New York Times posts loss this quarter. This is the "strongest" brand name of US newspapers. The model no longer works.

Publications such as Longreads has a crowdfunding model of journalism, and it's not going to work. But the New York Times hasn't changed the traditional model and their fortunes are tumbling.

With the new owner of the Los Angeles Times making the same old new boss promise to bolster the paper's "journalism" (spoiler alert: they all say it. They never know how to do it. They all fail to live up to the promise).

The business model doesn't work. The editorial model doesn't work.

That the US economy is roaring -- the losses should be a wake up to those in the profession. They have isolated themselves.

Funnier still, Pointer puts a sunny spin on it, calling it a "surge". It reminds me a lot of old communist propaganda newscasts where everything had a positive spin, even if there are job losses and closures. If you cannot see you situation accurately, you cannot see any environment accurately.

But for those of us who see reality, we can see what is happening, and shudder.