In my book The Political Psychology of the Second World War, I discuss three core literacies: primal, emotional, and analytical. Prior to WWI, we were on a primal scaffolding. Until 2020, we were on an analytical scaffolding that came when analytical thinkers won the optics war of WWII and stole the crown from primal thinkers.

We are now entering a new scaffolding, emotional. While we are still in flux, it is becoming more obvious that analytical gambits no longer work.

However, primal and analytical people are in an outright war: primal trying to regain dominance because they honestly believe there is a power vacuum that they can use to their advantage (no), while analytical people are trying to get their stranglehold back in two ways: by demonizing the primal thinkers, and by trying to co-opt and psych out the emotional ascension (ha ha, no).

And all their ruses are failing abysmally.

Here is an example of an analytical person trying to pretend that AI can achieve emotional intelligence and be used to manipulate on an emotional scale and is a good thing.

AI can only be analytically-based, but analytical thinkers honestly believe they can co-opt emotional thinkers, which they cannot. They lack the cognitive currency.

The first sign that an analytical thinker is trying to manipulate the optics to seem as if they were an expert (i.e., superior to their target) is by using the phrase emotional intelligence. They are trying to make it seem as if emotions are on the same scale as analytical thought and try to rig perceptions of others to see it in that unrealistic way. As soon as you see EI, it is a red flag of analytical propaganda, and it can be dismissed. It’s junk science repurposed as gaslighting.

It is also akin to memorizing a phrase “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims” and then thinking you showed empathy. Empathy is not the sum total of emotional literacy. It is not a drop in the bucket at all. People who keep parroting the word empathy as being what emotional literacy is all about are analytical thinkers trying to figure out what emotionality is and then believing they are intellectually superior and can fake it and fool those with emotional literacy.

Even the phrase emotional literacy cannot describe emotionality. It is a fluidity in the unpredictable infinite and eternal. Analytical thinking is rote binary by default. Even if these people trying to pretend they can see a spectrum, it is just binary thinking in disguise. It is still just 1 and 0 stretched out to create new shallow labels and jargon that are nothing more than hypothetical constructs in order to seem intellectually superior to targets.

The ascension of emotional literacy is what is toppling analytical pillars, from journalism to academia and well beyond. These concepts will be replaced with superior structures and the old rules will no longer apply. Emotional thinkers are a breed of their own: eccentric, enigmatic, unpredictable, and defiant. AI is a desperate gambit to make it seem that emotional thinkers can be replaced with a bucket of bolts and some software so that emotional thinkers become insecure and don’t challenge the status quo. Make no mistake: analytical thinkers know the gig is up: they are now desperately trying to regain what is forever lost and hope to trick people into giving up their power. Not happening.

If you want to understand how global thinking shifted, read my book, but remember, I do not try to appease analytical thinkers.