Medill's j-school prof has been #MeToo'ed.

It is not surprising. The professor in question taught investigative journalism. Medill Large

You have multiple complaints, but in a university setting, the word of a professor often overrides the word of a dozen students. Students are less experienced and have more faith in a system than they should. They believe in a system, and think their word will carry weight. Rarely it does.

The problem is predators have practice and they either ambush or prime their prey. The system is rigged to favour the cunning, not those who speak the truth. We need better ways of rooting out rot, and ensuring that those in power do not abuse it -- and that underlings have clear guidelines of what is expected of them, and why they shouldn't get their lines blurred.

The US has had an awakening of sorts, but I do not expect self-entitled abusers to just own up to their sins and retreat -- they are often so used to getting their own way that they see this as war and a challenge to prove their cunning, brute force, and superiority. They can never admit they were wrong, and with their enablers, they are shielded from truth and reality as the system rewards and mollycoddles them.

What happens here remains to be seen, but for journalism students, this would be the perfect starting point to learn what it means to investigate and to dig at an event that hits this close to your own future.