Why Canadian journalism collapsed, Part Two: sleepwalking stenography.

Price fixing of bread has been going on for over a decade. Only when one of the sides confessed with conditions did this story come out.

If Canada actually had a press, this would have never gone that far.

Everything is just sweet and sunny around here; so there is no need to turn over any rocks, unless some institution tells them there is a problem.

And to add insult to injury, media outlets are working as publicists for food banks who want to take those pittance gifts cards.

Yes, even in Canada, there are poor people who need to use a food bank.

But you have billionaires who clogged the courts and courting politicians.

And the press in this country serve as apologists and stenographers as they ignore the rot.

I can see why wealthy elites would want to press Canadian news as it fawns over them like lovestruck fans.

To the rest of the country, there is no value. You do not fin out anything until it is already too late.

We have sleepwalking stenographers who are looking for a handout. What they need is an intervention.

It should surprise no one that we have an incompetent press. Unless an Establishment authority nods in approval, the press here does not see the point of covering an issue. It has been a game of Mother May I?, and not everyone can indulge it anymore.