Newsweek's woes are proof that today's outlets cannot be trusted. If you cannot speak the truth or cover reality, you are not in the news business.

CJR's childlike gullibility never ceases to amaze me. They are in a tizzy that Newsweek fired everyone who was exposing their dirty laundry. Well, what did you expect? For them to get raises? For their bosses to thank them for pointing out the rot?

The goof-fest continues to other clueless publications, particular Longreads that declared that:

Journalists Shouldn’t Be Fired for Investigating Their Own Publications

Are you serious, children?

Do you understand what you are saying?

Think, people. Use those braincells!

You don't get it? Let me spell it out for you...

Journalists shouldn't be working for shady publications.

If the outlet you are working for isn't credible, you are no longer credible. There is no exposing them from the inside. Your employer's mandate was never to inform: it has become a front or a façade, and the reporting is just for show. You can write scathing hatchet pieces for their enemies, but if you expose your masters' dirty secrets, you are out the door.

It's like being shocked that a kidnap victim isn't allowed to go out and say how horrible his captors are.


You want to write an exposé on corrupt media outlets?

You have to do what I did: get out first.

There is no whining or expecting your superiors to change their ways because of you.

After all, I don't exactly see anyone in journalism taking my observations into consideration.

And if you refuse to listen to me, then why should your bosses listen to you?

Deal with it.