Memo to News Corp: The online environment didn't destroy journalism. It reflected the reality you always refused to see. How the ideology police try to enforce their order on a world of chaos.

News Corp's CEO Robert Thompson made some very amusing comments. news_corporation

He had a rant about the "dysfunctional" online environment, but I found this passage to be particularly funny:


But he noted that the online firms "are in the midst of a particularly disruptive period, commercially, socially and politically."


In other words, people are not deferring to a media conglomerate's decrees how they should think and believe.

Do people believe silly things? Yes, Mr. Thompson believes that there can be order that is rigged to suit the interests of his ilk to be imposed in a world of chaos.

People do not always look for facts in what they consume -- they are looking at anything to tweak their nose at meddlers and control freaks who want to tell them what to do with the thoughts in their heads, or they can be properly primed to be willing sheep to advertisers:

"The bot-infested badlands are hardly a safe space for advertisers, whose brands are being tainted by association with the extreme, the violent and the repulsive."

Even Prime Minster Justin Trudeau is trying to shove the genie back into the bottle by making some silly and patronizing threats to Facebook.

The fight to control those middle class and their disposable income continues, but it's too much fun to ignore the predators and spew your own decrees to your Facebook posse. It's like World of Warcraft, only you have a paunch, and your weapons are whatever made-up facts you can drudge up.

Social media has taken a life of its own, and the old guard are trembling in their boots as they lose their grip on the message they have been cultivating for decades.

Back to the drawing board, fellas.