State-funded broadcaster miffed at being seen as such. If PBS is not safe, what about all that Canadian media?

I am fairly certain Google/YouTube will walk back from this decision, but it is funny. pbs-logo

If YouTube labels state-sponsored media as such, (and they should label it as such), then the global village can see immediately in which media outlets the governments have a say.

I do not agree with PBS's huffy response:

"PBS receives a small percentage of its funding from the federal government; the majority of funding comes from private donations," the spokesperson said. "More importantly, PBS is an independent, private, not-for-profit corporation, not a state broadcaster. YouTube's proposed labeling could wrongly imply that the government has influence over PBS content, which is prohibited by statute. If YouTube's intent is to create clarity and better understanding, this is a step in the wrong direction. We are in ongoing discussions with YouTube on this issue, but we have yet to reach a satisfactory solution."

If the government is funding you, they have a say, directly...or indirectly.

Canada funds media. A lot. Directly and indirectly, and most outlets here have some degree of government dollars to keep them going, and the media want even more.

But I would include government ads in the total. It's indirect, but it is still a real factor.

If the government is buttering that bread, people have the right to know.

PBS is not special and deserves no exemption.

It would put media outlets in a new, and more realistic light.

So long as every outlet is subjected to it, there is no problem with it.

I do have a serious issue with Google depending on Wikipedia. They should be using trained people who can look at records to make those determinations, however.

The American Left have a pure bigotry toward Orthodox Christians. The Russophobia, oddly enough, keeps biting the Democrats, their operatives, and their outlets.

This move is strictly to hit back at RT because the Dems cannot face their gross political incompetence in 2016; they need to blame a bad guy; so they blame Russia.

But the more they hit, the more paranoid and pathetic they become.

If they figured out where they went wrong, and then improved upon their methods, what Russians did or didn't do wouldn't be an issue because the Left would have the competence to take care of themselves.

Instead, all the death traps they set up for the Soviets, they end up falling into themselves.

But I would label government-funded information as such.