity doesn’t vindicate those in that stifling and static environment called Wilfred Laurier University. They just march lockstep to a different script. All Shepherd has managed to do is go from one brain-dead zone to another one. That is not an actual achievement. That is proof that she has absolutely no learning curve and can be tricked by shallow feints and ruses.

And that is not just her failure: the universities who were supposed to teach her how to assess people through empirical means utterly failed her. They are a sham. Her spiral is much of their responsibility: they have countless young men and women who have no other shrewd guidance, and they provide no roadmap or compass for them to see when they are about to be exploited.

The National Post also has much to answer for — you do not just pluck some no-name grad student, enable her illusions, and then leave it at that. There are consequences, and the press has always been highly irresponsible as they use and discard people whose lives are never the same.

Shepherd herself is an adult, however. She is not blameless. She is not an advocate for anyone. She had one very bad experience that got too much attention. Her university and professors were horrid to her, and while they have much blame to carry for making her revile their beliefs, rightfully seeing them as hypocrites, she still has a brain, and it would be nice if she used it before anyone else decides to hijack it and use her until she has no more worth to them.

Throughout my career, I have had countless users try to lure me into these games on both the left and the right. I never took the bait. Mainstream validation is meaningless to me, as is fringe validation. I am who I am, take it or leave — and do not expect me to be impressed or disappointed by either of your decisions.

Too many young women get suckered into this vortex, and none of them ever end up better than they were before. There is no “safe” side to take, and no trick that is going to make things right after you are no longer useful to a cabal.

Standing on your own is riskier, but when you have users on the left and the right salivating at your rise and ruin, learning to face mobs on your own is the greatest feat of them all…

*If you are wondering where the image came from — it is from an app that tries to guess the person (real or fiction) you have in mind — and when it couldn’t guess, it offered those options, which is what spawned this post…

2019: The Year of the Independent Woman -- literally.

Two federal female politicians decide to run as independents with one more moving in that direction. They had options, but they took a risk.

This is how politics should be run: no safety in numbers marching lockstep to a script. Who are you, what can you do, what do you stand for, and what is your plan?

Being Justin Trudeau groupies was the narrative the Prime Minister cultivated so he could stroke his own ego as he pretended he was enlightened. It always repulsed me. I never could stand those kind of misogynists who think they are smarter than women who they will trick into singing in their chorus as he gets the spotlight all to himself as they do all the work. Nice try, you little pantywaist.

If I were in any of those ridings, I’d vote for any and all of them. It is about time. I still believe in a democratic conscription where twerps such as Trudeau and Sam Oosterhoff would never get anywhere near the place because no one would actually hedge their bets on them when the high was the limit and they weren’t confine with bad choices.

But this kind of change is step in the right direction, and for those of us independent women who are happier than you realize — it is not surprising they are doing it this way…

Big girls don't cry when they resign, Theresa May...

I know it was a great gig and all, but those tears are the self-centred kind.

I have said women need their own war manuals, and aside from Hillary Clinton’s tantrum of not giving a concession speech, May’s blubbering will have a very detrimental effect for women in general: another piece of evidence of why women are allegedly not fit to rule.

Men are groomed and primed to do it since birth. Fiction are their maps and they have countless manuals that show them how to win and how to get the most even if they lose. Women have not a single guide to show them.

I am not sorry to see this bumbler go, however, but do it with some class, Ms. May, because you’re making things worse for everyone with your melodrama…


How Journalistic OCD helped the Anti-Abortionists: All Trump, all the time was the perfect misdirection.

When the 2016 US presidential race was in full-swing, a lot of people on the Left lost their goodwill with me with their arrogant and patronizing tone they took with me. I repeatedly said Trump would win because Hillary Clinton did not understand the nuances of political battle. She thought she was smarter than Bill Clinton who does have the gut instinct for it, and she was dead wrong. Her hubris cost her an easy victory.

Just to make clear how important instinct is, let’s review her advantages: all but two newspapers endorsed her. The press was overwhelmingly on her side. She had political experience, hijacked the DNC, had name recognition, had a husband win two presidential races, had scads of money, and had the endorsement of the previous president how made her Secretary of State.

And she blew it.

This is gross incompetency. Neither one of her pathetic excuses are legitimate. Do not blame the head of the FBI, James Comey. You are not going to inherit perfect employees if you are president.

Do not blame the Russians. Your job as president is to outwit almost 200 meddling nations as your day job.

There was no way in Hell Clinton was going to win, given all of her advantages. You cannot prop up a turkey.

Trump has gut instinct. She doesn’t. There is no contest. The end.

And it was obvious. The press, who are just as oblivious as Clinton, saw the advantages, but did not have the gut instinct themselves to see how worthless those “advantages” are. They were too stupid to see their own collapse. Trump saw their collapse, and took to Twitter to win, bypassing them completely — and make no mistake — he used the press for decades and if he wanted to do it again, he could have.

He chose not to expend unnecessary energy.

If journalists had a shred of competency, his win should have triggered a major internal overhaul and awakening of all of the things they were doing wrong.

Instead, they developed a collective case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, ignored 7.5 billion people on this planet and strictly focussed on dissing Trump. They are still losing money and audiences. They have not risen from the ashes; so obviously that is a loser strategy.

But for women on the Left, they became equally stupid — and there is no other word to describe it. Stupid. S-T-U-P-I-D.

They all, like mindless geese, obsessed over Trump, turning their Facebook feeds into one ling rambling anti-Trump grumpfest. Society isn’t your kids or spouse where nagging and shaming will work. Your oppressors have no respect for your opinions, you do not have a good aura or vibes, and no, things do not magically work out for the best at the end. You have to fight a real fight with a real strategy for that to happen.

The whining accomplishes nothing because women’s fortunes never resided in federal policies so much as they do on state policies and law.

When Trump won, I repeatedly point this out to people on the Left, particularly women: two thirds of state governors are on the RIght. This is where the real problem is going to be for you. Forget Trump, he is not your enemy. The press are mad at him for proving the truth about their reality, and you have no horse in that race.

I was insulted, and rudely so. Repeatedly. I didn’t know what I was talking about, with a few hints that my Slavic inferiority was no match for their Western European superiority, and maybe I was some sort of Russian agent trying to trick them. Stop smoking pot, you paranoid trolls. I replied that governors in those states were going to go after abortion laws, and those were the races that should have mattered most to women in 2016 because states have a greater impact on daily life than federal policies. Know your levels of government and stop being a follower.

Now we have Leftist conniptions because states are all going at once full-force on abortion rights. It is coordinated, and it got this far for the simple reason while dumb fucks were kvetching about Trump, political operatives on the Right — who are far more politically-savvy than the pseudo-sophisticated and university educated Middle Class lefties — remembered their high school Civics lessons and went after states, not the federal regime.

This fuckery would have never seen the light of day if women on the Left had a clue about their governments. I am a Canadian, and I know it well.

But Western thinking is very rigid and rote. Instinct is beaten out of women at an early age with Disney Princesses and fairy tales. It is about gawking at Kardashians and Real Housewives, and not knowing about women who fight a thousand wars everyday just so that every other woman can fulfill her dreams and live the happiest life in the world.

To all those women who fight those battles, thank you.

To all those women who drool and watch Real Housewives as you corrupt your daughters on Disney shit, fuck you, you destructive asshole.

And to all those women who were sleepwalking for the last two years: wake up, fairy princess, thanks to your hamster wheel running, you let the oppressors score some major victories. That’s on you.

Don’t follow the press. They fucked up their own profession. Be teachable. Be humble. Be proactive. Listen to advice.

And stop being like a parrot, mimicking what other people with vested interests tell you to say. No one can afford to be a follower anymore…

New York Times spews garbage and is not the feminist paper of record: How journalism failed women and still do in 2019.

The New York Times is pure garbage, and this bullshit article can be classified under Too Little, Too Late, Assholes.

Why do we have psychopaths get elected? We absolutely know these hypocrites lie to the public, have affairs, take bribes, and do all of the things that they proclaim they find morally reprehensible.

I know this because I worked as a journalist and hung around the halls of various public offices and saw the floozies get passed around various politicians who then gave them patronage appointments — and journalists saw this up close every day and said nothing.

Journalists also play those games as the Times’s own Ali Watkins did…and faced no consequences for it.

So to all of you women who are upset about the oppressive and illegal anti-abortion laws, here is the memo:

Journalists could have exposed these con artists before they ever got elected. They could have told you about their mistresses, lies, hypocrisy, and every other immoral, illegal, and shady thing they do out in the open. They could snap pictures of their drug use, casting couch antics, and everything else, but they keep quiet.

In other words, it is the sin of omission.

So let us not pretend the press is a friend to women. It never was, and it never will be.

They could also expose the lies and cons of far Right activists by exposing their affairs and how they snag their man by getting knocked up before marriage. They could expose these charlatans with ease.

So if you want to know how to break the iron grip of a lunatic fringe, start by demanding that newspapers such as the Times reveal all the dirty little secrets they are keeping from the public.

It will sicken you. It will shock and appal you — but by now, it should never surprise you…

Why feminism keeps getting it wrong: Stop putting all your eggs in one political basket.







Republican State Sen. Kim LaSata is channelling Dr. Josef Mengele. The worthless motherfucker had this to say about abortion:

“Of course it should be hard!” the senator from St. Joseph exclaimed. “And the procedure should be painful! And you should allow God to take over!! And you should deliver that baby!”

That’s not godly, you worthless cocksucker. That is devil-worshipping. That is how psychopaths think. They always find a way to blame victims for torturing them. Why is this bimbo bitch allowed to be in power in the first place? If this shit is such a good Christian, then please, LaSata, tell me where in the bible does it say to do this to women? You’re the kind Jesus stood up to, not for. Fuck you. You are weak and trying to prey upon the strong.

I am certain Hell is making a special padded room just for her when it is her time for eternal damnation, but for the rest of us moral and sane women who cherish our freedoms from torture-lovers and other scum, why aren’t women free in 2019?

Where did feminism go wrong?

For starters, it’s allowing this kind of propaganda to corrupt our thinking.


What the fuck are you trying to prove? That you are helpless and weak? Don’t listen to Margaret Atwood. She’s an oblivious tool.

So, uh, no.

Wrong mindset.

Try this instead.


And then this.


Feminism has two major problems now.

The first, it doesn’t go for the jugular. It is always reactive and always defensive.

Try the Chicago Way.

But instead of sending people to morgues, you should be sending bad policies and ideas to the morgue.

Such as anti-abortion.

If you do not believe in abortion, then don’t have one. Your right ends where my body begins.

Feminists have to learn to send misogynistic concepts to the morgue.

One way is to start pushing to have men’s reproductive rights on the table — and as anti-abortion laws are illegal because they target sex, which is against the law, start making legal arguments that if women are confined, then men must be confined as well.

If anti-abortionists realize the grave they are burying feminists in will be their final resting place for their own freedom, power, and control, they will not know where to turn.

If they insist on being devil-worshippers, they made a deal with the devil and it is high-time they start paying up. They alllow incest, rape, and child molestation to go unpunished; ergo they have no moral compass and cannot be trusted.

That breaks down one fortress. That’s the eye of the storm — and it allows feminism to start fighting — and then learning the methods of their oppressors. Stop fighting to prevent losses and start fighting to win.

Take spoils and then learn.

But that’s just half a battle.

The second one is more important.

Feminists stick with Left-wing parties which is an incredibly stupid method.

Realistically, there is no fucking in way in Hell that you are going to have one party rule forever. Sooner or later, they fuck up and the other side will take over.

Are you going to have to lose sleep after every election? What’s wrong with you?

Rich white men never have to worry: they always give the same amount of money to both parties, and no matter what, the regime will jive with their intentions.

Feminists have to start going after Right-wing parties — and breaking into those parties and keep doing it until their rights and freedoms are always off the table.

When you storm and flood, dumb fucks like LaSata cannot function: she just memorizes a little rule and thinks she is a cunning strategist who has a fortress where she cannot be challenged. Wipe the floor with her — not just through a Democratic ticket — but also a Republican one.

And should the sexists form a new party — do the same thing.

Instead of moping and being useless in red cosplay, start becoming a living nightmare to oppressors.

Break their rigs. Do not validate their structures of thought.

Suffragists broke into politics by fighting for the right to vote.

You prevent regression if you fight to break into sexist parties and make them bend to your demands.

May every single party be civilized and not try to gain and elevate themselves by oppressing and stomping on others. Fuck that shit. Enough is enough.

If you do not believe in abortion, don’t have an abortion. The end. That’s your sanctioned insanity.

But you do not have the right to tell other adults what to do with their bodies. That’s plain evil.

So don’t morally masturbate and pretend you believe in a god if your ideas involve inflicting pain and torture like a Nazi because no one is buying your toxic garbage…

Anti-Choice Propaganda is a scam, and it is time to call it for what it is.

Want to sign a petition?

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 12.25.01 PM.png

It shouldn’t be voluntary, however, according to his own logic. He is not up to genetic snuff. The vasectomy should be mandatory.

Not his choice.

Because for him to spread his defective seeds is highly immoral.

We have fascist state regimes in the US trying to take away abortion rights, and they will ultimately fail.

Laws only work if people believe in them and legitimize authority.

Project Syndicate, as usual, is garbage. They are entrenching the legitimacy of fascist arguments by indulging their rigs.

And if feminists want to truly break barriers, they have to stop using old arguments and start exposing the true reasons why people are against abortion.

Getting knocked up to chain your man who will support you is a fine old tradition. Religion has nothing to do with it. I have heard far too many women tell me how they got their man that way so they can be Stay-At-Mall moms, aimlessly pushing a shopping cart up and down the aisles at Wal-Mart all day long.

And men who are anti-abortion are losers who cannot keep a woman any other way but knock her up enough times so she can’t get away.

This is how morally repulsive people function. The narrative spin they puke is a sham.

If there is an option of abortion — and it is seen as the moral alternative to exploiting babies as a means to an end — then their gambit can no longer work.

So let’s stop pretending and indulging grifters like Ooosterhoff.

Anti-abortion laws are a form of propaganda to instil fear in women, so they always go on the defensive.

This creates an artificial structure of thought that is always rigged against independent women, and that game has got to stop once and for all.

We have a primitivism in Western culture where we have immoral parents refuse to vaccinate their children because of some tiny risk of a reaction — but will gamble with their children’s lives, exposing them to illnesses that will sterilize them, cripple them, disfigure them, disable them, and even kill them.

But once we indulged one immoral set of irresponsible and immoral assholes in some idea of being “open-minded”, abortion was next on the table.

It is a foot-in-the-door technique that the Right use all the time. That’s why they oppose sex education — they know parents will be on side and then once they get into school boards, they want to teach creationism.

If independent women want to break the shackles of this tiresome game, this is the time to take an inventory of all the places where this sick game festers.

And number one on the list is battered women’s shelters. These are immoral. This is a concentration camp for victimized females and children.

Number one: do away with the idea of a woman having to be inconvenienced because of an uncivilized and defective male.

Number two: start targeting the rights of men — capital punishment for rape, incest and human trafficking. The end.

And if a woman should be party to any of it, she gets the equal punishment. The end.

Then we go after wife-beaters. Women automatically get the house and chattles. The wife beater gets sent to some forsaken place to scrub toilets for the rest of his life. Fuck him.

Then we go after men’s reproductive rights. They have no say in anything — from who they can fuck and who their sperm will impregnate.

Men have all sorts of militias when they don’t get things their own way. Women should try those army boots for size.

Women are always being accused of all sorts of things — if given the name, why not play the game?

Be unpredictable and be feral.

This all reminds me of a self-defence expert who made a very good observation: in many cases of date rape, the woman hit the man first.

He was behaving badly, and she whacked him, hoping that he would smarten up.

But then the woman stuck around, hoping the man would change his behaviour, but he merely got worse.

Don’t wait for feedback was the message. You strike and you get the hell out.

And that’s what independent women need to do: strike to shatter the rigged game board so that no one will ever forget that day for eternity — and then get the hell out of the old structures and start from scratch.

The new rules are simple: you either behave like a normal human being or we treat you like a beast who cannot be trusted. You impose your will on one gender, well then, that comes at a steep price.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If we do not allow abortion for rape or incest, then rapists must be exterminated so that they do not pollute the gene pool.

No stalking. No threats. No hitting. No killing. No acting like a worthless coward.

Women have not even started. There are no cities, countries, or political systems founded for women with women’s needs and wants in mind. None. Women are always reacting to patriarchal structures instead of rejecting those systems. and creating their own

The abortion campaign is on a state level — and as I said way back in 2016, the Left was asleep at the wheel in far too many places.

Hillary Clinton was feminism’s greatest misdirection: women were essentially duped into focussing all of their energies on her instead of keeping an eye on state races — the ones that actually had the real and significant impact on their daily lives.

Clinton’s campaign was a scam campaign. It was like the con game of Find the Lady — because women were so focussed on Clinton, they ignored state campaigns and their would-be oppressors took full advantage of it.

Feminists in the US have no one to blame for their state of affairs but themselves.

You build strength from the ground up: you begin with the municipal races, and then state or provincial, and then federal.

Doug Ford cut off the NDP and Liberals at the knees because he saw what far too many feminists still don’t see. He mowed down Toronto City Hall so that they couldn’t plant seeds on a local level.

Women do not have their own war manuals, and now that oversight has become a serious problem.

But with every problem, there are multiple solutions. There is no reason to be afraid, and every reason to be brave.

And right now, ceasing to indulge old con games would be a very good idea…

Grifter-watching in an Age of Propaganda.


Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 9.47.59 PM.png


Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 12.14.04 PM.png


Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 7.10.17 PM.png


This article in the Smithsonian magazine is an oldie, but a goodie, but then again, I have always been a fan of magic.

But this applies to other areas of life.

Like what to look for when you don’t want to believe that you are being played.

In my life, I have been courted by grifters. I have always been a disappointment to them. I look like an easy mark. I don’t pretend that I can’t get played — everyone can get played.

The difference is I study the dynamics of the grifter-pigeon relationship while others don’t.

Grifters are interesting. As Donald Trump said, they are smooth. Cute and cuddly with charm. They remember your name. They have a very good memory for names, faces, and events. They are warm. Some are endearing and sympathetic.

And they often have tragedy or some other trauma and act wounded. There is always some sort of scam going on, usually a combination of a greed scam (show your love by believing in me — and invest in my dreams) and pity scam (save me from myself because I had a bad childhood) where, if you are foolish enough to get on the hamster wheel, will suck you into a vortex of saviour and social worker wasting your resources on the con artist instead of yourself.

It is a bad deal.

Grifters always see themselves as being the most cunning person around. They leverage their bad childhoods into collateral to be used to gain things. They think they are entitled and owed something — that’s the fuel that makes them seething, petty, spiteful, and vindictive.

They always look chipper and upbeat. They seem polite until you cross them, then they blame you and won’t let go of a grudge. There is always a scam, a mask, a script, and an angle.

They are very snazzy dressers. Nothing but the best for them. Clothes are props, but so are people. They are to be paraded out to reassure people that they are very nice people who care and can be trusted.

They are always apologetic. They always have an entourage clean up their messes. They bank favours and pull strings. They know all the gossip and can exploit people with ease.

They use people as pawns, and they can size you up. They can secretly maneuver people on their game boards. They can play chess or pool with ease, and there is usually some little smirk on their face as if they are in on some private little joke.

They will often seemingly bring other people into their confidence — and those are the dupes and pigeons they exploit by turning them into faithful lackeys. People feel honoured to know the “real” person — and they think they are in on the ride, not being taken for it.

Nothing ever gets done with them, however. They are big talkers and dreamers, but they never actually deliver — or plan to deliver. They just want to get things and coast.

When they are young, they get away with a lot — a baby face will get you a lot of goodwill. People are protective of grifters who know how to play the part. You cannot save them: that’s all part of the act. They will give you sad doe eyes pretending to submit when things go awry.

Right now, we are in an Age of Propaganda, and that means we seek grifters by default. This penchant for taking style over substance has damage the Left’s brand and severely so. Urbane sophisticate is not going to prove you superior to the Right. The other side has political mastery — and they brawl, not bawl.

The biggest mistake women in Canada made was allowing the privileged white boy to call himself a feminist without actual cred. You want a feminist, get the angry woman who launches her campaign at the battered women’s shelter and demands to know why we have concentration camps for abused women.

But that’s real. It’s reality, truth, and uncomfortable. It is not polished. It’s raw. It’s not snootily having some delusion that we are enlightened or progressive.

Once we allowed a non-feminist to ride on the coattails of feminism, once he was exposed as a poseur, he didn’t just damaged his own brand or just his party’s brand, but the feminist brand. If your psychographic is incapable of knowing who is real and who is fake, you lose face.

You don’t just desperately try to take anyone who’ll have you in order to exploit you. You cannot settle for anything or anyone.

There are too many brutes in suits exploiting people who never study their ways or ask hard questions. Dreams for the future cannot come true unless you face the nightmare of reality. The path of utopia never came following grifters or buying their hype, and the sooner that truth is grasp, the more likely a better world can be built.

But it all depends on whether people truly want freedom — or merely wish to pretend that they do…

To the politically illiterate who are invoking this propaganda poster in response to the abortion laws...

Stop it.


First of all, throwing a fit on the Facebook will not change a thing. Laws do not get repealed that way. Get off your motherfucking ass, and get informed before doing something that will actually alter your environment.

Second of all, the law was passed in a state legislature. Not a federal one. Having Hillary as president would not have altered a thing. Do not be ignorant. Do not be stupid. Do not pretend that you would have had a liberal paradise when two thirds of the governors voted in were conservative in 2016. The two are separate entities. You are not being clever when you do not even know how your own country’s political system works — so don’t be surprised that you aren’t getting things your own way…

Toronto Star gets everything wrong...yet again.

The Toronto Star doesn’t get anything right. There is a silly little column about political pantywaist Sam Oosterhoff, and it is worth tearing apart because of its sheer ignorance to reality:

I am putting his name forward to be the first Canadian male anti-abortion politician to gestate a baby, the minute science effectively figures out how to do it. Apparently for a male to have a fertilized egg planted inside of his body and to gestate it until it’s ready for birth is life-threatening. Oh no!

This is a childish argument that completely ignores reality. Why are you pretending that men don’t have vulnerabilities when it comes to reproductive rights? They don’t need to get pregnant: they have sperm, and that’s good enough to put their own reproductive rights on the table.

Feminism keeps doing the same things and employing the same strategies, which is the reason why women’s rights are always precarious and never entrenched. You can’t keep using defensive strategies when your opponents keep using offensive ones. You have to learn to link their fortunes with yours: whatever happens to you will happen to them. You take away the rigs of barriers: they want women to lose their reproductive rights, then so do those who call for it. We take away men’s rights to choose when they can reproduce, if they can, with whom, how many times, and where.

If pregnant women are being framed as “host bodies”, frame men as “sperm gifters.” They gave away their sperm, they have no claim to it.

What you give to one, you must give to the other. You don’t make hypothetical arguments. You don’t justify yourself or allow yourself to be put on the table. You don’t fight to keep your rights — you go after the other side’s rights. Anything else is regression. This is a new war; ergo you use new strategies to ensure the other side knows that if they throw a grenade at you, you are chaining yourself to them first, meaning the explosion will hit them just as hard.

But women have this unnatural habit of justifying themselves to men and explaining and arguing. I once had a sexist male relative who kept trying to break me in for as long as I could remember. I could be dressed to the nines, and he’d say, “You have a pimple,” to which I replied, “And you have a huge glaring bald spot where hair used to be.” He lost the battle and then lost the war. You want to point out a real or perceived flaw on me, I upped the ante and struck where it hurt the most. Asshole, you don’t have the monopoly.

If it is all about reproduction, then start at the very beginning. If we are using biblical arguments about how God made man first, then his sperm is fair game. It’s God’s will and all that jazz. If women cannot be trusted, then neither can men.

When those misogynists are too busy fighting for the survival of their own rights, they have no time to meddle in other people’s rights. Feminists would be wise to throw away their old playbooks. They are obviously flawed. Bridging rights and entrenching that bridging puts the manipulators on notice that there are going to be heavy and painful consequences for their scamming — and anti-choice is a scam — it is a form of propaganda that uses fear-mongering to keep women in place so they do not succeed more than men. It creates a false pecking order and to indulge it is an admission that the pecking order is real and just.

And it is neither. Go after Oosterhoff’s reproductive rights. He is sheltered and insulated from reality and a nice big cold bucket of reality water would keep the little twerp and his ilk in their place.

The Toronto Star has no clue about reality, either. They puke 60s bullshit in a 2019 world. It’s no better and offers no solutions to how to create a real and lasting utopia…

I am off for a bit...





They say it’s my birthday tomorrow, but as I gave my birthdays away years ago to some greedy little boy who wanted more birthday presents, I am highly skeptical. I am off on an overdue escapade in any case, see you Monday — and Happy Mama’s Day…

And when I come back, big changes for me…