How does a profession go from objective to partisan to religious? When they lose control.

Journalism has undergone a radical and extremist transformation that has made their demise worse. They were partisan until it realized neutrality connected with more audiences, and then it began to hit its stride.

And make no mistake: it was once a profitable industry that was rational and objective to a fair degree.

And then as it began to lose clout, it started to become increasingly partisan, going back to its troubled roots.

But when that didn't work -- it became an overzealous and violent cult.

It dictates what people should believe. It openly tries to engage in social engineering. It demonizes those who do not agree with its numerous sermons. It shames those whose life requirements differ than their own. It preaches to its dwindling flock in a binary way.

And then there is that bottomless pit called a collection plate.

Photo of a Collection Plate

Journalism has become puritanical, always moralizing and preaching, instead of informing. 

It judges outsiders of the flock to the point that I am surprise they don't call those people heathens.

Who placed them in charge of morality -- and isn't their mandate supposed to be one of rationality? Give us facts so we can face reality and see the truth -- not terrify us of being slapped with some sort of Scarlett letter if we do something the press doesn't like.

There is a peculiar fanaticism that has engulfed the profession and drowned it to death.

But journalism lost control, and then panicked, being so obsessed with being ignored that they are now completely driven by the motive of regaining control, throwing away every pretence so their true intentions and motives are now transparent.

It is the reason we need an alternative -- one that passes no judgement or offers any simplistic narrative script. Just the facts.

A profession that has faith in human intellect would be a breath of fresh air -- one that is tolerate, peaceful, sensible, empirical, rational, realistic, modest, active, sensitive, and most of all, helpful.

When you are all those things, people will come to you because they can trust you. They can trust you with the truth. They can trust you to tell them what they need to hear. They can trust you not to manipulate them. They can trust you will not judge them or blame them. They can trust you are brave enough and honest enough to give them the facts as they are so they can make their way in the world.

Journalism could have been the most beautiful calling in the world. It could have been Edenic. It could have averted wars, fears, hatred, and anger. It could have opened up our eyes so we can see the world outside of us -- and within us.

It couldn't have, but it went down a horrific path.

But it doesn't mean we cannot try again, in earnest this time...