Dear Buzzfeed: in 2005, I pointed out the fake news crisis in my first book. My 2018 book and this web site has said we are now in an information apocalypse. Why is Aviv Ovadya's belated word worth more than mine? Because he's a man and I am a woman?

Journalism is rife with rank misogyny. Unless a man says it is so, a woman's well-researched word means absolutely nothing. buzzfeed_arrow.e86a786d9e5e2250e1ed3e0ec95ba42d

Buzzfeed's sexism continues with this article:

He Predicted The 2016 Fake News Crisis. Now He's Worried About An Information Apocalypse.

Sorry, Buzzfeed, I predate Aviv Ovadya.

My proof:

Don't Believe It!: How lies becomes news.



When Journalism was a Thing.


But journalism has attracted men who cannot imagine a woman could actually predict anything. It is an inherent rig within their own structures.

And, by the way, my first book has been quoted in other books, academic journals, and been used as a textbook. It is not as if it is some obscure, extremist book. It is well researched, and warned the profession that they had to make serious changes, or else no one would be able to discern their work from propaganda, which is what fake news essentially is.

This web site has also repeatedly shown that the profession has collapsed. My book is coming out, but it goes into greater detail.

But when you are a woman pointing out troubles, you are dismissed as silly and hysterical.

I am neither silly nor hysterical. I am rightfully angry that I am being ignored and shut out.

But I also know that I am not the only woman who gets ignored this way.

Journalism collapsed because of the conniving games they play: and they should stop having the default assumption that only men can see the troubles in a profession and society.