Memo to the New York Post: A "male backlash" to a backlash movement? Does the Establishment understand they are not the underdogs here?

The New York Post is the New York Times' obnoxious baby brother. ae99db58-dbd1-4f40-ac3f-3f25c533f7fb

It's in the same dead profession family known as "journalism", but trying to compete with the older and more polished relative sometimes requires taking a deliberately opposite stance just to tweak the nose of the one mom and dad actually wanted.

The problem with nose-tweaking by reflect is that the tweaker doesn't get the finer nuances of the original stand.

So the Post comes up with a silly column about a "male backlash brewing" against #MeToo.

Or, a more accurate headline: "Gender in power about to throw a temper tantrum because people they have been bullying for decades have snapped and now demand respect on the job."

Do we not comprehend that #MeToo is the backlash? Any pushback is not backlash: it is an attempt to keep an oppressive status quo in place.

A societal ill is just like a physical ailment: if I am sick and develop a fever -- the fever is the signal that something in my body isn't working.

The solution isn't to ignore it, or throw a temper tantrum as a "backlash": the solution is for me to go to the doctor, get tested and then find the proper treatment. Maybe I have the flu. Perhaps I have an internal infection.

If I let if fester, I will get sicker and there may be permanent damage or even death.

But the opening paragraph says it all:

Men are scared, and feminists are delighted. But the urge to call out and punish male sexual transgression is bound to clash with an inescapable truth: We’re all in this together, men and women.

Why should men be scared? Are they raping women on the job? Groping them? Putting them down with sexually-based threats? Do they have a button on their office desk to lock in women?


Well then, why would they be scared?

What they should be is angry that there are other men making a workplace toxic. They should not take it out on victims of abuse for pointing out a reality and truth.

They should sit and think how many of those predators are not just terrorizing women and getting ahead on the job -- but that they are also backstabbing men, too.

It is those people who men should direct their anger.

How many promotions and raises have they missed because predators were doing all sorts of things to climb to the top?

Do these angry men understand it is their mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters who are being abused?

So the only men I can see itching for a backlash are predators who want to go back to the old days when they could use their satanic ruses and feints to get things they did not earn.

So be careful, Mr. Kyle.

Feminists are delighted? I am a radical feminist, and I am not delighted. I am upset that in 2018, I live in an uncivilized and primitive society. I would much rather do other things than talk about human trash.

And yes, we are all in this together, men and woman: men, who have been infantilized by society, who never matured to be men, stayed little boys, thinking power meant traumatizing other people for their own personal gain.

It is little boys who do not know their place, and cannot settle in and do their jobs without resorting to stunts, tricks, feints, ruses, and hacks to climb to the top.

And when they do reach the top, they prove incompetent, causing many people to lose their jobs and livelihoods, never to recover.

I think men should take this opportunity to mature, and learn something called empathy: placing themselves in someone else's shoes and think how would they like it if they had to work in an environment that targeted them solely on the basis of their sex, and degraded them in such a way that they were scared right out of their minds -- and then go home and have their wives talk about these whiny men who speak out against the abuses they endure, and then go rant on Twitter that men should just shut up and take it.

Do men like to be cornered and humiliated? Do men like to be terrorized with no way out?

If the answer is "no", then they should think very carefully about what kind of temper tantrum they wish to throw and who they wish to direct it to.

Because it is time that those men stop behaving like cowards. They should wonder why their testosterone is terrified of any trace of estrogen.

They should make demands that all workplaces be respectful and appreciative of all their employees.

Imagine how much better everyone's life would be if you could just waltz in to work, do your job, be properly compensated without any drama, and then go home and just kick back with your family without being haunted by the demons that are created at work and chained around your neck, distorting your soul and breaking your heart.

Wouldn't that be Edenic? Wouldn't that be liberating? Wouldn't that be what life could be if everyone was a civilized and competent human being?

But the Post was always oblivious to nuance. It's just wants to stand out to be the tougher sibling, but a head full of rocks isn't the way to do it.