Memo to the Washington Examiner: No, it's not just the business model that killed newspapers. It's not even the Internet. It's a broken mindset the made a flawed industry implode.

The Washington Examiner is still looking for a silver lining to that mushroom cloud. 20160428Examiner

It is not just newspapers that collapsed. Radio and television news did, too.

And the online news sites aren't faring any better.

All have different business models by the very nature of their medium...

And yet, it has all imploded.

So we can discount the article's main hypothesis.

Newspapers survived radio and television, and by all accounts, the Internet was as in tune with that medium as it was with television and radio.

It still imploded because the Internet made the middleman gate-keeper obsolete.

Because the middleman actually thought it had the cunning to maintain control.

Journalism had to change a lot more than its business model: it had to change focus, methods, structure, and design.

It did none of those things.

So a collapse was inevitable.

And that broken mindset is preventing the obvious solution from taking hold...