A tale of two blood-lettings: Vanity Fair and Global jettison some human cargo. One is a changing of the guard. Not the other.

Vanity Fair has a new editor, and it should surprise no one that 15 have been given their walking papers. Conde Nast's Glamour is also letting some staffers, go, but as Vanity Fair is still celebrity-focussed, don't be surprised if they replace the old guard with cheaper, younger models.screen_shot_2018-02-15_at_12.59.56_pm_-_h_2018 That's the last Graydon Carter-helmed cover, and like the others, the girls show their physical assets, while the boys do not. Will a new editor be any better? The façade will seem like it, but new boss will be the same as the old one.

But Global television is letting go 80 people across Canada, and this blood-letting is not regime change or "reshaping", as obnoxious doublespeakers like to spew. Canadian journalism collapsed, and this is no surprise to anyone who is observant to the current reality and can face it.


The union is whining, but they should really just shut up. Their workers didn't help their profession, and they didn't help themselves by extension. The entire profession sank to the bottom of a black hole, and pretending that it didn't is counterproductive. They don't have cards to play. They should have fought tooth and nail for things to help them improve their product so they wouldn't be in this position.

Broadcasters are also in big trouble here, thanks to Netflix and their ilk. Programming has gone turbo: spewing out a lot of little shows that are more disposable than the old guard. Once upon a time, Canadian broadcasters merely bought US programming and were profitable. While we have more Canadian-based content, people are getting their fixes on their tablets and smartphones. The era of scheduled must-see watching is gone. When you have two screens -- a computer and a television, the one with more versatility that you can take with you wins. When you held the remote control had full control, but now, you can watch whatever you want as your spouse and kids can do the same. It's a different world.

While both these blood-lettings signal different things, neither are a positive omen; it's just one is more dire than the other.