Why fragile men like Bill Maher are lost in an era of #MeToo: Police state? Really? Stop being a snowflake and learn the difference between sex and exploitation. It really isn't that hard.

#MeToo has exposed a lot of men as cowards. The ones who are brave and do not use sex as a weapon have nothing to worry about. They respect boundaries. They let their feelings be known to someone they are attracted to in such a way that they do not come off as a terrorist, stalker, or psycho loon. They are sensible.

Bill Maher is whining that #MeToo has turned sex into a police state.

Oh, boo hoo hoo.

Here is the deal: Forcing yourself on an unwilling partner is not sex. Threatening an underling by denying work or promotions -- or threatening to blacklist her from the industry isn't foreplay.

You are not special. You are not entitled. Only cowards who think they have to terrorize women to keep a relationship going have made enough trouble.

Women are not trophies or possessions. They are people, and just like man-people, women-people do not care to be abused or disrespected.

We are not objects. We are more than a pair of breasts, and we have minds that think.

And, in case you may have missed the memo, we are no longer Neanderthals. Men do not have to hunt, anymore. Women are not prey, anyway.

Men have been sheltered for many years. Women have held their tongues because they were terrified of being beaten and/or killed if they stood up to someone who can snuff their lights out in a heartbeat.

It took centuries of clawing our way to having something other than a mere existence. Women were not allowed to vote. We were deemed property of men. Heaven help the woman whose fathers weren't prominent and provided them with a modicum of protection.

That is no way to live. We could have done more productive things for the whole of civilization instead of always having to cower and be obedient little diplomats to people who threw angry tantrums if the floorboards weren't scrubbed to their exacting specifications.

We had a lot of misdirections to steal away our focus and beat the ambition out of us.

We did that all with a smile.

It had an unexpected consequence: it weakened and infantilized a lot of men who needed all that propping up to feel manly and validated. It made them believe they were smarter, greater, sexier, and more cunning than they really were.

They were like the cranky infant everyone had to tip-toe around as to not set off another screaming fit.

So we gave men lots of candy, using phrases like "great man", "icon", and "visionary" to keep you amused, hoping if you got just enough positive attention, you'd start feeling an emotional connection to the rest of humanity.

But the childish men wanted more. They wanted everything their own way, being competitive, and wanting more, more, more. More money, more fame, more attention, more mistresses, more rights to exploit with impunity.

Then one day, those accommodating women, who have been tap-dancing since the day they were born just wanted one little thing.

A female president.

It didn't go so well.

And the boys -- the Peter Pans who never grew up -- started getting nasty and entitled.

That was a very bad move.

Sooner or later, boys have to grow up. They have to face the reality that those paper crowns are made up constructions like a teddy bear you wave in a toddler's face when he screeches like a baboon at the nice restaurant.

And for all that dirt kicked in those women's faces, it was one temper tantrum too many.

And the biggest spoiled brat of them all got outed in the New Yorker.

That was the day millions of mommies got fed up with their little boys.

And decided it was high time for them to face reality and learn the truth of what it means to be a man.

Little boys whine about life not being fair. Little boys want all of the toys to himself. Little boys taunt others on the playground. Little boys are always looking to get something for nothing and play games where they always win, even if they have to cheat, lie, steal, and bully to win.

So what you are experiencing, Mr. Maher, is something called growing pains.

American society has grown up. It has realized stomping over people just to prevent a few from screaming in their soiled diapers isn't worth it.

Now that women have matured and started coming into their own, it is time men like you did the same.

Men have nothing to worry about in the era of #MeToo. They never had a problem before; it will be the same now.

But for those who always want to be the strongest, smartest, richest, and most cunning in the room no matter who they hurt and how badly they destroy them, they have a few realities to face.

And it is time that they finally face it.