Dear National Post: Please do not write another word about #MeToo. You have no clue about truth or reality. Just tell the people of Toronto what movies, shows, causes, and restaurants to support that won't make them too nerdy. With cartoony diagrams. And drop the "Investigation" schtick. That's nerdy.

National Post should get out of the news business entirely. 20180207_203005-1858645323.jpg

Yes, I covered them as a journalist from the day they were born.

They could be a publication focussed on telling people in Toronto how not to look like total nerds in four main categories: where to dine, what movies to watch, what causes to say you support, and what to watch on Netflix.

That they could handle.

They could be, like, the Canadian Details magazine for the bored househusbands. They cater to sheltered men, anyway.

They totally get shallow men who panic and hyperventilate when they discover they don't know a nugget band like The Hives, and a woman at the cocktail party raves about them. (Sadly, this is a true story).


Hard news stories, on the other hand, the National Post can never do, let alone give actual sensible commentary.

They do not get #MeToo. This phenomenon is hard for them to understand because it comes with the built-in perspective that some in men power are bad.

And to the Post, there is no such thing as a bad man in power, unless he is Donald Trump, and as Trump's hair is just not cool, that is the reason he is the lone exception to their rule.

But even sometimes, their founder Conrad Black will defend Trump in a even then, a man in power can never be seen as universally bad.

But women with or without power are always bad in the eyes of the Post. If a woman says she was raped by a man in power, by golly, she must be lying! How dare she say a man in power did something bad?

This is the childish ideology that drives the Post. In all the years they've been a wobbly, money-losing thing, there has been one column that actually had a positive view of women (and yes, I mentioned it here when it came out way back in February 2017).

This latest column is shoddy logic at its worst: it is all talk and lecture, but one that comes from an ivory tower of sorts.

The discussion os over Steve Paikin's recent troubles, and the manipulations of this article are quite breath-taking. Paikin cannot be wrong because he is the columnist's friend...and, psst!, didn't you hear that the woman making accusations is a little bit crazy?

It is this patronizing drivel that created the atmosphere for #MeToo.

Well, people won't change their minds, so don't bother with those Great Unwashed is this article's central thesis. People who support #MeToo are hypocrites.

This is not someone used to digging and doing genuine research, and it shows. It is a vexed accusation that the angry people are being an annoying inconvenience, and there is no talking to them.

Canada has always been a place behind the times.

For all the claims that #MeToo is a "witch hunt", I find it very telling that those who are critics do not actually do the research to show these accusations to be false.

When your argument is "he is such a nice guy" and "she is a nutty slut", your credibility flies right out the window.

I have said from the beginning that real journalism is about facts. It is about research.

That means rooting through garbage. That means going into dark alleys in the middle of the night to talk to a skittish source. That means talking to nannies and maids to find out just how nice someone is...and driving hours to a small town library to go through microfilm to find a single newspaper article that proves a source is lying -- or digging through archives to find a single court transcript that somehow never made it to a database. It means scouring yearbooks to establish a timeline to confirm how honest someone has been with you -- and then discovering they haven't. It means muddling in a foreign language conducting an interview with someone who can confirm a small, but critical fact of a story. It means sitting and listening to disturbing stories that cannot possibly be true, and then you go digging and digging until you find out that the story is absolutely true.

I have been there. I have done all of those things. Every single one.

That's what you are supposed to do when you claim to be a journalist. You respect truth. You respect reality.

You understand that the person sitting in a jail cell may be innocent. You understand that the person with a mental disorder may be telling the truth. You understand the guilty people have been cleared, and innocent people have been convicted.

You do not guesstimate based on looks. You do not appeal to authority. You go back and back and back, and you dig, dig, dig.

This is not the way of the National Post.

They sit there with their noses in the air and think they know everything by mere look alone.

The National Post is an absolute disgrace and shame on the dead industry of journalism. I saw it from day one, and it has only gotten worse over time.

They ought to stick to writing for the shallow and competitive househusbands of Toronto; the ones whose mommy and daddy come from prominent positions and spoiled their progeny senseless, and created fake positions and jobs for them as they are too inept to do it themselves -- and even then, their wives have to financially support them.

Tell them what they should serve at their cocktail parties. Tell them how to respond if someone asked them if they liked a new movie. Tell them how not to come off as too nerdy.

But leave the real news to people who get the rough and tumble ways of liberating truth form lies. You offensive posers are just getting in the way.