Memo to the Boston Globe: Stop whining about your rivals new owners. Vulture capitalists came to power because journalists never stood up to tyrants. You always glorified them. Now deal with the consequences honestly -- or did you think if you curried favour with the vultures, they'd leave you alone?

The Boston Globe is a having a hissy fit because the company who bough their rival are, in their words, a venture capitalist. boston-globe

You don't say?


How do you think those kinds of players get that far?

They are brutes. They are relentless and aggressive, but if they are held accountable in public, they don't fare well.

They use all sorts of feints and ruses.

36 Stratagems and all that jazz.

They use public relations firms.

And they play the press, particularly the business section.

Because journalists always love a titan, and a Great Man.

They slobber all over them as they make the little people feel small.

I worked as business journalist. I know what games go on. The graft, the promises, all of it.

I never bought it for a second. Those people are good at selling, and advertising is a form of propaganda.

You have to resist falling victim to it.

But journalists like to brag, don't they?

They love to build up those Great Visionaries of Industry.

Rah rah rah.

Let's get down on those unions. Let's rage at raising the minimum wage, and why are all those people with graduate degrees renting out couches and demanding a livable wage?

Now you think of getting concerned: when it hits your flesh?

Spare people the sob story.

It is a day late and a dollar short.

You should have been the bane of the Titan's existence.

But you weren't.

Don't expect the people you ignored to worry about your collapse.

They have their own problems, and don't care.

They lived just fine without you doing what you were supposed to be doing all along.

Now deal with it.