Alexandra Kitty

November is coming…

My life has been in a holding pattern for far too long. Many things that need to be resolved are finally coming in November, and this has been a long wait coming.

I am extremely patient by nature, but even Job would have gone into conniptions by now. I waited patiently, but not idly. When that muck gets resolved; I am a free agent.

2023 will be a watershed year for me. I have been more than just biding my time: I have gone through numerous inventories of what works for Alexandra Kitty — and what doesn’t. This process has been going on since 2018. For those pussycats who know me, you know exactly the trigger and why.

Now, on to some of what I will have coming in 2023.

I have, at the very least, three books coming out in 2023. I had three books come out in 2022, and four books come out in 2020. 2021 was a gap year. I believe there will be about six books for 2023 coming from me: a record.

One of those 2023 books is my third from Cambridge Scholars called Organic Journalism. First, I wrote about Empirical Journalism, then Therapeutic Journalism.

So, I have been busy creating alternative journalistic forms.

I also have two history books coming from me. More on those when I can talk about them.

I am in talks for two more books; again, more when I can talk about them. One is a journalism book. The other is not.

Yes, I still teach Kintsugi. Yes, I still do art.

I have one more surprise up my sleeve, depending on a couple of factors. When I can talk about that, you will see it here.

Right now, I am transmuting. I can’t say I like the process, but I am wild by nature, and in a world that seeks to manipulate and control wild and productive people to tame them into exploitable units to harvest, it has always been a delicate balancing act of getting what I want and need when there is always someone out there who sizes me up and thinks I can be manipulated and deceived.

That always means transmutation involves having to incorporate those toxic elements into my equations, making it harder to refine myself organically.

It is not as if I do not warn people not to play games with me. I am willing to deal and negotiate. The problem is people get greedy and arrogant, and think I am weak and afraid and trying to plea with them — no, I am being fair, and I can easily walk away. Don’t confuse nice with stupid.

I am a free spirit and proudly so.

So, that’s all I can say as of now. A lot of you were wondering about me. Yes, I sat out the game of Roulette to see where the dust will settle.

I am the dealer of the next round. I will be active in 2023, and more active than I have ever been in my life.

Now, for those of you pussycats in the know…

On December 31, 2021, a white wagtail tapped the Phoenix on the shoulder before flying off, and the Phoenix knew there would be a trap set up for the Phoenix on Victory Day. The Phoenix already knew where and when and had been anticipating this trap for years, and even knew the bait would be a peregrine falcon because once upon a time when the Phoenix was a sparrow, the sparrow saw the white wagtail eavesdropping, and the sparrow deliberately said within earshot that the sparrow thought peregrine falcons were the best-looking birds of all, never to say this observation to anyone else, nor did the sparrow ever say it before. The Phoenix entered the arena, and the Phoenix was not fooled no matter how much the falcon preened.

The Phoenix flies off on Remembrance Day because no one will ever forget the Phoenix.

See you in November!