Memo to Townhall: Yes, journalism is dead. You obviously forgot to read the memo over here. But it didn't die for the reasons you think.

Townhall is spin for the Right. Th_logo.svg

Its perspective is skewed the way Left outlets are skewed.

Just in different directions.

It doesn't necessarily mean facts are wrong, but there will always be a filter that pushes certain interpretations on readers.

There is an opinion piece I found amusing, particularly the headline:

Journalism is Dead

You don't say!

I have been saying that for a very long time.

North America has no journalism. We have people with a title that does not match what they are doing.

Journalism has been decimated. It no longer exists.

But the reasons it's dead is not what the article outlines.

It isn't about the mainstream press knocking Republicans. There is Fox News that knocks Democrats, for instance.

And it's not news, either.

Journalism never had the discipline to explore their mandates.

They followed the same rules, without questioning how they were doing it or why.

They never sought core improvements. They never created different schools of journalism.

In psychology, for instance, you have experimental psychology and clinical psychology, and they are not alike.

And psychology, once upon a time, was philosophy.

Until it looked at what those eccentrics over in the science disciplines were doing, and thought, "Hey, why don't we add some of those elements to see how right -- and wrong we are?"

And ta da! psychology became a discipline that was superior to its original form.

Journalism never did that.

It never expanded.

It just plodded mindlessly, cutting corners with filler, opinion, dogma, and gossip.

It never changed. It never grew. It never evolved.

That's why journalism is dead.

It neglected itself to death.

And that is a serious problem that society needs to acknowledge in 2018.

Because social media is making things worse, not better.

And it's time to confront it.