The Meme Propagandists and how they corrupted journalism.

So much propaganda that the Internet has turned into a literal propaganda mill. 27992958_411878309247122_738535445732415068_o.png

I would disagree with that poster vehemently as all three have had their share of all sorts of murders, massacres, and even terrorist attacks.

The United States has more than average, but it is not as if we don't have emotionally disturbed people killing other people.

The Left in the US would love nothing more than to pretend that guns cause their angry and disturbed teenagers to kill. Imagine: take away the guns, and no parents have to be responsible for their parenting lapses. No school has to be accountable for not seeing or reporting an escalation in a troubled student's demeanour. No social services or law enforcement agency has to do any self-assessment. No media outlet would have to explain why the latest episode of The Bachelor or Saturday Night Live took more space in their news reports than what was going down in the local schools.

Because it's just the guns. The end. It's all good, no worries, and all that jazz.

Except we have people making bombs, throwing acid, ramming trucks, and sending powder through the mail.

But that murder has nothing to do with this murder because murder is just an icky topic to discuss, unless it's a fake murder on a police procedural program.

We no longer look for facts. We scour the Internet for the newish kind of propaganda.

The Meme.

The meme is the smug, all-knowing, simplistic wrap-up to shut down the search for facts.


The anonymous writer spews and insults, and that's it; he knows better than anyone else; so kindly put up his handiwork on your social media site for free.

Do the propagandist's work for him.

And when snark and smugness seems superior to verifying facts -- or at least finding them -- you don't need a free press.

All you need is a meme.

As ill-informed and wrong as the memegandist is.

So long as you can find an easy solution, and have other people take the blame and clean up the mess.

And hope you don't have to lift a finger or be responsible as the troubles get worse, and as the world moves on without you...