Despite its little trick, CNN prepares for more job losses.

CNN is a network with no news, and it is going to be shedding even more jobs. 1200px-CNN.svg-2

Railing against Donald Trump isn't news, or news that grows an audience.

The problem with CNN is that it has a single trick and relies on bashing a single person.

What you end up with is people who just tune in to have their vitriol validated, and they do not care if there are facts; they just want blood.

You could tell them Trump is Cthulhu, and that's fine, good enough.

They are not audiences who cares about news other than targeting a single person or collective. When that's over, they leave. They have no interest or loyalty.

They are the absolute worst audience to court.

The fly by nighters are fickle, and if some other site out rants CNN, that's where the flock will go. You cannot make a news outlet on rage alone; sooner or later, it all comes crashing down.

CNN is learning this the hard way, and once a structure is eroded, good luck with improving it from there.

But outlets like CNN suffer from a bad case of hubris, and they can't see it.