J-Babble's Fear and Pity Tour Continues as the panhandling betrayers of the truth want people to trust them again.

Journalism doesn't pay the bills these days; so many reporters try to drum up some business and make a few extra drachma by way of holding Fear and Pity Tours. Mostly attended by j-schools students and a few retirees who remember when journalism used to be a thing, these forums are very dull and self-serving. I have been to one, and boy, was the event completely mislabelled. CJF_logo_blacksquare-300x296

This whopper is upcoming from The Canadian Journalism Foundation, and it gave me a chuckle:

Building Trust in Media

You betray the truth every chance you get, and then expect to build trust? Ship has sailed on that pipe dream, children, but the event's blurb adds to the hilarity and chutzpah:

In an age of misinformation, disinformation, AI and media manipulation, how can news organizations and platforms like Google build trust with audiences?

The Dead Profession is trying to maneuver themselves into pretending that they are different than the bots, and they are not.

When you choose to be partisan, there is no difference between and fake news for one reason: both are factually devoid, making them both meaningless and worthless.

And AI is not going to save a thing because in order to create an AI version of your profession, you have to have an empirical foundation to build on and journalism never bothered with those little details.

Another farce.

And, of course, their web site is begging for money.

Journalism has become panhandling without producing anything of value.

Another racket from grifters and the profession is still dead...