The New York Times and the Smearing of Dylan Farrow.

The New York Times has been an organ of propaganda for the "Great Men". They do not understand women. They do not see them as visionaries, innovators, or rebels. They do see them as unstable liars who are suggestible.

Case in point: Woody Allen apologist Bret Stephens was given a platform by the Times to smear Dylan Farrow in a piece of odious dreck.

To be clear, there is absolutely not a shred of journalism in this piece of misogynistic hate speech. It is to preserve the opinion that Woody Allen is a Great Man, and everyone who ever said so at a cocktail party or newspaper/magazine article was never wrong because they are smarter/hipper/cooler/shrewder than you.

Memo to Mr. Stephens: you all were wrong. Your ilk are bloated and pretentious churls, and hoped that you would seem smart by proxy, by elevating disposable entertainment into something other than a quick life-sink.

And to do it in a public forum without so much as precursory investigation is wicked.

Dylan Farrow is a grown woman and she is more than capable of defending herself.

But to the brutes who get away with rape, molestation, and other forms of the hate crime of sexual terrorism, they know if someone as rich, powerful, and connected as Allen gets taken down, they don't have a prayer. They dispatch their little minions to misuse terms such as "witch hunt" in order to prevent them from being made accountable for their conniving games.

These little boys know they are not great men: they are mediocre and mundane little boys who use hype and puffery to tell the Little People that their trash is genius.

No, it's not. It's garbage. Worthless, uninspiring, primitive garbage.

The New York Times has aided and abetted these sheltered little boys for decades, and that they keep defending an immoral twerp tells you that they are not the Paper of Record: they are cheerleaders trying to protect people who have done nothing of value.

But if the Times was truly an honest and accurate paper of record, they would tell women that they live in a primitive country where child molesters who harm four-year-olds get reelected to positions of power with the full support of the mayor:

According to Spartansburg Borough Mayor Ann Louise Wagner, she, along with members of the fire department and community, are aware Gilbert is a sex offender... "I think we are making this into something that it isn't. I don't know why she (the victim's mother) won't drop this."

She doesn't know why the victim's mother won't drop the fact that the man who would stoop so low as to rape a child is allowed to have a position of authority.

Ms. Wagner, just how out of touch with reality -- and humanity -- are you?

I find it ironic that predators who hunt prey, get scared and then accuse the prey of witch-hunting them.

You set the terms of engagement; you normalized hunting. You rigged it because you thought you were the only ones who could do it, and when your prey all got together to make you accountable, you cry like the children you always have been, screaming no fair!

This is the very reason we need a form of journalism: we have people in power who do all sorts of immoral things to get to the top, and if they are exposed as the weaklings that they are, they lose their seat on the gravy train because they know they would not be capable of earning those perks.

If we had a real press, they would be exposed, and we'd have a far better and functioning society.

The trouble is the press has aided and abetted incapable trash, making them as untrustworthy as the predators they go out of the way to protect.

Memo to the Times: there comes a time when you allow too many predators to harm one too many victims, and people who become an in-group then get together to rightfully deduce that you are an enemy. When you have a few victims, their voices cannot be heard.

But then the predators think they are invincible and entitled because they really are too stupid to see the changing of the rigged board. In the United States in 2018, that's what happened. You no longer have power. You squandered it protecting and elevating one predator too many.

An apology to Dylan Farrow is in order, but that takes courage and morals.

And stop employing shrill little boys as columnists. They're incapable of genuine thoughts that just degrade your newspaper even more, if that's actually possible.