More cuts at the Oregonian

More ghost town newsrooms in North America. iu

The Oregonian is yet another outlet falling fast, but the editor's memo is a real knee-slapper:

"You're probably asking yourself, when will these cuts end? I wish I could answer that. Although we have made progress growing our digital audience while also producing award-winning, and important journalism, the revenue picture continues to pose challenges for our company—as is the case across the media landscape."

That sunny-spinning of rot is doing that dead industry no favours. You have made no progress with your "digital audience" -- or else you wouldn't be cutting jobs in the newsroom.

You are producing journalism nobody is reading.

And looking to Facebook for salvation is not going to help.

Daily users are declining and people are spending less time on it.

Facebook is also sunny-spinning rot by saying they want people to spend less time on it.

Once people break a habit, they don't come back.

Facebook is depressing them because they buy their friends' hype and it isn't transforming their lives. The generation that got hooked on it initially are being disillusioned that it didn't make them the centre of attention where they can tell people what to think, and then everyone walks lockstep with their ill-informed decrees.

If social media loses its grip -- and it is beginning to lose it -- it will all come crashing down with no alternative in place.

That traditional media rotted away is no surprise. It could have been avoided entirely, but being unteachable has its price.

But one medium drags down the other -- if people question traditional media -- they will transfer the skepticism over to social media, creating paranoia.

It is truly a quagmire that many governments are now taking full advantage of with new laws.

It is not a good time for any sort of media, that's for certain.