Delusion, Vanity Fair Style: James Warren, journalism is dead. This is not the "golden age" for it. Grow up.

An embattled industry is "stronger than ever" is what the headline is for James Warren's propaganda piece for Poynter/Vanity Fair. og-logo-vf

If you are wondering why journalism is dead, this article is a good answer for it.

Because you have deluded and arrogant people in the profession who think if they deny it long enough, they'll psych people out just enough to believe it.

Except it is not working in the slightest.

Never in the history of the American press did all the little minions walk lockstep to try to take down a presidential candidate.

They played the same game of psych out, telling the people that their chosen candidate had it in the bag, resistance was futile, and...

People ignored them, and the dark horse defeated the sure thing.

Once upon a time, that would have been unheard of.

That was way back in November 2016, and it has gone downhill from there.

Just how out of touch with reality is Warren's propaganda piece?

He allegedly offers "18 reasons why an embattled industry is stronger than ever."

But instead of reasons, he gives 18 people in the news industry who have not lost their jobs just yet, and a soundbite of Pollyana opinion.

Those are not reasons.

That's narcissism, and appealing to pseudo-authority.

And their desperate cheerleading cannot mask the truth.

The profession has collapsed. 

Even James Warren believes it has collapsed, because if he didn't, he could have given reasons with something called facts to back it up, not a laundry list of names of the still employed, and how they talk themselves into not screaming at that carnage.

That is as pathetic as it gets.

You still have a few propagandists left, not realizing their incessant anti-Trump slants isn't news, meaning anyone can produce the same sentiment with a DIY propaganda poster, plaster it on their social media feed, and to the public, theirs is far superior than the rambling piece found on a traditional outlet.

This isn't a golden age of journalism.

It isn't even a dark ages.

It's the end.

Journalists are so clueless about their environment, they don't even realize they are no longer a thing.

Grow up, children. You lost the war. Stop being in denial that you are the losers.

Because when you should have been fighting, you were too busy thinking you were irreplaceable.

You were wrong.

And now it's over.

Stop sunny spinning rot.

Because that's not journalism.

That's called lying.

Deal with it.