Journalism continues to confuse journalism and advertorial writing.

The sunny headline says it all:

Oscars forge new credibility in the furnace of scandal

The article from AFP is equally problematic. You have decades of abuse, but in a couple of months, those who partook in harassment or condone it, can all by themselves, clean up their act?


This comes right out of a sitcom: horrible thing happens, someone call someone else out, problem is completely solved by the end of the show. It is a way of signalling to readers that the press is hoping the problem is resolved so they do not ever have to call out another Hollywood player so they could hope to be invited to the next red carpet photo op.

It is advertorial writing, not journalism. It is not the first "okay, it's all good!" that has been put out by the press. The "witch hunt" narrative didn't take, and now let's pat the women on the head, assure them everything is all right, and then let us go back to covering Kardashians again.

The Oscars are facing heat over their choices of best pictures; so this is a way to deflect attention and try to take hold of the narrative. Like journalism, Hollywood has been facing a backlash.

All it takes is one new set of allegations, and it will be back to square one.