When journalism collapses, governments see opportunity to meddle. Journalists should stop looking for a white knight to save them. They are supposed to be soldiers themselves.

When the British Prime Minister begins to circle around journalism in the name of trying to rescue the closure of newspapers, people should become alarmed. Journalism is not a damsel-in-distress. The Patriarchal narrative has completely distorted reality.

And reality is that you have to be your own saviour. Governments must be held accountable for their actions. Once they begin to get involved in that industry, there will be strings attached. They will impose rules that do not work with the mandate of the profession.

Governments are used to making decrees and telling people what they can and cannot do.

And journalism was supposed to be about not playing favourites and turning over every rock.

You cannot pull your punches. It is a fight for truth. It is about presenting reality. When an embattled leader starts to focus on the state of the press, that's the time to become concerned.

Journalism doesn't need a public inquiry. They need their own revolution. 

In Canada, journalists are begging the government to save them. There is no hope for the profession because of it.

You have to be a pioneer. You have to rough it. You have to willing to walk away from the comforts of the past to embrace a future where you know your competency and you don't need meddlers trying to co-opt what you built to suit their own ends.

When you are weak and vulnerable, it is all too easy to become desperate, but it is also the time to just walk away from the lures of a saviour.

A new form of journalism cannot be formed by those who do not have the understanding of what it is journalism is supposed to do. They will rig it to work in their favour. It's human nature.

But journalists have lost all their senses and are looking for anyone to bail them out -- and that's not just defeat, that's professional death.

Journalism is not about heroes and villains. It is about reflecting reality as it is so we can find the truths we need to progress.

But meddling sabotages those solutions, and it's the reason meddling has never worked in the past -- and it won't magically work in the future.