National Post: Stop begging for government money. Stop misusing your newspaper to have the government save you so you can continue to do the same thing that got you in this mess to begin with. You made this mess. You clean it up. Or just get out a business you never understood in the first place.

This condescending plea to the government is not journalism. mv9ErfX-_400x400

This is advertising.

Begging the government to save you is shameful.

We have homeless people.

We have mentally ill people who cannot get treatment.

We have sick and terminally ill people.

We have refugees.

We have battered wives.

We have abused children.

We have disposed First Nations citizens who do not even have running water.

They are too sick and too weak to lobby the government.

But you, fellas, are arrogant spoiled brats who were too full of yourselves to make changes to keep up with the times.

It was always rearranging the window dressing with you. You never did anything to improve your product.

You ran to your focus groups who did nothing for your fortunes.

You curried favour with elites, and why not? How many of you are related to those elites by marriage or by blood.

So please, stop begging the government to save your hides.

Because you are supposed to be keeping government accountable, not openly pleading for a handout.

If you get one, the federal government proves to be an immoral enabler.

And you all incompetent frauds.

You do not know what it means to be a journalist. You know how to pontificate. You know how to knock the vulnerable when they are down.

But journalism -- and the business of journalism, you know nothing about.

I remember the day you were born. I covered it for Presstime.

Clueless then, clueless now.

I could see the writing on the wall that what you really were: a vanity newspaper.

You were jockeying for a spot at the cocktail party circuit in Toronto. That's all.

How embarrassing it must be for you all to be on your knees, having to plea for mercy.

You have been defending Great Men. You should have been a guardian to all citizens.

You ignored youth. I was a Language Studies professor dragging your free papers into my classes, and watching my students -- who weren't idiots -- ignore your rag.

I asked them why.

There are no stories speaking to us, they told me time and again.

They were right. Boy, did they have your number.

You ignored that demographic completely, as if they were beneath you.

You saw too many people beneath you. You were a little club and built a little fortress out of the newspaper nobody was reading.

Now, you want to force taxpayers who have already told you they are not buying your newspaper, to fund your dysfunction.

If the federal government understands the concept of democracy, they should tell your lot to fix your problems all on your own.

You made this mess.

You clean it up.

Stop misusing your paper to lobby the government. Stop using your paper as a propaganda tool to save yourselves.

You had a chance. It has been almost 20 years of your dreadful, shallow existence. If you cannot change, then get out of the business.