It's not just North America who is facing the journalism meltdown.

BuzzFeed UK is one. The West Australian is another.


Trust in news is at an all-time low as well.

I could go on.

But given the mess at various outlet in North America, we can confidently say this is beyond a problem, or even a crisis.

But we see still the journalistic obliviousness around us.

People so grateful to still be in the game that they make no demands and question nothing.

Or reporters still comparing their dismal reality to the romanticized Hollywood movies.

I always said the movie All the President's Men was a slow-acting poison.

It should have been a documentary.

I have both the original hardback edition and the paperback.

Here is the hardback one:

All_the_President's_Men_book_1974And then the paperback:


It was a slow decline and even in 2018, we have people on their Pity and Fear tours, who screwed up journalism, now telling the little people what to believe and how to fix journalism.

But the arrogance of tonight's j-talk is beyond narcissistic:

You can't be well-informed about the media and journalism if you don't pay attention to the stellar work of CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter. Through his must-watch Sunday morning show, Reliable Sources, which examines the week's top media stories, and his must-read Reliable Sources newsletter, Stelter's media literacy work shines light on real news amid the cacophony of noise and nonsense of a presidency that seeks to demonize journalists and spreads accusations of fake news. Stelter will be in conversation with Dawna Friesen, anchor of Global National.

Yes, we all see what you all did to journalism.

You killed it.

You absolutely destroyed it.

Not just in North America.

But globally.

There is no more safe haven for the profession.

And that is where we are in 2018: with a group of arrogant zombies who are still too clueless to know what they are really are: carriers of a disease that brings ignorance and mistrust to the populace...