Terry Gilliam's rant and why the #MeToo mob was the backlash to the original terrorist mob.

Director Terry Gilliam thinks #MeToo is mob behaviour. I think a lot of rich and powerful men don't get what happened; so let me explain it.

For decades, the communications industry was run by a mob mentality of bosses who ganged up, abused underlings, and then smeared their names and blacklisted them if they refused to give in.

They called these women crazy, disgruntled, gold diggers, you name it.

That was the original mob mentality.

A terrorist mob who made it clear that if a woman wanted that glamorous job, she had better put out with a smile on her face, and take it.

Sooner or later, there will be a backlash, and #MeToo was it.

No wonder the traditional communications industry despises the Internet: it gave an outlet for all those abused underlings to make public their grievances.

If Hollywood didn't want #MeToo to happen, then it should have learned to treat employees with dignity and respect.

People fight fire with fire.

And mob with mob.

The pendulum just swung the other way...like a wrecking ball, destroying old structures in its wake.

It would be more helpful if people stopped seeing this movement as a "mob" or "witch hunt", and more like a reaction.

It's like stepping on someone's foot, and then whining about them screaming at you, and then pushing you off their foot, accusing them of being drama queens for it...