Memo to Vice: Canada should not support journalism. Period. Journalism failed the people. We need a replacement -- and not a temple of misogyny that calls itself Vice.

Journalism had been to reduced to paupers fighting for government handouts. vice-og.png-2

The old newspaper relics are throwing childish temper tantrums, demanding to be saved because they are essential for the survival of mankind.

Yeah, civilization is doing just fine without your meddling, and that is the reason they are leaving you in droves.

Now, the other media want in on it, and Vice is now trying to make a case for Canada not supporting newspapers, but journalism.


If journalism as a model worked, then newspapers would be just fine because out of all four media, they did it the best -- and still screwed up to the point of no return.

And what's Vice besides a sexist pig sty? It's not journalism. It's smug trash that pretends to be on the top of some phantom pecking order. You're not fooling anybody.

Journalism -- as in the entire state of journalism -- is dead. D-E-A-D. The end. Period. The fat lady sang and left with the ship that sailed far away, never to return.

What kind of journalists are you if you don't see it?

Canada should not support a dead profession. The government should not be allowed to meddle in a new form of it, either -- if we need facts, then it helps when one of the behemoths that needs to be accountable does not control the purse strings or set up a system that is rigged to give it a free pass.

But Canadian journalism always had an addiction and dependence on the government to function, and it is the reason our journalism was destroyed first in the Western world. We are so used to be being nannied, that we do not know how to rough it, and how to stand up to authority, who have an enormously unfair advantage -- they set the rules, control the wealth, and rig the system to give themselves near immunity on almost every matter imaginable.

A new form of fact-gathering has to be rebellious by nature -- the contrarian who always questions why. It cannot look for support nor validation -- it has to have the confidence and the shrewdness to not fall for the lures of an authority supporting or praising it.

The fact that Vice is looking for support shows its bravado is all for show -- their façade does not match the mindset, and it glares.

Enough of the talk of needing to be kept to thrive. If you want people to need your product, make it useful and valuable.

You don't need a government or support to do that -- you need hard work, determination, and a plan.

No one in the profession did, and that's why it died.