Exploiting trust: if you have to bring attention to it, you probably lost it ages ago.

The Toronto Star has articles about their articles. TS-Trust-Project-signature

They call it the Trust Project, though really, it's just a vague story about covering stories. You don't actually learn anything or have a point of reference.

Their latest instalment is how they covered bad weather.

It comes off as an advertorial, not a genuine news article, and that is the source of the industry's woes.

When you have a paper constantly use their platform to lobby the government to give them free money, you have done something untrustworthy.

It is akin to going to the doctor's because you are genuinely ill, and he uses his examination room to get you to sign a petition to demand that the government give him more free money.

You can no longer trust that doctor, even if he gives you pamphlets telling you how he examines his patients.

Yeah, we know what you're doing, and that brochure is not going to nullify the fact the trust was broken.

Having a little checkmark in blue is all the rage on social media, but it means absolutely nothing when your actions break a spell that reveals the truth about your trustworthiness...

Beware of opinionists who have anti-Eastern Orthodox bigotry: Guardian, stop demonizing Slavs. Even if the PR firms tell you it's okay to do it.

During the Civil War in the former Yugoslavia, some of the warring sides spent money, and lots of it on public relations firms to win the war. Journalists back then were illiterate to the language, customs, history, geography, and psychology of that region, and took whatever narratives they were spoon-fed by these professional propagandists, and completely got away with it.

Fast forward to 2018, where the profession lost clout, but still crib from PR firms to tell them what to spew.

And they are playing the same old bigoted script.

Such as the Guardian with a piece of manipulative and illiterate garbage trying to sound learned, when it is just demonizing propaganda to once again slag the Serbs who are not kissing up to Western journalists because they have self-respect and exercise free will.

And they are Orthodox Christians, and Western media has an absolute burning hatred for Slavs. Serbs get the worst of it, even though they tend to be the least racist nation in Europe, a knee-slapper of an irony to say the least.

The dreck demonizes Slavs to such a disturbing degree that this is hate speech.

"Chameleon"? Really? What about those pretending to be journalists, who are actually propagandists spewing uninformed hate to poison global opinion with vile babble?

But there is a very selfish reason why the press keeps demonizing Serbs, and Russia has nothing to do with it.

Journalists won the war in that civil conflict. They were the biggest winners and benefitted the most from it. They had actually shamelessly cribbed their propaganda, and got away with it, even though the errors they made in their coverage would be torn to shreds today.

As in, mislabelling mass graves of Serbs as Muslim, even though those graves had crosses with Cyrillic writing. 

But they got away with being hateful and subjective. They got away with having no facts or context. They got away with owning the illogical narrative and financially profiting with raises, promotions, awards, and prestige.

Those were the good old days for that profession, when they could corner a beleaguered nation that was broke and broken, and just slap them around, and get the entire planet to cheer that bullying.

So now journalists are trying to go back to what worked, and they are eyeing Serbs once more as their villains.

But this is 2018, where journalists are weak, and their glaringly embarrassing cultural illiteracy can be exposed, as their past sins are brought back to light.

It is also the reason why the press dusted off the old playbook, and pick on Russians: it worked for them before, and it seems like a good idea to jump start their profession's dead corpse.

And yet, it is not working.

Notice how the Guardian has to always beg for money with every article.

Once upon a time, that kind of propaganda sold newspapers.

And now, nothing.

While journalism's fortunes have crumbled to nothing, their trusty Slavic target of torment are doing quite well for themselves.

The profession would be better off educating themselves on tolerance and fact-gathering, rather than PR firm-cribbing.

Enough is enough.

Memo to the Weekly Standard: Newspapers are to information what the 8-track was to music.

The Weekly Standard is openly wondering whether the Denver Post's internal war is worth the effort. the-weekly-standard-logo


The newspaper is but a soldier in a war that was already fought and lost.

We do not need newspapers.

We need facts, but newspapers are not natural or divine decree. We can find all sorts of different ways and vehicles to disseminate information. We settled on journalism, but by no means os journalism the logical gold standard by any stretch.

Newspapers are relics of the past. They didn't have to be, but as no one did anything to keep up with the times, that's what happens.

It is akin to manufacturing 8-tracks and now making the argument that any other form of music dissemination is evil; so everyone should come crawling back to the 8-track.

This is how patently insane the journalistic argument has been.

The world can do a lot better than journalism, and newspapers.

It is a fear of an unknown in play -- and as the Denver Post has a silly and redundant battle, the rest of the world can fight the wars the actually count for something more productive...

Tyrants and their temper tantrums: The Establishment Party sues WikiLeaks right after Julian Assange's voice is silenced. Yeah, those nasty old relics keep playing dirty as they try to talk you out of using social media.

Tyrants are a very ugly subspecies of animals. 2000px-DemocraticLogo.svg

The Establishment Party, otherwise known as the Democratic Party are the sorest losers in the history of mankind.

Suing WikiLeaks for exposing their rot during the 2016 US Presidential Election is a new low even for those fossils.

It is very convenient to play this game as Julian Assange's ability to speak out was quashed.

And this psychopathic propaganda campaign to get rid of Facebook and social media is also no coincidence.

The Establishment lost control, and now they are playing dirty to get it back.

Anyone who plays control freak games like that doesn't deserve power.

They ought to earn their keep, not be self-entitled snowflake rulers behaving like spoiled brats in soggy underpants.

It is all-out war on democracy and free speech, and the Democrats have now proven why they weren't worthy of power in the first place...

CBC has gender pay disparity? You don't say, Globe and Mail! Canadian journalism was always a misogynistic mess. And still is.

The Globe and Mail is tattling on the CBC for its penchant for paying the boys more than the girls. No kidding.

For all the blustering and moral masturbating from legacy media for their various pseudo-Leftish decrees, it was and still is highly prejudicial against women, and pay is just one factor.

Sexual harassment is another factor.

But there are more factors: women do not get treated very seriously. I can speak of my own personal experiences, for instance. I would pitch very serious stories, and just be shooed away, as if gang warfare was some silly thing to get hysterical over. Art crimes in Canada are also a serious problem, but I could not get that published in any Canadian media outlet.

Then there was about the political ramifications of street graffiti, cult recruitment at various university campuses, sentencing disparities between convicted male and female prisoners, and how social media was going to make journalism obsolete.

Those were all rejected -- and there were others, as well.

I had the ability, the sources, the evidence, you name it, but every time I pitched something, particularly to a male Canadian editor, it wasn't just shot down -- but always with some sort of jab that I was wildly exaggerating.

And then the problem would explode in the future, and then my concerns were proven to be spot on.

If I were a male, that would have never been an issue. If you don't take hard news pitches from a female journalist seriously, you will not be paying her as much as you pay your male reporters. I once had an editor who did a profile on me be absolutely baffled that I didn't have a higher profile, given my credentials and accomplishments. He didn't get that it was pure sexism that had held me back in my career -- and I still managed to do a lot of important work despite it.

And nothing has changed in the business, except it has been destroyed -- but that toxic mindset is still firmly in place...


Wow, I must be really interesting...

Again? Gee, my LinkedIn page must be so exciting, Homeland Security hungered for more, and moseyed on over to my Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 5.42.38 PM

Unlike the others in my privacy settings, I didn't visit or like their web site or any pages, nor shared my email address with them.

And no, I never received any "advertising" from them on my feed. I don't look at their stuff at all, anywhere. It doesn't even look real, more like something from a t-shirt.

What did they learn from my Facebook page? I adore my cat Magnus, I drink a lot of coffee, love eating at small restaurants with quirky names, write books, teach art, listen to the Hives, love Niagara Falls, and Ted Kord the Blue Beetle is my all-time absolute favourite superhero.

The Hives and the Blue Beetle aren't on my LinkedIn page, and neither are my dining practices. So there is another piece of the puzzle I am certain the entire universe -- including deities, should they exist -- already knew about that for, like, years. Somehow, for whatever reason, someone on the Internet who isn't Alexandra Kitty has decreed Blue Beetle's "birthday" as "May 10" -- which happens to be my birthday.

I mean, come on: Alexandra Kitty is an open comic book...


Sinclair Broadcasting sues former reporters. Paltry pay spoilers ahead.

If you think local television reporters make a million dollars, you are out of your mind. If you think the average reporter makes six figures, try again. Try low to mid-forty range.

And Frodis-Caper-esque Sinclair Broadcasting will sue you for breach of contract if you quit.


The notion that journalists rake in dazzling pay checks is a myth. Only national broadcasters who headline shows get millions of dollars, and with job cuts, those lofty paydays aren't as extravagant as they used to be...

Tampa Bay Times cuts 50 jobs.

They are blaming the tariffs on newsprint as the culprit, but it is more complex than that. logo-stacked-reverse

The industry is in a very bad place right now, with all sorts of machinations and saviour-seeking.

The staff left at the Orange Country Register -- and its sister publications are begging for donations -- and looking for a partisan sugar daddy so they can use a "nonprofit" status.

It won't work, of course because none of it actually gets away from the original rot that destroyed it in the first place. I keep saying this is a partisan era, and those who once could be called journalists, are desperate to become propagandists.

In a world of TED Talks, Wikipedia, and social media, people have found alternative outlets that make them feel informed. We have poor substitutes that rely on little one-sided agitprop cluttering Facebook feeds, such as Now This that aren't made to last.

What we don't have is true fact-gathering that takes all side of an event, and gives a realistic layout of the situation with the expectation of taking sides in some patriarchal melodrama.

Impossible times, such as this one, needs sensibility and reminder that the world is not perfect, nor is everyone obligated to think exactly the way you do. The notion of ideological tolerance is nil, and that can happen only if we are given too much narrative, but without any facts in context.

Journalism collapsed because they forgot about the facts. The partisan substitutes will collapse for the same reasons. People are confident of their opinions without realizing they have scant facts backing them up -- cribbing on meme posters as some sort of substitute for the real thing.

In the meantime, more jobs in journalism will be lost -- and without a true alternative, the waters become muddier as we see less all while our progression stagnates...

Boston Globe's Kevin Cullen in the hot seat.

The Boston Globe's high-profile columnist is being investigated for embellishing coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombing, and you can read about it here, here, here, and here. Boston Globe Logo

The Globe has had their share of problematic columnists in the past, and my first book chronicled two of them. Earlier this year, columnist Ron Borges was suspended for reporting a hoax as truth.

This is not surprising, given that embellishments are often the way many journalists and columnists operate, sensationalizing information or exaggerating what they have witnessed or experienced, but most are not called on the carpet or exposed...

Musings from the Tower of Babel: It is a tintinnabulation of the most impossible sort.

Welcome to Bedlam where propaganda is fact, sophistry is logic, and ideological cowardice reigns supreme. mfttob

Journalism couldn't survive in this environment.

The question is why cannot it not resurrect itself?

That is the multi-billion-dollar question.

Because in an age of partisan propaganda, it gets pulled from all sides.

Journalists have a bunker mentality, and they cannot see how they have failed because they would have to venture out of their shelters to see the reality.

They pathologically give themselves countless awards as if they were Halloween candy, and hold symposiums babbling decrees that the public -- if they will not buy their product willingly -- should be forced to invest in it anyway.

At no time do they wonder how they must change to re-engage the public.

And that is a horrendous obstacle to overcome.

But it isn't the only noise that shatters the focus.

You have partisan sites such as Townhall decree that (Left-wing) journalism is dead -- but exclude partisan Rightist outfits such as Fox News from their list, making excuses that their opinionist hosts such as Sean Hannity are exempt from scrutiny because he proffers opinion, and thus is not a journalist.

But he works on a news channel. He talks about current events. He interviews newsmakers; ergo, he is not exempt from the same criticisms, especially as their journalists and hosts all walk lockstep to the same partisan line. Nice try.

Just as CNN and the Washington Post pounce on Hannity because he isn't from the Left, Townhall defend his honour because he is from their Right. The arguing is all very convenient -- and so hopelessly wrong from both sides of that made-up linear divide.

When you are the mirror image of your enemy, you are the enemy. You are no better than those who hate because you play the same games and are fighting for the same prize. The babbling drowns out the sensibility as journalists pretend they are being informative.

And if that added noise wasn't confusing enough, through all of that sanctioned propaganda comes sophistry right into the product. It is nothing but sink or swim patriarchal dreck, such as this piece in Aeon babbling about the evils of marriage and that it should be abolished.

The binary thinking is sanctioned insanity that is akin to forcing all single people to be married. If people wish to be wed in a state-sanctioned way, they should be given the absolute freedom to do it. If people do not wish for the formality, they are free to just shack up, and if there are people such as me who love being single, then I can remain footloose and fancy-free. I do not need everybody else to be single to validate my existence.

It all comes down to meddling: forcing everyone else to walk lockstep with you because deep down, you actually are fully aware you are wrong. When you force your opinions on others and preach for marriage -- or against --your cult-like bullying is a red flag that you need numbers to prop up your shaky nonsense because you do not have facts on your side.

Your life requirements are yours alone. My life requirements are mine, and do not force me into living your fantasy -- and I will not force you into copying my playbook, either.

When we have propaganda, we lose ideological tolerance. We cannot expand or grow because we want artificial confines and false scripts to guide our passive selves. With take no risks, and we do not experiment. We just coast on static rules.

That's why journalism died, but more importantly -- why is can't resurrect. It is stuck in its own pine box, believing it is a comfort and a fortress of protection.

We need the alternative to journalism -- a place that is not beguiled by ideological partisanship and artificial lines in the sand. We need those who understand ideology is a game of logical fallacies and hypothetical constructs, and instead, seeks facts.

It is the simplest method of informing a public. Do not tell them what to think. Do not tell them how to think. Do not give them scripts that turn into props to hold them up.

Thinks facts. The more you have, the more obvious the solutions becomes.

I have been musing from this Tower of Babel for over twenty years, chronicling its cacophony and mixed messages. It is time for clarity and simplicity, and with a map of facts to get out of that maze and out into the open...


The Nation's delusions continue, sadly. Children, you are the Establishment who was broken, not the Resisters. Now, Kindly get over yourselves.

The Nation is at it again. 220px-The_Nation_magazine_cover_May_3_2010

The limousine liberals who pretend to be some resistance fighters.

No, you're not. Your are Establishment journalists shilling for the well-heeled Left.

And now that social media has co-opt them and broke their monopoly, they cannot decree to the little people what to think.

So after a little scheming and pouting, they are trying to convince said little people to abandon their freedoms and go back to the model of journalism that gives control to the privileged few with this ridiculous headline:

Break Facebook’s Power and Renew Journalism

We must take the Internet back from monopolies.

Who is this "we"?

You, you mean.

Break Facebook's power and come crawling back to you?

Nice try.

If people don't like Facebook, they have Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, YouTube, LinkedIn, Ello, and a host of other places where they can speak and broadcast themselves.

People have many places. They are not stuck with just Facebook.

They do not need legacy journalism because people had no control.

And your solution? For people to give up their voices and then go back to the horse and buggy?

Journalism was always a flawed discipline that got corrupted beyond saving.

So let's try this again -- only without your self-serving manipulation:

Keep Facebook, make more demands of it, and let's start a truly viable and wonderful new alternative to journalism, and leave the relics at the Nation to stew in their selfish rot.

Now, there's a solution,

And a far better one than what those dead dinosaurs in that extinct profession can ever offer the world...


Big Tech robber barons mistreat workers? You don't say!

Journalism built up those Big Tech Titans of Industry for decades. They were the Great Men of our time. I have written about this problem repeatedly, but now that journalists didn't get their cookies and lollipops for drooling over these players, they are now acting like a jilted lover, throwing dirt they would have known from the beginning, but was saving when the timing was right. Oh dear.

Tesla is under fire these days, and Fast Company is miffed that they are fighting back, all but calling the stories "fake news".

Tesla isn't wrong.

All those fawning stories over the years was advertising presented as news -- that was fake news.

So that's what Big Tech has been used to from the press. Let's not pretend they weren't groupie stenographers for the last few decades. They enabled and built up these monsters, hiding the unflattering information first -- the way The New York Times built up men such as Harvey Weinstein, axing any unflattering stories, and when they could no longer play make pretend, spill the beans and then get a paper crown for it.

Fast Company's article on Tesla is very revealing in a common manipulation practice of Appealing to Virtue-Signalling, with the headline saying it all:

Tesla calls journalism nonprofit an “extremist organization” after negative story

The notion that the "nonprofit" is some sort of right and righteous charity group isn't true -- "nonprofit" these days simply means funded by partisan billionaires with the end goal of smearing their rivals and opponents, as they try to shame any narrative that goes against their self-interest.

What you have these days are a few billionaires who are buying the press coverage using the pseudo-noble terms such as "nonprofit", weakening their enemies, strengthening their public image, and getting a tax write-off with their "donations."

This is hardly in the public interest, and it's hardly new.

But these days, journalism isn't a thing. A nonprofit is an ineffectual vanity project. Amazon, one of the few that went the direct route, bought the for-profit Washington Post for a song, but they still get bad press, and they still sign supreme regardless of the working conditions.

Because there is too much white noise, and almost no real facts coming through.

The wolves in sheep's clothing are playing the same games as they always did, except in an Age of Propaganda, they are all cancelling each other out, and their impact these days, has been negligible to say the least...


Memo to the New Republic: It is an Age of Propaganda. Your partisan brainwashing is as vulnerable as the Right's. Why not try reality for once?

Journalists love to use the trigger word "crisis" when talking about themselves these days. Way past crisis, sillies!

The New Republic is a Leftish partisan magazine most famous for enabling serial fabulist Stephen Glass.


But they also like to parrot what everyone else in the dead profession is babbling.

Yet this article has a little twist:

The Crisis of Pro-Trump Journalism

More influential than ever, the right-wing media is now facing increased scrutiny. But will it make a difference?

What journalists have labelled "crisis" should be relabelled as "We are alienating people in an Age of Propaganda with our overt partisan decrees and opinions."

The article is a classic case in committing the confirmation bias: it acts as if this is a problem unique to their ideological enemies, when in fact, it was the problem that destroyed an entire profession, left and right.

You see a Left-wing publication think it's cunning by positioning themselves as the alternative where disillusioned Right-wingers will come running into their open arms.

Except they don't come running: they were already disillusioned with the Left, and should their hopes and dreams not come true under this administration, won't be switching teams.

They either go more extreme or just ditch any information source entirely.

Journalists are like the deluded spouse whose mate ran off with someone, and they are so arrogant, the jilted person honestly believes when the ex tires of the new playmate, will come crawling back, chastened and completely obedient.

Except that doesn't happen. The mate who strayed will find someone new over and over again, moving on.

The fantasy that audiences will come crawling back is what has helped destroy journalism: they think they don't have to change a thing because the audiences will come back in a more receptive mindset.

The habit has been broken. When you rely on partisan reporting instead of facts, once your ideas belittle or clash with your audience, they do not forgive, and they do not forget.

Jane Fonda will always be Hanoi Jane to those who saw her fateful actions of betrayal and degradation. Hillary Clinton will always be deplorable to those she used the phrase in an attempt to vote-shame them into voting for her.

Partisan reporting often seems like a cheap and easy way to gain a share of audience loyalty: the problem is if you make one misstep, your spell is broken.

That is a big reason why journalists lost so much of their audiences: they kept talking down to them and insulting them with stories. People were seething, and when social media came, they had an out.

So the New Republic should look inward, instead of salivating at the prospect that their Right-winged counterparts may alienate their audiences.

Kids, those put-off audiences won't be crawling to you no matter how angry they become...

JSP? Really, CBC?

The CBC must have been inspired by The Goldbergs. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWMiFXU2iAM?rel=0]

The CBC has a history of cringeworthy buzzwords that induce eye-rolling than actual results.

They are chirpy about their "Journalistic Standards and Practices", which has been labelled JSP.

It is not exactly any sort of deal, big or otherwise. Many newsrooms have vague and nebulous standards and practices and have for decades. When I went to j-school, as I had nothing better to do, our library had most of them in a database, I read and saved them all.

When I wrote about the business of journalism, one of my articles landed in Current in 2001 -- a trade magazine about public broadcasting, and my piece was about the CBC. Back then, they were using the term "e-transformation" or something along the lines. It didn't do anything for them then.

JSP won't do anything new for them now.

Your scruples and attention to detail should be apparent in your product, not in some chirpy press release-sounding babble. If you have to draw attention to it with some title that some high schoolers thought up, your maturity and understanding of reality seriously comes into question.

I never understood why those in that dead profession always want applause and a lollipop for doing things that are a normal part of the job: it would be the same if doctors demanded a cookie and a paper crown for every patient that comes out of routine surgery alive and not butchered...

Journalism's looking for free labour continues -- Big Brother style.

I love this headline for this article from the CBC:

Help CBC News investigate political ads on Facebook

How much are you paying for people doing your work for you? Oh, that's right, nothing.

ProPublica is behind this one, and has a similar headline to a similar article:

Help Us Monitor Political Ads Online

ProPublica launches a “PAC” to scrutinize campaign ads on Facebook.

What this extension is a way for media companies to monitor your online habits, without having to pay people a dime. How noble of you to exploit people's fears and labour as you get to look at what people are looking at so you can tailor-make propaganda in the name of being "journalists."

Nice try.

Remember -- ProPublica was founded by Democrat billionaires.

They aren't that rich for nothing, kids.

The New York Times pulled the same stunt during the 2016 president election -- and Trump still won despite the Big Brother monitoring of the partisan flock.

This is the sort of thing journalists howl at when other people do it -- but then they just do the same thing.

If they want to do some market research -- then they can pay for it like everyone else...

Memo to the 21 students who dropped out of Sinclair interviews: Do you actually think it's different anywhere else?

The TORTEE Generation are a curious lot. They have a single belief in The One Rule That Explains Everything.

They grew up indoctrinated on commercials that told them a simple and passive hack will make all the problems disappear.

No ability for critical thinking. No ability to see beyond the façade.

It's why you have kids who are clamouring for gun control -- they want to be nannied so some other servant will clean up their messes. America was built on slavery, and that exploitative mindset never got cleansed out of their system.

They are always offended and enraged, like the spoiled diva whose maid didn't press her underpants in the exact way she was ordered, and didn't treat her master like a god.

Arrogance, insensitivity, and ignorance are the toxic qualities that destroyed journalism.

They issue decrees, and now are having fits that people ignore their royal edicts.

There is no one rule to explain everything. You have to experiment, and test, looking for flaws and weaknesses -- not to judge and gripe in the hopes someone will give you something to console you, but to understand and improve.

Sinclair Broadcasting is no better or worse than the other outlets.


They make the same demands, treat their employees the same, and do what media outlets have always done: force the same narrative on all of their stories. The end.

But the little j-school brats got spooked that Sinclair got some bad publicity, and 21 of them think they have dodged a bullet by not going for an interview for some low-paying dead-end job.

Kids, I have bad news for you: it is no different anywhere else.

We are in an Age of Propaganda.

In a partisan press, you must follow the script.

The FNC had their memos, which I chronicled in my 2005 book OutFoxed. Nothing has changed. I had my own stories spiked if I did not walk lockstep with a media outlet's royal decree.

When I wanted to point out the problems of Toronto's gang wars, I was rejected because the white people of Toronto didn't want the spoil their cocktail parties. When I wanted to discuss the political significance of street graffiti, I was rejected because the middle and upper classes refused to believe that the fringe were more politically savvy and aware than they ever could be. When I wanted to talk about how Canada was a hot bed for art crimes, no one wanted to hear it because, you know, it's Canada.

And when I wanted to point out how journalism's own internal mechanisms were going to lead to a collapse, no one was interested because that would mean some blowhards would be exposed for the bumbling oafs that they were.

In 2018, there is no excuse for this generation's complete ignorance and passivity.

And no, throwing a temper tantrum in the street demanding adults clean up your bloody messes isn't being active.

Journalists ran and hid from their problems to their industry's devastation.

And that you are going into a dead profession is a real knee-slapper, but to pretend you have scruples and standards by rejecting that dead-end placement is an absolute riot.

Because it is the same wherever you go.

Left, Right, there is no difference in the culture or the methods.

But it doesn't;t matter. You chose to cavort with the dead -- get used to the rot, children because it's contagious and it destroys everything and everyone around it in a blink of an eye.

And there isn't some quick and passive little hack that will fix it...

Apple threatens employees who leak to the press with criminal action...and then want to launch a news subscription service...Press Release subscription service, perhaps?

Apple likes to exploit the press when comes to launching their trinkets, but only on their terms. 2000px-Apple_logo_black.svg

The leakers still leaked the No Not Leak Or Else memo.

But now they want to meddle in news with a a subscription service as they have bought Texture and gutted it by shedding employees.

Apple did very well with cool toys and entertainment-based things, such as music and movies, but work and play are two separate spheres. People don't have an interest in the old model of news; and I don't see this flying.

It is a different era, and Big Tech has lost much of its luster in 2018. That, a couple of years ago, would have been unthinkable.

The information stream is becoming a battleground, but there is a huge problem: journalism collapsed by means of a nuclear bomb, and the ground is radioactive. Big Tech are waging in that certain death battleground thinking they can hover over it and take over.

The problems are much deeper than that, and while Apple will put out sunny press releases, the truth will not live up to their hype...

Making something out of nothing: ABC trying to squeeze a flop interview by doing something I did over a decade ago.

When I had my own experimental news site Chaser News, I was transparent. I didn't edit anything, from interviews, to my progress on stories. When I did things and got information, how I got it was made public. When I struck out, I said it out in the open. In 2007. Imagine that.

And now ABC News trying to drum up talk for an interview that has already been forgotten, by bragging how they are releasing the "full transcript" of their dud interview with James Comey.

Oh, whoop di do.

They are calling it "unusual".

Actually, it is too little, too late.

It is a desperate move because the "get" didn't deliver, and it was still an empty and factually devoid interview...

New York Times wins a Pulitzer for a story they suppressed since 2004.

Journalists love, love, love to give themselves awards and prizes. two_medals

These days, these awards mean nothing.

The New York Times won the big one for their "story" on Harvey Weinstein.

They had to share it with Ronan Farrow, who actually began the investigation before they did.

But they didn't exactly earn this one for a very big reason.

They passed on the same story in 2004 when Sharon Waxman's piece was killed.

Why didn't she win the Pultizer?

Because she was silenced -- and then the newspaper turns around and wins an award for something they were perfectly aware of for over a decade.

That's how much these awards are worth...

Memo to the Guardian: Deal with reality, please. If the corrupt kills a journalist, there will be no replacement. Tough talk when an industry collapsed isn't productive.

If you are going to make a threat, make sure reality backs you up. unnamed-2

In this case, it doesn't.

Journalism is a dead profession. The job losses and outlet closures are coming fast and furious.

Investigative journalism is dead.

So let's get that out of the way first.

The Guardian keeps begging readers for money. That isn't a good turn.

Journalism never had a real system to protect their own. They were never well paid.

When your job is fleeting, you are not going to take any real chances.

Not that most journalists do real journalism. They crib from press releases, even when they are supposed to be covering war zones.

The corrupt know this fact. That's why so many of them hire PR firms -- and you have turned those corrupt into Great Men.

Or you hire the corrupt.

Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered, and it was an outrage.

But if journalists were true to that word, there would have been a completely different system in place, and she wouldn't have been alone in her work from the beginning.

And with a profession that is not even a shadow of its former self, the chest-thumping rings hollow.

Journalism needs to look inward to see what happened, and how weak they have become...