Who is she?

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Alexandra Kitty is a dangerous woman whose work has appeared in PresstimeQuill, Current, Editor & Publisher, Elle Canada, Exterminating AngelMaisonneuveCritical Review, and Skeptic. She was a relationships columnist for the Hamilton Spectator and an advice columnist for the Victoria Times-Colonist. She currently teaches Kintsugi at the Niagara Pumphouse, and taught Language Studies at Mohawk College, writing at the Sheridan Institute, Metalwork Arts at Niagara College and Kintsugi and Lampworking at the Dundas Valley School of Art. She went into journalism in order to study it. She was the first female recipient of the Arch Award from McMaster University and had four previous books published:

Don’t Believe It!: How lies become news:


When Journalism was a Thing released in 2018:


Her fifth book on the art of Kintsugi is forthcoming 2020 as well as her sixth on the mechanisms of war propaganda…

She also loves to create art:


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The Groovy EP from bluechrome was unreleased when the publisher ceased publication. It was supposed to be the second in a series of samples from other bluechrome books, and I do not know which short story was slated to be in it.

I don't podcast very often, but some of it from here and Chaser News survived right here.