Memo to the Calgary Herald: Your historically illiterate columnists should pick up a history book and attempt something called "research." There is no comparison between #MeToo and the Salem Witch Trials which was a sanctioned genocide of women.

The Calgary Herald should learn a thing or two about reality and researching it. calgaryherald

Just as I think we have hit the upper level of stupid when it comes to discussing #MeToo, a Canadian columnist decides to wade in -- always defending the helpless little wealthy men from the underlings they have abused.

Naomi Lakritz's ignorant offering is just the latest example on just how ill-informed the Canadian media are about the dynamics of #MeToo.

Likening #MeToo to the Salem witch hunts?

Not only is it unoriginal, but it is insulting to women.

No #MeToo man has been arrested. The women of Salem were tortured, confined, and then murdered.

Drowned or burned, take your pick.

It was a sanctioned genocide against women.

Women who were never accused to misusing positions of power (which they never had, knuckleheads), or physically or sexually terrorizing people.

The accusations were so over-the-top that they were physically impossible.

So, you are saying #MeToo men accused of rape and abuse are the same as women who were accused of levitation and casting spells.


It is akin to accusing women who file a rape charge of being fascists.

That's what you are saying.

Shame on you.

Why is it whenever a group of victims speak out, people automatically take the side of the aggressors?

Why do we always assume that the accusers are villains and are dishonest?

That is the definition of evil.

Not only are the anti-#MeToo brigade hypocrites for doing the same thing they accuse women who speak out of doing (assuming the people they do not like are lying), but they do not even look empirically at each case.

They just assume men are little boys who never do anything wrong and all these evil women are out to get them.

That's not just sick; that is the very reason we need a #MeToo movement in the first place.

To slap enablers and apologists right back to reality: no, there is no safe little script or default assumption you can use that will protect you from all the ugly truths.

You have to think.

And that column has put not one fraction of a brain cell to use.

Stop lying by making false comparisons. These rich predators are still rich, free, and breathing.

The same could not be said of the women convicted of being something that does not actually exist.

And those women didn't have lawyers, publicists, and crisis management teams to shield them.

Nor did they have air-headed columnists come to their defence.

They had no one and died in agony.

So shut up, grab a history book, and start learning about the tortured history of women.

Because enough is enough. Shame on you.