The sad state of the National Post. Was the Prime Minister joking? Is the Post joking? Journalism so funny that we all forget to laugh. Except it is supposed to be serious.

The nudge and wink of the "A National Post Investigation" is never actually funny. Why the cheese curds in Toronto don’t squeak? Why Canadians on the Prairies may be the world’s biggest Garth Brooks fans?  Has Lindsay Lohan converted to Islam? This is their attempt at humour.

And now it comes to this latest snore:

What's behind the Justin Trudeau 'peoplekind' controversy? A National Post investigation

Except what is the real funny part is that the National Post never actually investigates anything; so ha ha, the joke's on you if you thought they'd actually do something resembling work.

This series isn't funny for that reason: here is a newspaper that finds the idea of investigative journalism funny; so they deliberately put-down the concept with trivial nonsense.

If they took their jobs seriously, they'd forego the humorous take, and actually do investigative journalism, not unfunny jokes.

This series is akin to a priest performing a fake marriage with two confederates...but not letting the guests in on the joke, but still expecting the guests to pony up for gifts, and go out of the way to see the ceremony.

But since it is a newspaper, and since the advertising on the label is "investigation", I hold them to it, knowing what jokers they really are.

If you are going to make fun of news consumers for using your product to get informed, I suggest you stop making jokes because you are really very inept at it.

You are also inept for finding facts, or doing anything that resembles research.

You beg the government for money, but put out patronizing drivel like this?

You really must be joking.