Things are humming along. It is a book which serves as a backbone of sorts to my other books, but it isn’t journalism. It weaves history with political psychology and looks at how the Second World War changed the global scaffolding, and why that empire is failing now. It should be out by summer, around the same time The Sport of Presidents comes out. The manuscript was finished a while ago, and I still have to do two proofreads before that goes to print, but that won’t take too long.

When I can say more about the title, cover, and release date, I will. I will also get into more specifics. If you want to understand what is happening to the world since 2020 and why, this book will explain it to you.

Off topic, but somewhat related: I am slowly moving away from social media. I have two more books and those require me to have a social media presence. I don’t have an X account. I also don’t have a TikTok, SubStack, Telegram, or Insta account, either. I technically have a YouTube account, and I will have a stream or two until the last book comes out. I am also on LinkedIn and Facebook — for now. The Internet is not a place for creatives. It is an archaic medium.

Once the last book gets its launch from me, this website will be my only online presence, and even then, there won’t be a blog. Just a place to list my creds. I will keep in touch with certain people, but I don’t feel obligated to be online. I also don’t feel obligated to write another book. Everything I wanted to say online will wrap up this year. Everything I wanted to say in book form will also wrap up this year.

So where is the future?