Who is Alexandra Kitty?

That would be me. Profile

I covered the journalism industry all the while studying how it became so decrepit.


This cover story is mine:


I did more than just the journalism beat. I had two columns in major daily Canadian newspapers:



I also wrote hard news about women:



And this is a magazine profile done on me:


Of course, this is a sampling of work, hardly the entire body of it.

And, in case you didn't get the memo, I wrote four books, with the latest one coming out this summer:

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I did two major initiatives on my own: the hard news site Chaser News, and the experimental literary site A Dangerous Woman Story Studio.


I can tell you right now that my background in my chosen profession is beyond solid. I have taught in three different colleges (Mohawk, Sheridan, and Niagara), and an art school (the DVSA). I was the first women to win the Arch Award from McMaster University for career achievement.

And I did that all that -- and more -- all on my own. My mother and my grandmother were not "in the business." I didn't marry or even date someone in the business, and I never used the casting couch.

I made a career on my grit and wits. I do not care what other people think about me, as they don't pay my bills. I do care about how destructive a force journalism became, and how arrogant and irresponsible those in the profession became, still wanting applause for their shameful ways. I do care that women's rights are eroding in 2018, despite the rise of #MeToo.

But I don't just outline the problems -- I do things about it, despite the enormous obstacles that have been thrown in my face for the last three years.

I am not a quitter, however. I don't retreat or waste my time arguing with people who think arguments prove anything. Don't waste my time. You are just not important. If you think I am going waste my life reading or listening to your excuses why you are a jerk, think again.

I have been called cocky and curt. Whatever. I have also been accused of being too easygoing, too ambitious, too permissive, too eccentric, too rebellious, too nice, and too accurate. Whatever.

I am Alexandra Kitty, however. I have my own quirks, such as my love for the Hives and Ted Kord the Blue Beetle. I am learning to play the theremin and my three favourite art forms are Kintsugi, metalworking, and Encaustics.

So there you have it. You can look here to find out some other things about me if you wish, and here if you want to understand why I am not impressed with blowhards.

And you can take it from there...